Labor + Justice

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Drama, Horror

Sarah Joy Byington

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Set in a dystopian United States, pregnant persons are required by law to give birth in front of a panel of judges. Failure to birth a living baby sentences the mother to immediate execution. The everyday, mundane births/deaths have zero effect on the judges as they devour their lunch like animals.

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Mission Statement

Roe v. Wade is overturned. Women, as young as 17, being imprisoned for having a miscarriage. The high percentage of death rates during birth among women of color. Only three examples, and yet it's enough to make your blood boil. Women's rights are human rights. The time for this film is now.

The Story

At only 8.5 pages, LABOR + JUSTICE deep dives into a powerful expose quickly and methodically. At the open, the audience does not know what is about to hit them as the judges begin to file into the courtroom cracking lude jokes and hurling insults. One may wonder why these judges have the qualifications to be there at all. Before you know it they are devouring chicken wings and beer as if this is a bachelor weekend, when suddenly, they grow quiet. The doors at the back of the auditorium fling open and a woman in labor is rushed into the room. The judges watch with hungry eyes, sauce dripping from their mouths and fingers, as a desperate scene unfolds before them.


There is more, but you'll have to wait till it's made. 

LABOR + JUSTICE, originally written in 2019, was not something that was born out of malice. Though Trump still held the presidency, the hope for a new president and justice on the horizon was something many women like me clung onto.

Then 2020 happened. Like all of my writing, I put this script aside and turned my focus toward my family.

Then came 2021. Like half of America, I wept with joy as a new president was named and even the first female vice president.

We are now in 2022. The pain of persecution in western Europe seeps its effects onto the rest of the World.  Roe v. Wade has been overturned, infuriating the public as women fear for their rights as human beings. And just recently, I read of a 21-year-old, Native American woman who was arrested for having a miscarriage. What will be next?

Returning to this script is not a coincidence. It’s an urgent display of the need for a woman’s right to choose. There is no time to lose.

A government that falls is not something that happens overnight.

The idea that art doesn't bring change is a lie. It is my hope that this film will bring awareness, change minds, and provoke change.










The film will shoot over two days

75% of the Campaign Goal we raise will be going directly towards paying the CAST & CREW. The rest of the funds, 25%, will go directly to location fees.

Sam and I have saved up enough to make it possible to acquire the necessities it takes to make this short film:

  • gear rentals for camera/lighting/sound
  • costumes
  • set and art pieces
  • props
  • crafty and meals
  • insurance
  • fuel for out of town talent
  • sound design
  • music licensing

That being said the most vital key to production are the PEOPLE. While we are still operating on an indie film scale, we have increased the original rates we had budgeted to allow for pay that covers more than just gas. Indie rates from 2019 just aren't feasible in 2022. By crowdfunding the rest of the funds needed, we are giving ourselves the ability to fulfill the artistic direction of this film while paying our cast and crew a realistic amount. 

Also, it’s important to us that you know that Sam and I will NOT be taking a paycheck. All funds acquired will be given directly to our cast and crew and towards location fees.

Labor+Justice Table Read in June 2022

If we raise funds beyond the original target goal of $15,000, there are multiple key places those extra funds will go.

Hiring a composer that will create original music rather than buying off music sites.
Hiring a professional sound mixer and colorist. (Hey, even Sam has his limits).
Festival Submissions can cost $50-$80 on average, per festival. As you can imagine, that can quickly get expensive out of pocket. We want this powerful story to reach as many audiences as possible.
Hiring a graphic designer for Marketing Tools. We all know there is power in advertising. 


What YOU Get
There are many perks of contributing to this campaign! From a personal shoutout, keychain, button, or one of my very own original and quirky oil paintings, it's up to you! 

But it's not just that. Many of you have known me for a very long time. You've seen me hustle the film and acting scene for over a decade. By contributing to this project, you are not only helping getting it made, you are helping this powerful message reach an audience. I just want you to know how much that means to me.


If you find that you are passionate about helping the project, but not financially able to contribute at this time, help get the word out by promoting this campaign on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Seed & Spark has tools right below the campaign's title at the top right of the page, that can help you share directly to your platforms!


Don't forget to click on THE TEAM tab below the video to read more about some of the talented people already attached to our project!



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Some of the most talented people in Austin will bring this story to life.


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The most vital key to production are the PEOPLE bringing the film to life.

About This Team



Over the last decade SARAH JOY BYINGTON has become a notable up and coming voice in the Austin film community. She is an accomplished screenwriter, director, and award winning actress. Some notable credits include Friday’s Child (AJ Edwards), Parkland (Peter Landesman), and The Night We Met (Jon Cring), for which she took home the Best Actress award at the Atlantic City Cinefest in 2017.  Sarah has also produced over 20 commercials and short films including her entry “Payday” that took home semifinalist for Doritos Crash The Super Bowl in their final year. 

Sarah is drawn to dark, raw stories, as well as absurd tales of eccentric characters, all the while unearthing her fears and flaws into her stories. As a mother of two, her thought provoking and loudly creative work begs us to address many modern day dilemmas and exposes the sufferings of faces outside our own bubble with an urgent message of empathy.



SAMANTHA IRELAND is a filmmaker, actress, and producer located in Austin, Texas. She is most known for her voice acting work with Rooster Teeth Productions' world popular animation, RWBY. Since 2011, Samantha has worked on various projects both in front of and behind the camera that have gone on to premiere at SXSW and garnered both Telly and Webby Awards. Samantha believes in telling stories that are humanizing no matter the world they are told in and she is absolutely thrilled to join the team of this unique and necessary production, Labor+Justice as a producer and actress.



KELSEY PRIBILSKI is an Austin, TX based actor, host and producer. She’s best known for hosting the series BBQUEST on Hulu. Kelsey has been acting in film professionally for almost a decade and has been featured in various commercials, films and music videos. Her latest producer credit includes a music video that premiered #1 on the Apple charts for country music star Scotty McCreery and his hit song "Damn Strait".


Director of Photography

Taylor Camarot is quickly making a name for himself as he becomes one of the most sought out independent cinematographers in Austin, TX. He graduated from Sedona Film School in 2012 with a certificate in narrative filmmaking. With the combination of sensitive lighting and creative camera moves, Taylor creates award winning cinematography. In addition to creativity, professionalism and communication are top priorities on every project.

Taylor is also an accomplished camera operator, owning a complete cinema camera package. He is experienced with most digital cameras, including RED, Blackmagic, Sony, Canon, etc. Having specialized in award winning films and commercials, personally winning Best Cinematography in 2013, Taylor's technical knowledge, experience lighting a wide variety of looks, and creative camera moves will allow you to tell the best story possible. He is best known for his work on The Pizzagate Massacre, Day 5, Lazer Team, Snapchat’s Dead of Night, and Malignant, with many more projects on the way.




SAM BUTLER is an accomplished editor in both the narrative film and commercial industries. He has edited hundreds of videos for companies all over the globe, over a dozen award winning short films, web series, and several feature films. Most recently he was the editor on AJ Edward’s film Age Out that has won several awards including Best Narrative Feature(Buffalo Intl’ Film Festival) and Best Actor (Shanghai Intl’ Film Festival) and premiered at SXSW 2018, as well as “Home”, a web series from Bob Billiam’s Productions which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival in 2018.




Current Team