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LA SERENATA is a lyrical and intimate film about a Mexican American family reckoning with tradition through the unexpected love story between two boys. There is no other US feature film that showcases the innocence and struggles of elementary queer school boys. (ALL DONATIONS are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!)

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Mission Statement

Our film challenges family film conventions of (1) omitting queer children as protagonists, (2) depicting immigrant communities as inherently homophobic, and (3) over-representing middle- and upper-class family life. We pay tribute to Latinx families and their queer children.

The Story

LA SERENATA is a lyrical and intimate feature film about a Mexican American family reckoning with tradition through the unexpected love story between two boys. 

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short film that inspired our campaign project


LUIS, 10, is a gay Mexican American boy, born and raised in LA. He is sensitive, artistic, and most himself around his family, whom he adores and uplifts with his penchant for wry wit. At school he is bullied by other boys, but he finds a loyal friend in Oscar, an immigrant classmate. Luís realizes that his feelings for Oscar are strong, and he enlists his parents in his efforts to express his affection.

JORGE, late 30’s, is Amelia’s high school sweetheart and loving husband. He is a self-taught musician, a staunch supporter of his son Luís, and is learning to lean into community action. He owns a struggling landscaping business and supplements his income by moonlighting as a musician. He negotiates vulnerability as an immigrant Mexican father and husband.

AMELIA, late 30’s, is Luís’ complicated and perceptive mother. She is a dedicated high school teacher and a loving spouse, but she also carries the weight of grief deep inside. A former recording artist, popular among the Mexican American community in LA, she no longer sings, although her spirit yearns for music. She is estranged from her parents.

INDALECIO AND JOSEFINA (late 60’s) are Amelia’s estranged parents. Years ago they were pillars of their church community, best known for their success as musicians, in their family conjunto, called Las Golondrinas. But they left everything behind and moved to México after the shocking murder of their son. Amelia blames them for his death. Indalecio and Josefina pray that Amelia will one day see the error of her ways.

OSCAR, 10, is a gender-fluid undocumented immigrant. He enjoys playing with Luís at school and is quick to defend him when threatened by bullies. SILVIA (mid-20’s) is Oscar’s mother and a waitress. She migrated from Mexico, faced great obstacles, but found community in LA. She is proud of Oscar’s gender-fluid expression. She often tells him, “you are the best of both worlds.”


AdeRisa Productions is the right team to bring this work to life because we have over 10 years of indie, community-grounded, award-winning filmmaking experience. Our team is primarily comprised of LGBTQ+ women and people of color. Importantly, we will produce La Serenata under an approved  SAGAFTRA ultra-low budget interim agreement contract.


To date, we have never seen a story that centers young queer Latinx boys at the center of feature film about community empowerment. Also, we strongly believe that our film counters the current conservative backlash against educating young people about queer life. In the context of book banning and aggressive anti-immigrant actions, La Serenata reminds us what we can accomplish together when we care for each other.

After placing as quarter-finalist, semi-finalists, and Notable Writers for various nationwide competitions—we are ready to take our production to the next level. Part of the urgency in this campaign arises from the challenge to meet matching grant requirements which would allow us to reach our SAGAFTRA ultra-low budget goals.


Any amount earned past our stated production goals (50k) will be used for post-production expenses:


Color Correction/Grading


Final Mix


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The quality of a film is also connected to the quality of equipment. Please help us rent an ALEXA-Mini camera package & Cooke lenses.

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Part of our holistic production practice is to always feed our team & cast a wholesome meal. We never skimp on feeding them well.

Production Team & Crew Payroll

Costs $30,000

We believe in paying our teams. This will helps cover the ultra-low budget rates our team has agreed to because they believe in this story.

About This Team


Adelina Anthony

Adelina Anthony (she/they) is a critically acclaimed Two Spirit, Xicana, Lesbian artist, whose film works center characters/stories from LGBTQ+ Latinx, QTBIPOC communities. Her award-winning short screenplays/films include You’re Dead to Me, Get the Life, Amigas with Benefits, Ode to Pablo, and The Daily War. They are a fellow of Film Independent’s Project Involve, Arts Matter Foundation, and a three time Imagen Award winner. She's a 2021 HBO Pa'Lante Promise/Warner Media 150 Artist. They have twice directed the online showcase of The Disruptors. Along with her co-writer, they were selected for the NALIP Latino Media Market fellowship and as Outfest Notable writers in 2022.


Ernesto Javier Martínez

Ernesto Javier Martínez (he/him) is an award-winning queer Chicano/Puerto Rican writer and educator, best known for the animated kids movie Daniel Visits a New Neighborhood (PBS, 2022), the short film La Serenata (HBO Max, 2020-22), and the bilingual queer children's book, When We Love Someone We Sing to Them (Reflection Press, 2018). He is an internationally recognized scholar and the recipient of numerous awards, including the Lambda Literary Award, the Imagen Award, the HBO Latinx Film Competition Award, the Outfest Screenwriting Lab Notable Writer Award, the University of Oregon's Faculty Excellence Award, and two International Latino Book Awards.


Marisa Becerra

Marisa Becerra (she/her/hers) is an entrepreneur and business manager. In 2012, she became the co-founder of AdeRisa Productions, an independent production company founded to create film works centering Two Spirit/LGBTQ+ Xicana/x, Mexican and Latinx stories. Marisa was the leading Executive Producer on: Forgiving Heart (2013), The Good Kind (2014), Bruising for Besos (2016), Gold Star (2016), Private Dick (Web Series) (2017), Amigas with Benefits (2017), La Serenata (2019), and Ode to Pablo (2019). In addition, she penned the short film Guarding Santos (2019).


Karla Legaspy

Founder of Kitzo Productions, Karla Legaspy (she/hers) is a Two Spirit MeXICANA filmmaker raised in East Los Angeles. She is a two-time awardee of the Latino Public Broadcasting Public Media Content Fund. Karla’s is known for her PBS audience award winning film “Gold Star." She is the producer of the acclaimed series Undocumented Tales: Season 3 now playing on YouTube. Her latest LPB film is The Daily War. She is currently co-writing a comedy feature script with Adelina Anthony. She has been a core member of AdeRisa Productions since 2012


Héctor H. Pérez

Hector H. Pérez (he/him/his) is a Grammy and Oscar-nominated San Francisco-based composer, producer and founder of the premier studio, Music Orange. He co-scored Daughter From Danang, the 2003 Sundance Grand Jury selection, which was also nominated for an Academy Award. He co-scored the HBO Sundance winner My Flesh and Blood in 2004. In 2013, he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Album in 'Regional Mexican Music.’ In 2019 he scored La Serenata short film.


Jean Kim

Jean Kim (she/her/hers) received her BA from UC Davis, where she became involved in Feminist filmmaking. She went on to pursue her MFA in Film and Television Production from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she concentrated in cinematography. She had the honor of becoming a Film Independent Project Involve Fellow, receiving mentorship from cinematographer Alexander Gruszynski, ASC. She has been a core member of AdeRisa Production since 2012.


Luie P. García

Luie P. García has been a production designer since 2010. Experience includes feature films, episodic, music videos, commercials, media content, stage design and residential/industrial reno make overs. Currently and previously involved with youth mentorship programs including Youth Cinema Project by LALIFF, To Foster Change by PBS and Nuevas Novelas by Justice for my Sister. Bilingual in Spanish and on camera design expert on "Emprendedores" Season 1, episodes 2-6 on Discovery in Español.


Stacy I. Macias

Stacy I. Macias (she/hers) is an assistant professor at California State University, Long Beach. She grew up in South El Monte, CA and is a co-founding member of Tongues, a queer, lesbian, and bisexual women of color project and zine that was active 1999-2010. At East L.A.’s Bienestar, she co-created the LGBTQ youth program, Q.U.E. P.A.S.A, and founded the lesbian and bisexual women’s program, L.U.N.A (Latinas Understanding the Need for Action). She has been a costume designer for AdeRisa Productions since 2015.


nancy Chargualaf martin

nancy Chargualaf martin is an artist, mother, and grandmother, Certified Reiki Master, licensed massage therapist, dream tender, gatekeeper. Her artwork has appeared in solo exhibitions in California and México. Her biological family is from Malesso, Guåhan, and Mezquitic, México. She was raised by a Chumash step-father in Santa Barbara, and continues the work of her elders, especially in the Chamorro traditions. She has been a production designer and spiritual elder on film sets for AdeRisa Productions since 2012.

Current Team