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Lady Parts is a thoughtful, relevant, FUNNY glimpse into life on a typical male-dominated Hollywood set and explores what can happen when one hungry female actor is pushed to her breaking point.

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Mission Statement

Our project directly addresses the ways women's voices are marginalized and silenced in Film and Television and we are committed to hiring a diverse and predominately female crew. Thus far 75% of our team are women/POC.

The Story

2018 has been the year of #METOO and #TIMESUP. Women in entertainment wore black to the Golden Globes to protest sexual harassment in the workplace, Shonda Rhimes has called for 50/50 gender parity by 2020, and Rachel Morrison became the first female cinematographer EVER to be nominated for an Acadamy Award. 






Behind the scenes, day-to-day life for women in Hollywood has remained remarkably unchanged.


Women are woefully underrepresented behind the camera.



And while things are a little better on-screen women STILL only make up around a quarter of protagonists and speak a quarter of the words said in film.



Film and television studios are aware that women make up 51% of the population, right?


And even when a women FINALLY appears on screen, she is 5 TIMES more likely to be sexualized. 


Y'all...these statistics are ALL FROM 2016 AND 2017! 


This film was born out of my personal experiences and frustrations. Like many of my millennial compatriots, I was raised to believe I was every bit as intelligent and capable as the boys around me.


Gender is a social construct! Women my age are outpacing men in college graduation rates! Buffy is the number one television vampire slayer! 


Unfortunately, as I've moved through the entertainment industry, I've been disappointed over and over again at the limited roles women are allowed to play both in front of the camera and behind it. Every time I get ANOTHER audition to play a sweet, caring, yet incredibly attractive nurse I cringe. Every time I read ANOTHER script written by INSERT DUDE'S NAME HERE and INSERT OTHER DUDE'S NAME HERE directed by (you guessed it!) ANOTHER DUDE I want to scream because I KNOW FOR A FACT the ladies are out there! Writing incredible stories! Searching for that next powerful moment to bring to life as a director! Struggling to be taken seriously with a camera in their hand! 


I have been on too many high-level sets that were all or mostly male and met too many driven, talented, and COMPLEX women working in front of and behind the camera to not tell this story.


LADY PARTS follows Liz, a struggling actor who goes from dancing tampon to her first real break, playing a meaty role in a financial drama by an acclaimed up-and-coming director...only to discover that things aren't what they seem. She experiences a series of funny-because-they're-true setbacks and putdowns as she barrels toward her breaking point and has to decide what is more important: her dignity or her career. 


This is my story. This is your story. And hopefully this is a story for anybody who has ever felt silenced, outnumbered, or erased.


This film is important because it shows the industry, not as it COULD be or as it SHOULD be, but as it IS and explores the cost of having so few women behind the camera. We need your help to illuminate this subject AND further the careers of the female actor, writer, producer, director, DP and crew who will be able to travel to film festivals and put another crack in that glass camera lens. 


We are making this movie because we believe things CAN CHANGE and we want to be a part of that change by sharing a fresh perspective and increasing representation behind the camera. #caseforoptimism


And whether you agree with our message or think we're making a big fuss over's ALWAYS super fun to watch a smart woman get messy and lose her cool!








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Set decoration, wardrobe and props...including a giant tampon costume if you have one lying around!


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food and lacroix to fuel our hardworking cast & crew

About This Team

Erin Rye (Writer/"Liz") would be best known for her recurring role on Lifetime's UnReal, but after filming the pilot they moved the show to Vancouver and recast her role with a Canadian. You can catch her on HBO's VEEP and Hulu's Dimension 404 as well as numerous webseries, shorts, and commercials. She graduated from NYU/Tisch with a BFA in drama. She is also a member of the grammy-nominated indie group The Silver Lake Chorus and co-host of the podcast Erin and Aliee HATE Everything


Amber Benson (Executive Producer) is best known for her portrayal of Tara Maclay on the cult TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer. She is also a prolific director with many shorts and features to her name. Amber produced the series Ghosts of Albian, several animated films for the BBC. She is a successful novelist, the author of the Echo Park Coven and the Calliope Reaper-Jones novels, amongst others.



Jessica Sherif (Producer) has written and produced several award-winning short films, including Shevenge, her previous collaboration with Amber Benson. She is currently a producer on the Netflix hit Ultimate Beastmaster. She was previously Development Director for Creature Films at Entertainment One. Formerly a reporter, Jessica spent several years writing, producing and directing for Dan Rather's award-winning series Dan Rather Reports


Keller Wortham (Actor)

Best known as telenovela star Esteban Santiago on Jane The Virgin, Keller is also a REAL telenovela star, having starred in Bajo El Mismo Cielo and Allá Te Espero among others.

Current Team