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Justin Rhodes

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King of Dallas is a thought provoking film about the “black experience”. It's a unique story that helps shape our future while simultaneously paying homage to our past and our ancestors.

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Mission Statement

We strive for the creative liberation to convey the black experience in a unique way. We long to tell our stories in ways that have never been told before. It's a Wonderful Plight was a "Hip Hop Musical" shedding light on the black experience and KOD is a post Apocalyptic film that does the same!

The Story

Thought Provoking Film Making...

King of Dallas will challenge the way we look at the world as a whole.  It will also directly challenge Black America to imagine a world where we are the sole cause, and sole solution for all of our issues.  It will have all of the entertainment value of an action movie while still being a thought provoking work of art at it's core.

Our History with Seed and Spark

In 2020 we held our first Seed and Spark campaign with "It's a Wonderful Plight" a Hip Hop Musical".  We were new to the film industry, but full of ambition and knew that this amazing story deserved to be told. 

Over the course of 30 days we embarked on a life changing journey.  It's one thing to believe in your own story, but to get a network of people to believe and be an engine to power your dreams was something totally different.  This "people driven" engine pushed It's a Wonderful Plight to an amazing press run begining with being featured in the USA Today as one of the "Must see films of the Summer of 2021" and ending with Justin Rhodes & Kory Williams our director and DP being interviewed on Sway in the Morning.  Wow!  We know that this campaign is what "Sparked" our wonderful momentum for this film.  And we're BACK to do it again but bigger and Better with our new Project "King of Dallas".


King of Dallas Premise

In the year 2097 in a Post Apocalyptic Dallas, Texas Melanated Individuals are the lone survivors. Prince Octavius sets out on a journey to rescue his wife & daughter and to unite the Factions.


Why is this project so special?

I am a strong proponent for Black stories to not be monolithic.  We are so many different things other than the typical and traditional (and honestly, quite often stereotypical) film displays of us in Hollywood.  We've had so many movies on slavery, and though I think a lot of them are necessary, I feel too many movies like this that remind us of our dark past with no hope for the future can be overdone.  

What we are doing with King of Dallas is paying homage to our past, but looking towards our future, whilst still addressing the issues that plague us today.  In the midst of it all it is written to provide solutions.  Since art often imatates life I truly believe that these solutions found on screen will find their way into our real lives.  THIS is the magic when your creativity and expression through art intersects with activism.  

The Post Apocalyptic genre of films is also my favorite genre.  Often times these created worlds are more realistic than one can ever imagine. They shed light on ourselves and the human condition.  King of Dallas will help us look at racism and our internal problems of colorism due a unique dystopian lens.


Help us make History... Again!

The $7,500 dollars raised for It's a Wonderful Plight helped Power us to one of the most powerful and dynamic Independent film releases in recent history.  So many of you help us get this campaign green lighted and we must thank you again!

Raising $25,000 dollars for King of Dallas will allow us to make a Block Buster film that competes with anything relased digitally or in the Theaters.  I love giving our supporters a "Call to Action" because you ALWAYS answer it in a MAJOR way.  No matter if you can give $10 dollars, or $10,000 it will ALL go towards us making History yet again.  We really know that with this $25,000 dollars, we will be able to make a HOLLYWOOD quality film, right here in Dallas, Texas!

So without further ado... LET'S MAKE A MOVIE!


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Cast & Crew

Costs $7,000

Actors, cameramen, extras, on set personnel, grip guys, production assistants etc all will be paid.

Costume and Wardrobe

Costs $4,000

100's of people need to be dressed in a post apocalyptic manner. This will take a lot of expertise!


Costs $3,000

We will need high quality makeup to pull off the Post Apocalyptic feel that King of Dallas requires

Production Equipment

Costs $7,000

We need cranes, lights, Digital Screens & much more to make this a top tier production.

Color Correction

Costs $4,000

This will enhance the color quality of the film and give it that Cinematic look!

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

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I'm blessed to work with some of the most BRILLIANT & skilled creatives in the business.  Get to know the team!

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