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INTO NOWHERE is a magical-realist dramatic feature about five college students who leave their university to build their own utopia.

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The Story


Maybe they were friends. Sort of. Maybe when they dropped out they were friends.  Maybe, when they dropped out, when they drove north, when they didn’t tell anyone, when it was just them, just a burrow, in the woods—that they built together—maybe then, when it was something like a utopia, maybe they were friends.


It’s been two months now. They took each other to the beach, to the mountains; in murals, in music, they performed personal visions of their perfect worlds. But that didn’t go so well. 


They’re not friends anymore. 



INTO NOWHERE is a feature film, made by students at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island. The film will be in production from November 2016 to April 2017 and in post-production until September 2017. 


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Production Design

Costs $8,800

The production design will include set building, set dressing, prop design, costume design, and the artwork within the film.

Crowdfunding Fees and Incentive Expenses

Costs $2,000

This will cover the cost of hosting our crowdfunding campaign and providing the thank you incentives to our contributors.

Location Fees

Costs $1,100

This will cover the expenses for renting filming locations.

Craft Services

Costs $1,200

This will help cover the cost of feeding our crew on set. A well-fed crew is a happy crew, and a happy crew does the best work.

Transportation Expenses

Costs $700

This will help us cover the cost of transporting equipment, talent, and crew members to on-location shoots.


Costs $2,700

In addition to the equipment we have access to through our university, we will be renting additional equipment for on-location shoots.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

We are a group of Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design students, with a passion for film, hoping to push the boundaries of storytelling with INTO NOWHERE. Our team includes both experienced filmmakers, whose work has been featured at festivals around the country (Chicago International Film Festival, Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Austin Music Video Festival) and budding young artists, eager to lend their creativity to a new medium. Together we are striving to create a cohesive artistic vision around the central theme of ‘collective utopia.' 

Current Team