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Keepsake is a sci-fi drama about a woman transported into her husband’s happiest memory. She is given the choice to return to an unhappy reality or live out her days in a blissful past. Are her happiest days really behind her? Support our film and explore this dreamy tale of nostalgia and hope!

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Mission Statement

We aim to create compelling films from unique and diverse perspectives and to inspire others to think beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible. This project was inspired by my own cynicism toward nostalgia but slowly revealed my inner optimism for a better and more creative future.

The Story

Lily returns home to ask her increasingly distant husband, Mark, for a divorce. Mark reveals a device which transports them back to their happiest memory together where they encounter their younger, happier selves.

Mark offers her the chance to leave behind their dreary lives and escape to this idyllic past. But when Lily tries to make him see their unfortunate reality, the memory world begins to glitch and fall apart. Lily must find a way to save herself and her future before they become absorbed into the memory world forever.

Nostalgia has always been a fascination of mine as it is simultaneously comforting and frustrating. It has the power to distort the truth and present an impossible “other side” full of greener grass. It pervades our culture through remakes and reboots of movies and television to the political promise of a mythical “great again.” But it can manifest in much more intimate ways, too. Taken too far, nostalgia can become a trap keeping us from envisioning a better future. In this story, that trap becomes quite literal.

We all fall into the trap of thinking things were better in the past, but it should not keep us from striving for a better future. It takes risk, effort, and a lot of creativity, but I believe that future is worth fighting for. That hope is the main theme of our story and one we hope to inspire in our audience.

With Keepsake, we seek to explore nostalgia through a struggling romance set in an elevated sci-fi environment, combining the surreal and the mundane.

The world of Keepsake contrasts the drab mundanity of Mark and Lily's present-day home with the lush, inviting warmth of the memory world. This will be reflected both in the color and design as well as the movement of the camera. Inside the house, we will employ a wider, static look allowing the characters to move about the space in a natural and unromantic manner. Once inside the memory, we shift to a more elevated mode with smoother camera movements to embellish the allure of the manufactured world.

The setting of the memory world becomes more and more fantastical, but their conflict will remain grounded in the messy, intimate drama of their relationship.


We are raising $15,000 to cover the cost of production. Our budget will go towards fair pay for our cast and crew, securing locations, renting equipment, and designing the world and characters of Keepsake. We are aiming to film in October to be able to submit to festivals worldwide in 2024.

Independent filmmaking like this is only possible with the support from a passionate audience like you. Here’s how you can support:


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Camera + Lens Package

Costs $1,800

Industry grade camera and lens package for the highest quality image.

Location Fees

Costs $2,800

To cover the cost of renting the two locations over 3 days of production.


Costs $2,800

Hiring a professional casting director and paying our incredible cast!

Post Production

Costs $1,600

Top quality editor, post sound mixing and editing, score, and color correction.


Costs $5,000

Pay for our hardworking and talented crew


Costs $1,000

Purchases for Costumes, Art/Props, and other departments for production supplies.

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About This Team

Erik Skramstad - Writer/Director

Erik is a New Orleans-based writer/director with over 10 years of experience in the film industry. In that time, he's been fortunate to work on some incredible productions including Logan, Jurassic World, and recently AMC's Interview With The Vampire. It has been an invaluable learning experience which Erik has taken into his own productions, collaborating with an incredible community of like-minded filmmakers. He is drawn to the intersection between the magical and the mundane. He loves to explore grounded characters in extraordinary worlds. Keepsake is the manifestation of years of work and Erik is thrilled to bring this story to life.

Andre Herrera - Line Producer

Andre is a producer/director based out of New Orleans. He formally began his career in the film industry in 2008 and currently works as a Key 2nd Assistant Director. He has been lucky to forge some incredible relationships and learn first-hand from the best in the business. Andre is privileged to apply his 15 years of on-set experience to his independent productions. He finds joy collaborating with fellow filmmakers to accomplish their vision and tell the best story possible. Andre has collaborated with Erik for over 5 years and looks forward to the opportunities that comes along with Keepsake.

Christa Watkins - Producer

Christa is a N.O. based/L.A. bred producer who has successfully avoided appearing on the IMDB “goofs list” for 13 years. She’s proud to have worked in the camera department on major productions such as Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Renfield, Bottoms, and the upcoming adaptation of “Nickel Boys.”

Christa’s drive is to help creators bring their vision to fruition and foster a nurturing environment to let that creativity flow. Christa is excited about Keepsake because it affirms that no matter what, you mustn’t abandon yourself or your personal growth to please others.

Alice Pearce - Producer

Alice has worked in film and television production for a decade. In that time, she has amassed a wealth of experience working as an Assistant Director, Production Supervisor, and a Producer. She has produced projects at many budget levels, from short films and webseries to Netflix's The G Word with Adam Conover.

Emily Russell - Producer

Emily Russell is an actor, writer, producer, southern California native, and New Orleans transplant. You can see her in Paul Schrader's Master Gardener, Tate Taylor's Breaking News in Yuba County, and on USA's The Purge. Her writing debut, Ellipsis, screened at the New Orleans Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival. Ten years in the film industry has imparted a go-get-'em attitude and a love for the beauty of making it happen. Keepsake is a special project to her because of its optimism toward the future instead of living in the past!

Bron Moyi - Cinematographer

Bron Moyi is an award-winning cinematographer and camera operator currently based in Los Angeles. He was the director of photography for the Grammy-award winning music video for “Freedom” by Jon Batiste and received the honor for Best Cinematography at the 2022 New Orleans Film Festival for his work on the documentary, Silent Beauty. Bron’s beautiful work is a reflection of his dedication as a filmmaker. He collaborated with this team on their last short film, Ellipsis, and he is excited to take Keepsake to the next level.

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