Jesse's Girl

Los Angeles, California | Film Short

Comedy, Drama

Caitlin Norton

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At her bridal shower, a bride-to-be acknowledges her doubts, begs for help and takes action—with catastrophic consequences.

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Mission Statement

Jesse's Girl features a nearly all-female cast aged 21 to 65 years old. Our production crew was one third female and we reviewed an equal number of male and female applicants. The film addresses values, emotion and sexuality in a non-judgmental and inclusive manner.

The Story

A short film about love, trust, self, family and deciding how your future will unfold.


Caitlin Norton and Keegan Uhl share a passion for this story, and have built it together over 2 years. Now, we are close to the finish line! 


For a pictoral history of the project, tune in to the ongoing posts on and

And here is a quick n' dirty:


Caitlin is an actor in New York.
Keegan is a filmmaker in Los Angeles.


Caitlin’s cousin weds Keegan’s former roommate; they drink champagne and line dance with toddlers in Miami.


Caitlin moves from New York to Los Angeles, with a husband and a cat.

Keegan stands Caitlin up for Thai food.

They connect over croissants and discuss a short film script Caitlin wrote.

Keegan thinks it’s great and they start developing it.


Caitlin writes drafts.

Keegan gives notes.

Caitlin writes drafts.

Keegan gives notes.

Keegan knocks up his wife.


Twenty-three drafts later, they are ready to shoot.

Keegan’s son is born three weeks early, five days before the planned shoot.

Tears are shed, alcohol is consumed.

The shoot is rescheduled.

Pre-production details fall into place.

The shoot goes off like a whizz-bang rodeo, and Jesse’s Girl is in the can!


Keegan and Caitlin edit the movie in Keegan’s garage.

A crack team of post-production specialists is lined up.

Keegan and Caitlin ask for your help to pay the team.

An online campaign is conducted at

You provide generous contributions, supporting two people you believe in!

Jesse’s Girl is finished and submitted to film festivals.


Jesse’s Girl is accepted into and wins every film festival in the universe.

Keegan goes bankrupt and moves into a van down by the river.

Caitlin succombs to the seduction of fame and has a baby by T-Pain.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Original Score

Costs $2,500

Composing original music and recording it. We have an award-winning composer on board who is going to knock it out of the park!

Sound Design & Mix

Costs $1,000

90% of the sound you hear in movies is recorded after the fact! We need a sound design and mix for our film.

Color Correction

Costs $500

Color correction matches one shot to the next and makes the movie look great!

Marketing & Distribution

Costs $2,000

Getting the film out to an audience is expensive! Festival fees alone could easily eat up all of this category.

About This Team

Caitlin Norton has been working in the business for over ten years.  She writes deep, complicated, human characters and creates stories she can proudly stand behind. Caitlin delights in playing women coming to terms with who they are in all their challenging, complex, vulnerable glory. Caitlin is a brilliant actor and storyteller and has a burning passion for this short film. She has boundless energy and is a joy to collaborate with in front of the camera and behind it. Check out her imdb here.


M. Keegan Uhl started as editor and is now a writer/director working on material he is passionate about. He has won awards for commercial directing as well as short films. He directed a 140 minute web series that was picked up by ABC television and is developing a feature film. Keegan seeks to tell stories about real people in real, crazy situations. He is compassionate, energetic and dedicated to making Jesse's Girl the best it can be. He has a keen eye and a unique ability to immediately rally a team behind him. You can see his work here.




Current Team