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The journey has begun. We started shooting our next documentary on Life Honoring Celebrations called It's YOUR Wonderful Life! Why wait until our loved ones are dead before we say all the beautiful things about them that need to be said? You matter!

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Mission Statement

Warrior Films inspires needed social change by telling compelling stories highlighting transformational solutions.

The Story

In a world that often shies away from the topic of death, we present a game-changing film aiming to revolutionize the way people approach death and dying. "It's Your Wonderful Life!" is not just a documentary – it's a movement that addresses a pressing societal issue and offers a powerful solution.

Why Now?

Our society's avoidance of discussing death has led to missed opportunities and fractured relationships. We deny the urgency of expressing our love and appreciation until it's too late. This film challenges the status quo, pushing us to rethink how we celebrate life and confront mortality head-on.

The Film:

"It's Your Wonderful Life!" is brought to you by Warrior Films, a visionary company dedicated to sparking social change through storytelling. With Frederick Marx at the helm – an esteemed director renowned for films that make a difference, most known for the film "Hoop Dreams" – the documentary presents authentic stories from diverse backgrounds, cultures, classes, and walks of life.

The Solution:

By supporting this project, you're endorsing a transformative solution – Life Honoring Celebrations. These celebrations bring people together to honor their loved ones before they pass, creating a space for heartfelt conversations, shared memories, and genuine connections. It's a chance to rewrite the narrative around death and strengthen the bonds that matter most.

Your Impact:

Your support fuels a movement that will impact lives worldwide. "It's Your Wonderful Life!" isn't just a film; it's a catalyst for change. With your backing, we'll bring this conversation to schools, workplaces, churches, community groups, and beyond. We're fostering a culture of open dialogue, acceptance, and appreciation for every precious moment we have.

Join the Movement:

By joining forces with us, you become a driving force for positive change. You're not just supporting a film; you're endorsing a mindset shift. "It's Your Wonderful Life!" encourages vulnerability, deepens connections, and enriches lives. Your support sends a message: it's time to honor our loved ones now, celebrate life fully, and embrace what truly matters. Before it's too late!

Be a Part of the Change:

Support "It's Your Wonderful Life!" and be a part of reshaping how we perceive death and relationships. Your involvement will inspire countless others to appreciate life, foster unity, and cherish every moment. Together, let's create a world where we celebrate before we say goodbye.


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