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KEEP THE CHANGE is a love story about DAVID, an upper-class charmer struggling to hide his high-functioning autism. Forced to attend Connections, a support group for people on the autism spectrum, David falls in love with SARAH, a sheltered young woman who challenges his identity as 'normal.'

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The Story

Be a part of film history and join our team!
donation.jpgAll donations are tax deductible and will go through New York Women in Film and Television (NYWIFT) which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
Show the world what actors with autism can bring to the big screen. The world needs a film that shows the intensity of emotional relationships adults on the spectrum have with each other. Have you ever seen a character with autism portrayed authentically? 
Based on the award winning short film, KEEP THE CHANGE is a feature length love story about DAVID, an upper-class charmer struggling to hide his high-functioning autism. Forced to attend Connections, a support group for people on the autism spectrum, David falls in love with SARAH, a sheltered young woman who challenges his identity as 'normal.'

After three years of intensive story collaboration with our neurodiverse cast, KEEP THE CHANGE is finally ready to be shot as a feature film this Summer, 2015! Our narrative was developed through personal relationships with the actors, individuals on the autism spectrum drawn from "Adaptations", a real social skills community at JCC Manhattan. With the help of the JCC and a generous camera grant from Rooftop Film Festival - we can now make this film at a micro-budget - all that we need is your support! 

Reaching our $50,000 fundraising goal will enable us to get this film in the can. We will hire essential crew such as a cinematographer and sound person, rent basic lighting equipment and feed our cast and crew for a four week micro-budget shoot in New York City. Our bare bones approach will allow this film to be born and also give us the flexibility to capture the most organic performances from our non-traditional actors.

KEEP THE CHANGE deserves to be made. Please check out the award-winning short film (available to download for a small donation here), and join our team to bring this important feature film to the world!


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Brandon Polansky as DAVID, 30, a wealthy guy who lives at home with his parents. Irreverent
and witty with playboy machismo, David won’t acknowledge his autism.
He’s just got a few kinks to work out.


Samantha Elisofon as SARAH, 24, the queen of the Connections community. Sarah lives a
sheltered life. A language processing disability makes communication difficult. She expresses
her beauty through singing.


William S. Deaver as WILL, 26, the fearsome dictator of Connections. A musical genius and critic
who will see through you with brutal honesty and relish watching you squirm.
Underneath his antisocial armor is a loyal friend


Nicky Gottlieb as TRAVIS MCHENRY, 33, the impresario. Travis is the Connections mover and
shaker- self appointed theatrical auteur- and chief organizer of everything social.
A big headed elitist with an even bigger heart.





Checks are also welcomed! You can send us a check payable to New York Women in Film and Television 

Our mailling address is:

Keep The Change

945 Amsterdam Ave #3B

New York, NY 10025



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Cash Pledge

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Lighting Package

Costs $5,000

You can't say "lights, camera, action!" with no lights.

Picture Car

Costs $5,000

We need a New York City Bus! They're not cheap.

Casting Director

Costs $1,500

We're going after some name talent so we need a Casting Director to start those conversations!


Costs $500

Coffee fuels the world, it also fuels film sets...


Costs $500

Its gonna be hot this summer! Gotta stay cool...

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $5,000

Movies are way better when you can hear what the actors are saying.

Production Staff

Costs $5,000

These folks work to make everything run smoothly so the artists and technicians can make the film.

Stage Rental

Costs $2,000

In order to qualify for the tax credit, we must shoot 1 day on a stage.

Wardrobe package

Costs $500

Ya gotta look nice if you're gonna be up on the big screen.

Prop Package

Costs $500

Props help bring the actors into character, and help bring the scene to life.

Walkie Talkies

Costs $1,500

Communication is key. In ancient Greece, some poor guy had to run 26 miles to spread the word.

Production Company

Costs $2,000

Business registration fees w/the state, processing fees, publication fees, taxes, etc.

Cargo Van

Costs $2,000

We've gotta shlepp the gear from point A to point B, and then C, and D, and so on...

Location fees

Costs $5,000

We need a couple of restaurants, a beach house, and Coney Island!


Costs $300

If we don't have a permit, some cop may shut us down. Waaaay better to have them in place.

General Liability Insurance

Costs $5,000

We need to insure our equipment, locations, and workers. Better safe than sorry!

G-Technology® Hard Drive ($2000)

Costs $2,000

G-Technology® is the gold standard for storage solutions specifically designed for content creators. We’ll get a storage grant from them when we get the Green Light!


Costs $5,000

Also known as CYA money. Just in case the unexpected arises...

Legal Services

Costs $1,200

We need to cross our t's and dot our i's, don't we?

Craft Services Food

Costs $500

Everyone's gotta eat. Even film crews and cast members.

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