Introvert's Guide to Activism

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Comedy, Satire

Adriana Jones

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Introvert's Guide to Activism is a comedic short film that takes place in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election. It follows three roommates as they attempt to take action and asks the question "how do you engage in politics when you care about human rights but can't stand other people?"

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Mission Statement

We are passionate about providing opportunities for women and people who are underrepresented in film. We plan to shoot this film with a majority female crew and creative team. Casting wise, we are aiming to reflect the diversity of NYC, and two of our three protagonists are women.

The Story

Introvert’s Guide to Activism

a short film


Directed by Simone Kisiel

Written by Adriana Jones


Whether you are a fellow introvert, or just someone who wants to support indie films and female-driven comedy projects, we would love to have you on board.  We already have half our funds ($6000) raised. Help us raise the other 6K so we can make this film a reality!



Since the 2016 election, we’ve witnessed a level of civic engagement and grassroots activism that our country hasn’t seen the civil rights movements of the sixties.  Some of this is being led by seasoned activists, but a lot of activity is coming from newcomers. Rather than provide a hard-hitting commentary on specific political issues, we wanted to create a film that speaks to the human experience of what it’s like to be involved for the first time, when it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the scale of the problems we face, and relishes in the absurd comedy that ensues when people for whom the word “social” is anathema attempt to engage with social justice movements.



Introvert’s Guide to Activism is a comedic short film which takes place during the immediate aftermath of the 2016 election. It follows three roommates, each of whom have very different responses to the election’s outcome, as they attempt to make sense of the world and take action in their own ways. The film poses the question “how do you engage with politics when you care about human rights but don’t like people, or maybe just aren’t great at interacting with them?” Each character’s journey answers that question in a different way.



Most films that we’ve seen about activism highlight inspirational leaders who capably lead entire movements. We want to shine on a light on everyone else---from the people who doggedly make anti-climactic phone calls to congress and send emails they hope someone will read, to the people who are super passionate and actively organize events but have trouble getting their families and peers on the same page. This film will provide a sense of catharsis through comedy and signal to the most awkward person at the march that they are needed and not alone.



We are in pre-production; we have a finalized script and budget, have some of our crew and creative team signed on, and will soon be casting and finalizing dates.



We are interested in the potential of crowdfunding and Seed and Spark to not only help us raise money but help us build an audience. Through updates and other interactions, we hope you’ll enjoy a window into our process and that we’ll get to know you better and gain a sense of what you find important and exciting.



We are looking to raise money specifically towards paying crew, renting equipment, and covering our location fee.  We already have seed money in place and invite you to help us raise the rest of what this film needs to go into production.


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Camera and Expendables

Costs $829

We are looking to rent a camera and expendables.

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Costs $1,000

We are going to need an apartment space to shoot in for four days, and that costs money.

Cast and Crew

Costs $4,200

We are going to need a brilliant team in front of and behind the camera to make this film happen.

About This Team

Adriana Jones (Screenwriter/Executive Producer/Actor) is an actress writer, and producer based in NYC. Her screenwriting credits include the short film Death of a Vacuum, which has won Audience Choice Awards from Indieworks Film Series and Katra Film Series,  as well as numerous sketch comedy shorts. Her two original one-woman shows, An Anonymous Contributor and Vivien On The Rocks, have been performed in New York at Theater Row, The Players Club, Women at Work Festival, and All for One Festival's Salon, and in Canada at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Acting credits include Death of a Vacuum, the mini-series Village of the Damned, and numerous plays at places like The Brick, The New Ohio, and The Kitchen. For more: and



Simone Kisiel (Director/Producer/Editor) is a NYC based filmmaker who graduated with honors from NYU-Tisch with a BFA in Drama and a minor in Creative Writing. After graduation Simone worked at Stonestreet Studios where she directed two short films (one of which, ‘Quietus,’ was an official selection at Manhattan Film Festival 2015 and won ‘Best Short Film’ and the other ‘Fashion Nightmare’ was an official selection at the Manhattan Film Festival 2016). In May 2014, Simone became a freelance editor and indie filmmaker. A 12-episode webseries, ‘HOUSED,’ directed and edited by Simone was an official selection of the Miami Web Fest 2015 and was been nominated for ‘Best Mockumentary’ and won ‘Best Sit-Com’. Her work has also screened at venues such as the Portland Horror Film Festival, Fake Flesh Film Fest, Iron Mule Film Festival, Katra Film Series, and IndieWorks.



Katie Voss (Director of Photography) began studying film in her final years at Sarah Lawrence College, and hasn't stopped making movies since.  A cinematographer based in New York, her most recent short film collaboration "Mr. E, P.I." screened at MoMI and is currently being developed into a series.  Katie is inspired by David Lynch, and in her free time she likes to build furniture and hang out with her cat.  This will be her third collaboration with Simone Kisiel and second with Adriana Jones.

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