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JEW(ish) is a dark comedy short film about two siblings who uncover a sinister family secret during their annual Passover Seder written by two actual siblings who are actually related and have actually attended the same annual Passover Seders. Like in real life!

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Mission Statement

JEW(ish) is written by Jewish siblings who are trying to rewrite the media's current depiction of the modern Jewish family. It is important to us to represent as many minorities in our cast & crew, especially Jews, because to this day, Jewish stories are often told without a Jewish lens.

The Story

JEW(ish) is a dark comedy about a brother and sister who search for the afikomen during their family Passover Seder, but find instead a sinister secret. It's a story about the integrity of self-identity, and what responsibility we have for our ancestors' misdeeds. We explore this conundrum through the lenses of two Jewish-American teenaged siblings living in today's fraught society, and explore what it really means to be "Jewish." But funny!




Bobby Eddy as Ben


Rachel Eddy as Ruth


Amie Bermowitz as Esther


Getchie Argetsinger as Grandma Rhoda


Daniel Barrett as Safta


Alex Michell as Greg


Chris O'Connor as Dean Offerbach


Lindsey Dresbach as Rivka


Sean Baldwin as Rabbi Weisman


Brian Reilly as Craig


Director of Photography: Scott Terranova


Sound Mixer/Recordist: Brian Joseph


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Director of Photography Services and Camera Rentals

Costs $3,000

To have the best quality production, we need the highest quality camera, lenses, and a stellar DP.

Sound Recording Equipment

Costs $1,750

Good audio is crucial to any good film--we need lavs, timecode, scratch track, and a fab recordist.

Festival Submissions

Costs $600

We want as much visibility as possible, so we want to submit to lots of festivals.


Costs $300

More marketing means better opportunities and more visibility!


Costs $1,200

This covers meals for our cast and crew for our 5-day shoot. Happy bellies, happy team.


Costs $1,000

As artists, it's important to us that we pay our artists what they deserve.


Costs $100

Luckily, we've had many donations as far as locations, but we do still need to rent out a few spots.

Costumes and Makeup

Costs $250

So everyone looks and feels their best on camera!

Seed&Spark Fees

Costs $800

Seed&Spark takes a percentage of our earnings in order to use their platform, so factoring that in..

LLC Formation

Costs $600

An LLC is essential in protecting ourselves and the production.


Costs $4,000

Tying it all together and making sure we have the best end-product possible!

Color Correction

Costs $500

Sometimes the colors on the screen need a little help to shine bright.

Sound Correction

Costs $500

We want to make sure you can enjoy the film, free of any rogue noise distractions.


Costs $1,000

We'll need to ensure our rental equipment, cast, and crew.

Location-to-location Transportation

Costs $400

To ensure our cast, crew, and equipment arrives safely to set, especially on two-location days.

About This Team

Eddy for Eddything L.L.C.


Writers: Rachel & Bobby Eddy

Directors: Rachel & Bobby Eddy



Bobby Eddy, Rachel Eddy, Ellen Lancaster, Getchie Argetsinger, Andrew Baldwin, Alex Michell, Chris O'Connor, Lindsey Dresbach, Sean Baldwin, Brian Reilly


Director of Photography: Scott Terranova

AD: Lindsey Dresbach

Sound Mixer/Recordist: Brian Joseph


We feel so lucky to have d̶u̶p̶e̶d̶ compiled such a funny, delightful, talented-as-heck team. We truly have the best of the best. 


Current Team