Julie Wants a Girlfriend

Orange, California | Film Short

Romantic Comedy, LGBTQ

Christina Greico

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Julie Wants a Girlfriend centers around Julie, a girl who is certain she is in love with Austen, a girl who is certain Julie is too immature to be in a relationship. When Austen comes over just to hook up, Julie gets up the courage to admit she wants more.

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Mission Statement

Our story represents queer women in a refreshing and honest way that travels way beyond sexuality in order to focus on who our characters are as people. This short film navigates what it's like to be young and learn about the thin line between love and loneliness.

The Story

Our team wanted to tell a character-driven story that honestly depicts life as a young queer woman. Thus, was born "Julie Wants a Girlfriend". The story will be in real time and take place in one location with our two main characters, Julie and Austen.


Julie is outgoing, emotional, and has a tendency to deflect confrontation about her true feelings with a joke about vaginas or an impersonation of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Julie wants nothing more than to be able to hold Austen's hand in the grocery store and is willing to do whatever it takes to get Austen to make a commitment. 


Austen has faced two major losses in her life: her dad’s abandonment at the age of nine and the death of her fish, Edgar, at the age of 22. Austen does not get attached to many things, but she loved the hell out of Edgar. Austen conquered her lesbian-ism just like everything else - she absorbed it, held her head high, and then just got really good at it. A lady friend here and a lady friend there, but none seem to stick. So when Julie somehow shuffles her way into Austen’s life, Austen must now face her worst fear: commitment.


The story begs the question we often ask ourselves: is this person the one or someone? What does being in love look like?


It devles into the minds of two characters and their struggle to decide if this relationship is worth building.





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Because our story is focused on dialogue and character, our actors are our priority.

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Our crew is working for free because they believe in the project. We need to feed everyone well.


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In order to transport equipment and set dressing!

About This Team

Melissa Leardi


 Melissa has been strengthening her core talents over the past four years and is prepared to demonstrate them in her thesis film. Specifically, her knowledge of human relationships, her understanding of the elements that make a great film, but mainly her ability to wiggle her ears in tune with any Simon and Garfunkel song. Melissa takes deep pride in the team of kind and hardworking people who have come together to make Julie Wants a Girlfriend.



Christina Greico


 When Christina isn’t picking up late night Animal Fries or looking at pictures of dogs, she interns at Paramount Pictures and makes movies. She occasionally leaves her house, too.



Judie Muhrez





Katie Holden

Unit Production Manager

Katie is a senior Creative Producing major. She moved to California from Melbourne, Australia three years ago to pursue a career in the film and television industry. She has interned in multiple departments within unscripted television at NBC since the beginning of junior year. Obviously, just like everyone in Australia, Katie has an accent, a pet Kangaroo, and loves the Aussie Bean.



Ashley Kron

Production Designer




Rachel Bickert

Director of Photography

Maker of films. Lover of cats.



Brenten Brandenburg


Brenten is the perfect editor for Julie Wants a Girlfriend because he began his first edit in the womb and only consumes foods low in uric acid. 



Roman Richard

Sound Designer

Roman is excited to sound design Julie Wants a Girlfriend! In his free time he likes to listen to music, hangout with friends, (generic activity), and also (something everyone does).



Merrill Gardner

1st Assistant Director 

Merrill Gardner is a superhero. But don’t tell anyone. That's not allowed. She is also allergic to gluten and only wears Princeton apparel.



Aaron Chen

Locations Manager

When Aaron was in third grade, he had a crush on this person in his class. They DM'd Aaron on RUNESCAPE and asked him whomstd've he liked. And after some back and forth, Aaron told them to meet at, East Varrock Bank, a virtual location within the game. Aaron pulls up to the bank, typed "U", and ran away from their Avatar. He is also an amateur extreme couponer. 









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