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I can honestly say there has NEVER been a film like this. A hip hop Musical, attacking serious topics in a light-hearted manner. Your support of this movie ENSURES that we can tell OUR STORIES to the masses in OUR WAY. No filter. Real, Authentic Art with a message.

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Mission Statement

It's a Wonderful Plight uses the universal language of music & the culture of hip hop to express in one hour, what African Americans have been trying to say for 401 years in this country. We matter. Our history matters. It matters to us and it SHOULD matter to those that aren't directly affected.

The Story

I initially got the idea for this film while at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) Awards in 2019.  It was an honor to be a part of this prestigious festival as new filmmakers.  We submitted a few of our guerilla films, but they weren't selected.  We then submitted one of our music videos to the "Music in Motion" category and BOOM... we got the invite.  



What I noticed when our video screened was the engagement that the audience had with it.  They loved the music and how it drew them in, and they loved the fact that it was coupled with a profound message.  "MakeItTakeIt" dove into the history of 400 years of Blacks in America.  It attacked a serious topic in a very refreshing and light-hearted manner.  It did it in such a way, that a top-notch film festival invited us to be there.  

As I sat in the awards, I contemplated on a way we could come back next year and grow as filmmakers, but still play to our strengths.  Then BOOM, "What if we make an entire movie that was as captivating as that 3:00 minute video?"  The idea of "It's a Wonderful Plight" was conceived right there.  What if we did something like "A Christmas Carol," but it wasn't the ghost of Christmas Past, Present, and Future... It was more of Past, Present, and Future of African Americans... taking a White Man on a "Journey of Wokeness." 



We'd explain the black plight through song.  Who doesn't love music, right?  Why not allow the movie to use the music as a tool.  It took me a little over a month to finalize the screenplay.  From there, it took about a month of planning... and then six days to shoot the first portion of the film.  We know we have something special... now... we need your help getting this unique project to the finish line. Once we complete this project, we will enter it in EVERY film festival we can from the local ones to the major ones.  We are also planning to shop the film to a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. We finally plan to go on a nationwide tour with this film screening it all over the country.  A Grass Roots "It's a Wonderful Plight" movement to spread our message with this film.



This film is quite simply the most amazing and beautiful project I've ever been a part of.  


The Music, The Humor, The Drama, The Message, The Visuals, The Creativity... All rolled into one power-packed work of art.


Also... here's a random picture of me holding a "Real gun" on set that I didn't know was REAL until after we took the picture.  Visual evidence that I put my LIFE on the line for this film.  For that fact, ALONE, we deem this film worthy of your full support!



It's humbling to be apart of this.  Even more humbling to have your support to help make this a reality.  


Your support will allow the world to be one step closer to experiencing this Film. "It's A Wonderful Plight" will inspire future filmmakers to tap into those underlying challenges and circumstances, to move the needle forward for a much-needed conversation. 


-Thank you





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Colorist for film

Costs $1,000

This will bring out the film & give it the proper look & feel that it deserves.

Black Magic Design Pocket

Costs $2,500

The cost of renting has been expensive. We need our own cinema camera for remaining scenes!


Costs $1,000

We will be entering this film into every festival that we can to maximize exposure!


Costs $1,500

We are big on paying our lead actors and extras for their HARD WORK!

Sound Design and Film Score

Costs $1,500

Audio & Musical flow is a HUGE part in making a great film. We need this to Finalize this classic!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

This team was able to Shoot the majority of this feature film in 6 Days!  An Amazing crew to be around.  Every person listed played an intrical role in making this work of art come to life.   


Justin L. Rhodes served as the visionary for this project.  The movie was built around songs that he created attacking systemic oppression.  From writing, to music creation, to directing, to film editing to marketing he has the viViVINTAGE RHODES stamp on this motion picture!


April Patterson was responsible for taking the script and aligning it with a few good men and women to help make it a reality.  She was tasked with getting all of the resources needed to make this work... IN LESS THAN A MONTH.  This film wouldn't be possible without her!


Kory Williams drives It's a Wonderful Plight Visually.  An expert on paying attention to the "details" he is responsible for creating the look and feel of the film.





Current Team