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A sensory exploration of a young woman's struggle to recall a time in her life when she felt pure joy. Unsure if she can trust her memories, she sets out to learn if such happiness ever truly existed...and if it's possible to feel again.

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The Story

My early background is in dance, and I've always been fascinated with kinesthetic memory and how it overlaps with our emotions and daily life. Kinesthesia comes from a place of wanting to tell a beautifully simple story through the senses and memory in a way that is hard to define through words. It is visceral and visual. Film can capture these elements wholly while keeping a story intact.


What makes Kinesthesia special is how it's told and how it explores relatively common themes in a new way. We focus on the question of how specific sense-oriented nuances of relationships can make us feel love and happiness. Film is a particularly beautiful device for this because we can use it to play with how our minds work visually - we can tell a story where Minny explores what she sees in her unreliable memory while interacting with her daily life. Her real-time interactions blend into her mind’s images and past experiences, allowing the viewer to jump inside her body, memories, and feelings in a way that is immediately personal and tactile. This film aims to take over all the senses. It is inward and outward simultaneously with a heartfelt story at its core.





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About This Team

Kinesthesia was truly started, shaped and created with the help of a dedicated team. Our goal, simply put, is to make good stuff with good people. We like provocative stories with perspectives that challenge us. We work as a collective group of filmmakers - actors, writers, producers, editors, comedians, art enthusiasts and debaters. With a passion for controversy, intimate conversation, gray area, the absurd and the beautiful, we hope to make the stuff we wish to see.




Carrie Prince (Writer/Director/Producer)

An early background in contemporary dance and theatre shaped the movement based mentality of this creator’s multi-faceted resume in the industry. There aren’t too many jobs she won’t try and doesn’t plan on stopping the adventure any time soon. “My main concern these days with taking a job has to do with the people - not just are they talented, but are they great to work with? In this case, I’m working with my favorite people on a story that marries my background in movement to the endless visual possibilities of the film perspective. It’s incredibly cool. It might the coolest thing I’ve ever done.”


Allison Rae (Cinematographer/Actor/Producer)

Allison is an actor and photographer (Tandem Photo & Reel) currently residing in Los Angeles. She was 13 years old the first time she picked up a camera to shoot a film. Back then the concepts of “matching cuts” and “continuity” were entirely foreign. Luckily, as a film school graduate with eight+ years working as a videographer, she’s had a lot of practice. She is thrilled to be making her debut as cinematographer on a narrative film with such a rich visual landscape and to be working with this creative, supportive, beautiful team of people.


Amanda Dow (Actor/Producer)

Amanda’s recent work has consisted of writing and creating feature films, short films and a 30-minute comedy/drama episodic concept for TV. She has recently come on board as the associate producer on the film Holiday in Cambodia. This film is due to be shot in Cambodia by end of year.


In the past year Amanda has completed a feature length film Chasing Aliens which is now in negotiations with distribution companies. She co-wrote and co-produced her first short film in 2010, One Day in LA, which led to her next three short films, Vacillate (2011), The Gift (2012) and What Future (2013). This is where her love was ignited to write story. The following years consisted of her writing two feature length films, both of which have been optioned.


Amanda worked as an associate producer on Drive Hard starring John Cusack. She also worked as location manager and had a supporting role on The Reckoning starring Luke Hemsworth in 2013.

She graduated from “The Australian Film and Television Academy” in Sydney, Australia.


Matthew Bacis (Actor/Producer)

Hollywood and the film industry weren't exactly on Matthew's radar growing up in rural Massachusetts.  It wasn't until he got bored with a couple of states and more than a few jobs as an engineer and scientist that he found himself studying acting in San Diego. From that moment on he's been relentlessly driven to foster his career as an actor in Los Angeles, and he's proud to help drive projects forward as a producer too.


Boone Platt (Actor/Producer)

In 2005, Boone (along with his two brothers) wrote, produced and starred in a full-length theatrical show which they toured for 7 years throughout the U.S. and internationally. They were invited to perform on America’s Got Talent (where they finished as quarter-finalists), performed for Cirque du Soleil, and as headline entertainment for Disney International Cruise Lines.


In 2012, Boone moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. He will be featured on the season 3 premiere of Ray Donovan this July, and his previous work includes Smith (CBS), 7x6x2 (Tribeca), Destino, and Batgirl: Spoiled.


In 2014, Boone created and opened Intrepid Tapes ( in Hollywood, CA.


Aqueela Zoll (Actor/Producer)

Aqueela was born and raised in Northern California. She began dancing when she was two and has always loved the excitement and pressures of performing. As an actress, her ideal work exists in creating the realism of a story, and a person. She sees filmmaking as an opportunity to combine her individual work efforts with her team’s vision. “One is only as strong as its partner.” She’s been pleased to have had the opportunity to work alongside Liev Schreiber, Brandon Routh, Jamie Marshall, James Byrkit, Emily Baldoni, and many others. Her recent body of work includes films like Zinfandel, Wrong Turn 6, Crazy Charlie, and Dirty Lies. As of 2014, Aqueela has actively been involved with productions teams that are writing and producing independent material. She is ecstatic and passionate to build an ever growing team of professionals who bite at an artistic challenge and appreciate the level of intensive quality that she does.

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