Kendall's Dream

Rolla, Missouri | Film Short

Drama, Fantasy

Victoria Hagni

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Hi, I'm Victoria, and I dream a lot. I had this particular dream in 2013, and knew instantly I wanted to put this dream to film. The story from the dream centers around young people consuming "normalized" beauty standards.

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Mission Statement

Though "Kendall's Dream" is told through the eyes of one little girl, the film represents how different ages and generations of women and men perceive female value and beauty. The film is focused on the communicated messages through the generations.

The Story

I am thrilled to tell you about a film I’m working on!  On Saturday May 4th of this year I am partnering with Grace Church to premiere a short film.  This film tells the tale of an enchanted world a little girl stumbles upon only to discover the world holds a terrible secret.

This short film will explore the desensitization of a woman’s beauty through the eyes of a little girl, and will be using all local talent and locations for the making of the film.  Check out our 1-minute trailer to see what we’re up to.


Grace Church will be hosting a women’s conference that same day.  During the conference, women and girls are invited to hear guest speaker and Hollywood actress, Robia Scott, speak on areas of freedom she’s experienced in her life. 

I invite you to be a part of this exciting day.  Whether or not you plan to attend, there are different levels of finanical sponsorship available to support this endeavor.  Your sponsorship will not only help art thrive in our own community, but raise awareness for this powerful conference.  Join with me to reach $1,200 for this fund raising period lasting until the end of April to help make this film a success!

Dancers Gabi Townley, Leanne Bissinger, and Leslee Boyce prep for the ballroom scene

Camera location change!

No, this is not a seance.  The pre meeting shoot definitely had some moody lighting though!



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Location Rental

Costs $350

For our next shoot, we will be renting out Leach Theater.

Equipment Rental

Costs $150

lenses, adapters, and cameras, oh my!

Post Production Music & Sound Design

Costs $200

This film will largely depend on sound and music to take us into another world.

Crew & Cast Payments

Costs $500

Help fund the art makers (actors, set designers, techs) who are bringing this project to life!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

I've been stoked to work and collaborate with fellow S&T employees, theater managers, a dance studio and more.  Here's a look at this incredible cast & crew:


Carah Houser, Fine Linen Theater, Production Design, Wardrobe & Sound

Stevie Tupper, Missouri S&T, Fine Linen Theater, Production Design & Crew

Jake Tupper, Missouri S&T, storyboard artist

Kelsey Stone, Stonecrest Dance studio, Dance Choreography, Actor

Kendall Langley, Stonecrest Dance Studio, Actor

Leanne Bissinger, Missouri S&T Ballet Club, Actor

Matthew Gibson, Missouri S&T, Actor

Leslee Boyce, Stonecrest Dance Studio, Actor

Gabi Townley, Fine Linen Theater, Actor

Brent Hrebec, Missouri S&T, Actor

Peter Cook, Missouri S&T, Actor

Paul & Gessell Frisbee, AndFlew Dance Studio, Actors

Angie Craig, Hannah Craig, Stonecrest Dance Studio, Actors

Jodi, Livi, and Ranger Townley, Fine Linen Theater, Actors

Penny, Zaylynn, and Brycelynn Swafford, Actors

Tobias Balch, Actor

Haley Huffmaser, Actor

Jacqueline Baker, Actor

Dylan Carter, Actor

Corbin Simms, Actor


Special Location Thank Yous:

Sybill Schaeffer, Sybill's Resturaunt

Kevin Shaw & team, Leach Theater



Current Team