Kayla of Galilee

Chicago, Illinois | Series

Comedy, Drama

Amber Washington

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We all ride on that struggle bus. But sometimes watching other people struggle with their ride helps us feel a little less alone. And boy, does Kayla struggle on her bus.

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Mission Statement

Kayla of Galilee is written by, directed, and starring women and people of color. Its focus is showing the narrative of young modern Christians who hold their faith on one shoulder and their "worldly" desires in the other. From our crew to our desired audience, we aim to be diverse and inclusive.

The Story



Our story begins on the girls’ college graduation day at Chapel Hill College. Chapel Hill College is a very religious college, think Bob Jones but less terrifying and more quirky. Hasty engagements are abundant as to prevent premarital sex and at any moment a group of grown men will burst into Disney songs.



 Kayla went to that college of her own volition, but became disillusioned with the legalist and WASP-y nature of the administration and students. This disillusionment is the catalyst for Kayla’s actions in the first half of the pilot: she delivers a scathingly inappropriate valedictorian speech, rejects her boyfriend, Bobby’s, marriage proposal, and hits on the illustrious President Dean. In every way she can, she chucks a proverbial F-you to the last four years of her life and runs off into the sunset of her future with her two best friends, Shane and Theresa.

The three girls take a big leap in their adult life after college. They find a  basement apartment in the city. Their landlords, fanatic YouTubers and alumni of Chapel Hill College 1970 have one rule and one rule only.




The girls don't let that stop them. From club life to dating to first jobs, Kayla in particular is determined to discover who she is unencumbered by rules.


Unfortunately, the turn up life is harder than Kayla anticipated. Clubs are gross. Jobs suck. And hooking up is...complicated. The experiences that she dreamed of having turn out to be either disappointing, unfulfilling, or straight up impossible to follow through on. She finds herself caught in between two worlds, unsure of what the life of a 'Modern Christian' is suppopsed to look like.



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Cast & Crew

Costs $7,050

Includes: Cast, Crew, Extras, Art department, Wardrobe, etc.

Post Production Costs

Costs $1,000

Includes: editing, color correcting, scoring, etc.

Craft Services

Costs $2,250

Whether we have a shoot day with a crew of 6 or 20+, we need to make sure everyone is well fed!

Equipment and Locations

Costs $2,700

We need a good camera package and great locations to make KOG look amazing!

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Amber Washington: Writer/Co-director/"Kayla"


Amber is a writer, actor, and director who is beyond excited to bring this story to life. She wrote, directed, and acted in many plays, musicals, and short films. Her lastest short film won second place at the Black Laurels Film Festival in Oakland, CA. She's eager for any opportunity to turn her crazy life lessons and disparate thoughts into entertainment for the masses.


Courtney LeFlore: Producer 

Courtney LeFlore is a 25-year-old Creative Producer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Kentucky State University and received her Master’s degree in Creative Producing from Columbia College Chicago. Currently Courtney LeFlore’s films have been focused on female empowerment and racial relations. As a Creative Producer Courtney LeFlore is interested in creating content that is racially and socially charged addressing the black female body, the male gaze and social injustice. 

In the future Courtney plans to create her own nonprofit organization catering to inner city youth that specializes in the fine arts. She also plans to create her own film festival and to be the first African American female to open a movie theater in her home town. 


Candice Majors: Director of Photography

Candice Majors is a Chicago based Cinematographer with over 8 years experience behind the camera. She works in multiple genres (promos, narrative, documentary, social media content) and adapts her style to whatever the source material calls for. Her work has screened in cities throughout the US, Canada, UK, India and the Netherlands. When she's not on set, you can find her writing, drawing or exploring new places. 


Meet some of the people in Kayla's life!


Her Ride or Dies:

"Shane"/Brittnee Williams


"Theresa"/Lisa Beasley


Her College (Soon to be Ex)Boyfriend:

"Bobby"/Cameron Smith


Her Weirdo Boss:

"Paul"/Jon Barnes


Her Becky Co-worker:

"Ashley"/Anna Donnell


Her Work Crush:

"Matthew"/Yuchi Chiu






Current Team