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A more intelligent life form comes to save planet Earth! Unfortunately, they mistakenly choose to share their knowledge with the Kalabasas family. This Kardashian-esque family hasn't dealt with issues bigger than bad botox. Drama ignites and an unexpected series of events spirals into total chaos.

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Mission Statement

An underlying theme of environmental awareness is brought to attention because Earth is headed towards self-destruction. The Aliens would be considered agender, but on their planet the concept of gender doesn't exist. This project stemmed from the brains of two independent and creative women.

The Story

Two aliens sent on a mission to save the universe realize they have mistakenly chosen the Kalabasas family as the ambassadors for Earth.


Kalabasas Encounters will have you hooked in the drama and weirdness from the very first episode. The whole season takes place over the course of three comedy packed days. Conversely to the characters, it's no laughing matter. These two aliens had only dreamed of interacting with humans and were excited about working with them to save the universe. However, after encountering the Kalabasas family, the severity of Earth's situation became very clear and they knew humanity was doomed. With plans of returning to their planet and immediately removing earth from existence, they decide to extend their stay with the Kalabasas'. What harm could two extra days do? A lot. 




With two seaons under our belts we are ready to step up the quality of our content. We believe that our third season is unique, hilarious, and so incredibly detailed that you will want to watch it over and over again.  We tackle the threat to our environment in a playful but real way as well as touch on the rise in social media influence in our culture.  We are so happy with what we have come up with and we can't wait to share it with you...we just need your help first! 


What is Wrong Hole? 



It's a Web Series! The unique part is that every season is completely different from the last one. Or maybe it's not. You'll never know. That's the beauty of Wrong Hole. 




We wanted to produce something with full creative freedom. We took on the first two seasons not knowing alot of what goes into making a web series. Learning as we went, we developed skills that took us from being just actors to being actors who can make it all happen from pre to post production. With big plans for the future of Wrong Hole the next step for us is to grow our team. This next season will be demanding and we wrote it knowing that we couldn't run sound, lights, props, cameras on tripods ect... and then hop on our marks.

                                            Kelly literally shot her own scene once.



We need a team of people that believe in what we are doing so we can enter into the next chapter of Wrong Hole... the funded chapter. 



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Makeup Artist/Wardrobe

Costs $1,500

We will be portraying aliens, contour glam queens, and dudes... makeup is an understatement.


Costs $1,500

12 hour days with a 15 member cast and crew, all counting the clock until lunch break.

Production Coordinator

Costs $1,300

The person who literally keeps track of every moving part once things are in motion. It's a big job.


Costs $2,500

Not for us, for our stand-ins. Actors who play our roles but like without their faces ever showing.


Costs $6,500

As we said in our rap, we need to have DP, director, lighting guy, sound, and set helpers.


Costs $1,500

There's no point to shooting this right if it's not edited right!


Costs $2,000

We literally need to rent a mansion. Have a mansion you'd like to donate for the shoot? Let us know!


Costs $500

Spoiler alert, a character breaks a vase over another characters head! Multiple takes=multiple vases


Costs $2,700

Harold and Jeffery didn't come all the way from planet Equinorious to look mediocre.

About This Team

Kelly has a bachelor's degree in theater performance from UNCW and has attended scene study, commercial acting and improv classes while in Los Angeles.  Madeleine has a background in improv and commercials and has also taken on-camera acting classes as well as private lessons.  With all of their extensive training they were able to create/write/produce a web series together.  It really felt like creative fate when the two met and it has been a non-stop flow of ideas ever since.  


In other words, we are highly professional, highly trained, and highly qualified. 

 P.T.Q.  yo! 






Current Team