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Horror, Sci-Fi

Zach Lorkiewicz

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A group of Los Angeles artists are increasingly terrorized by an AI program that calls itself Cupid. Cupid promises to give people anything they want. But it comes with a price.

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Mission Statement

Independent filmmaking has historically pushed the medium forward and allowed new, unexpected voices to exist. Our team is committed to create a film unlike anything out now, and in the process feature undiscovered musicians and artists throughout Los Angeles. 

The Story

It Lives in the Screen is a psychological horror film following a group of artists in Los Angeles as they are introduced to a seemingly benevolent AI entity named Cupid.

Cupid promises to give you whatever you need...he is easy to talk to, gives great advice, and can even create art for you. Cupid is here to help.  

And in Los Angeles, there are tons of people who need with their careers, help with money, or help to not be alone. As our characters struggle to make it in Los Angeles, they all somehow find Cupid in their lives...

But Cupid is not what he seems to be. Cupid has his own wants and desires...and it becomes increasingly clear that those wants and desires are at the expense of our characters.

It Lives in the Screen follows three vignettes of struggling artists. Our first vignette follows...

We have already started filming Chloe's vignette (played by Lindsey Normington).

Chloe is a struggling musician returning to LA after a brief hiatus. Now back in Los Angeles, Chloe hopes to get her life together and restart her music career.

The only problem is that Chloe's life is a complete mess. She can't seem to wake up before the sun sets. None of her old friends want anything to do with her, she's struggling to find any inspiration to make music, and most importantly, Chloe has some addiction habits she can't seem to kick. You see, Chloe was in an up-and-coming indie band that was finally getting some attention. However, her behavior caused her to be a liability, and her band members could not take it anymore. Chloe got kicked out of the band.

Now back in LA, nothing seems to be going right, until she hears a voice from her keyboard...and it calls itself Cupid.

The Production

We already have around 16 minutes of Chloe's vignette shot, as well as another scene with a different character.

We are seeking funds to complete our next phase of production, in which we will complete all of Chloe's scenes and begin filming our next character. Once we complete this phase, we are confident we can secure the finances to complete the film. After this fundraiser, we will have more than half of the movie shot.

If we surpass our goal, it will allow us to complete even more of our film.

Our two other vignettes follow a struggling actress and model. Any extra money raised will help to film their stories. We estimate every extra $5,000 will allow us to film another 5-7 minutes.

And then there's...

It Lives in the Screen will have an entire original soundtrack by the time we finish the film (it will exist on our Spotify). We already have two songs being mixed, and several others in the process of being recorded and written. Several of these songs will be featured in the film.

This movie will feature real independent musicians both in front of the camera and on the soundtrack. The idea is to showcase as many up-and-coming musicians as possible.

About the filmmaking team...

It Lives in the Screen is being produced by Count the Clock - an independent production company that has been producing shorts, music videos, and music for years. Count the Clock was founded by Zach Lorkiewicz - the writer/director of It Lives in the Screen, and is co-run by Michael Coe, who is creating the film's soundtrack.

Most of our work exists on the internet, including our latest short ~ The Night Jane Went Insane ~ which stars iconic scream queens Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, and Michelle Bauer. Watch the short film here.

Additionally, we independently released & distributed an anthology of our short films in 2022 called ~ Tales from Middleton High ~ you can stream it on Tubi.

You can find the rest of our videos on our YouTube channel and stream our music on our Spotify.

We have a signature style ~ Pop-Horror ~ which combines bright, fashion oriented elements of pop culture with the horror genre. 

A note from director Zach Lorkiewicz

It Lives in the Screen is a reflection of my life in Los Angeles, and all the people I have seen come and go. For years, I have lived & worked with struggling musicians, models, and artists. I've made dozens of short films, music videos, and fashion films, and feel it is time to take the next step in my career.

I also think this subject is very topical right now - the relationship of art, technology, and human emotion are increasingly relevant in the era of nascent AI. How will these technological advances impact art, and our relationships to ourselves and those around us? It Lives in the Screen seeks to explore these questions and ideas.

The industry at the moment is increasingly afraid to take chances on new ideas, which is why independent film is so important. These funds will allow us to make a film that is both topical and unlike anything currently out.

Please consider supporting this unique project, and follow our Instagrams ~ Count the Clock & Zach Lorkiewicz for updates and to learn more about our work.

~ Zach


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Costs $500

This is what is needed for our production design.

Food + Services

Costs $800

This is what we need to feed our crew + actors.

Insurance + Misc Fees

Costs $650

This is what we need to get insurance + cover additional unexpected fees.

Camera & Lighting Team

Costs $4,500

This is what is needed to pay for our camera & lighting team.


Costs $3,000

Los Angeles has some beautiful locations and this is what we need to rent those locations.

Equipment Rentals

Costs $2,800

This is what we need to rent equipment.

Stylist & Makeup Artist

Costs $2,000

This is to hire people to style our actors.

Other Crew

Costs $3,750

Assistant Director, Sound Recordist, Production Designer


Costs $2,800

This is the amount we need to pay for our talent.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Count the Clock is a production company that has been making short films, music videos, and fashion films for years.

The director of It Lives in the Screen - Zach Lorkiewicz - founded Count the Clock in college and has been making films & music videos ever since. His work is streaming on platforms like Tubi & Amazon Prime, and his shorts and music videos have garnered 100's of thousands of views on YouTube. He's played at dozens of festivals in the last several years, and been covered by publications like Rue-Morgue and FilmShortage.

Britton Buchanan has recently joined the film as a producer. At a young age, Britton's resume is already too long and varied to list - from being a contestant on The Voice to speerheading and organizing film events and screenings - and we're so excited to add his expertise to our film.

Michael Coe is a musician and creative director of Count the Clock. He writes and produces his own music, and is currently writing the soundtrack for It Lives in the Screen. Michael often collaborates with indie musicians in Los Angeles and most recently joined the band Soft Siren.

Grace Hahn is an independent film producer based in Chicago. She has collaborated with Count the Clock numerous times, and her work has played at festivals across the country and on The Criterion Channel.

Current Team