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Despite choosing to leave several years prior, Sosa returns to his childhood neighborhood with the hopes of mending the relationships he abandoned.

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Mission Statement

Through the cinematic interweaving of memory, La Ida y Vuelta aims to unravel the complexities of wounded connections and ignite conversations surrounding home and healing.

The Story

Koreatown, Los Angeles. Sosa returns to his stomping grounds in an effort to find healing from the past that lives there, but things have changed. He decides to hit up his best friend Jonah and go for a walk like they used to do as kids. But as the day unfolds, we start to see just how deep their cuts are. Sosa slowly becomes consumed by his memories, unable to distinguish between past and present. Meanwhile, Jonah wrestles with forgiveness for Sosa's sudden departure years ago, which left him to come up in this unforgiving world without a friend.

We, at Retrospective Cinema, have a deep love for Los Angeles and telling stories of 'every day' people. Unfortunately, it is often these people that face erasure and displacement when neighborhoods start to change without them in mind. Preservation is vital in these moments, and one of the best methods of preservation is through storytelling; putting these people and their dreams on the screen.

With La Ida y Vuelta we hope to preserve this LA neighborhood as it is in this moment, and give the 'every day' people a story they can connect to for years to come.


This story takes inspirations from these films which all deal with memory and time in the way we hope to. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind for its expert use of montage and memory, Biutiful for its weaving of surreal elements, The Exiles for the way it interacts with the space and neighborhood as a character, and Moonlight for its style and pace.


This shoot will take place in August, and in LA the summers can get very hot. This chunk of our budget goes towards making sure our cast and crew can work comfortably on-set, are well fed, and are also fairly compensated for their talent and time. We'll also be using this chunk of the budget to rent the film equipment required for the 3 day shoot. This includes, lights, lenses, sound gear, and more.


This is where the vision comes to life! We've put together an extremely talented post-production team that will cover everything from the music to the colors you see on the screen. This chunk of the budget is to make sure they have everything they need to deliver the best.


Arguably the best part of the filmmaking process is celebrating your work with others. We want to ensure La Ida y Vuelta lives an extended life beyond its initial screening so people outside of our immediate community, who might resonate with this story, get an opportunity to experience it too. Film festivals are one of the best ways to achieve this goal.


The most effective way to help us is by pledging to the project. We've got some cool incentives listed that may interest you, but if they're not in your budget any amount will do! No amount is too small.


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About This Team

Anthony Geronimo Orendorff - SOSA

An artist who weaves poetry, sound and visuals. Anthony graduated from Syracuse University and learned many of his lessons from the unhoused communities in Los Angeles organizing with his sister. Through creative expression, he is passionate about transforming pain into power and using film as a portal to shed light on underrepresented stories.


Since the age of six, SJ Choi has actively participated in numerous school plays, and during the period of 16 to 18 years old, he immersed himself in live theatre performances throughout his summer breaks. Following the completion of his education in Sydney, Australia, in 2019, he has ardently devoted himself to honing his acting abilities, culminating in a keen readiness to embrace his inaugural on-screen appearance as Jonah in the film LA IDA Y VUELTA.

Erika Magaña - KARINA

A recent graduate with a BFA in acting from California State University, Long Beach, Erika is driven by her goal to work on projects that speak to her and what she stands for. She finds personal resonance in this story and its exploration of how environments shape individuals and their relationships. Immersing herself in the role of Karina, Erika eagerly anticipates delving deeper into the character's connections with her family, city, and Sosa. She hopes that audiences will share in her love for the project!

Paloma Morales - GUADALUPE

Acting since a young girl in her native Cuba, Paloma expanded her skills after arriving to America performing as a dancer and singer. With a successful singing career in the 90s, she later returned to acting and gained prominence in Spanish TV shows and national commercials. Known as a "Quadruple Threat" for her abilities in singing, acting, dancing, and speaking Spanish, she received marvelous reviews for her role as the Soap Star in "Menopausia El Musical." Paloma's talent caught the attention of Telemundo Network, landing her the role of Maria in the series "Milagros de Navidad" (2017). She has also co-starred in web series like "Noomie" (2017) and "Cuban Tales" (2018).

Her talent extends beyond the screen, as she appeared in the Justin Timberlake music video "Can't Stop the Feeling," showcasing her dancing skills. Paloma's comedic timing went viral in the Pero Like video "Signs you Grew up with a Latina Mom." She has also showcased her acting prowess in various plays and films, earning acclaim for her role in Melancolia directed by Jorge Xolalpa. She is excited to begin filming for LA IDA Y VUELTA.

Amber Tiara - SOSA'S MOM

Amber Tiara is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood. Throughout her time in Los Angeles, she has worked on many projects and is in the process of producing her first short film. Amber loves what she does and she's thrilled to be a part of this amazing story.

Miyuki Long - JONAH'S MOM

Miyuki Long is a Japanese actress based in LA. She began work as an animator at Disney from "The Princess and the Frog " to "Frozen", after raising her 3 children she turned her focus to acting. She has done a T-Mobile commercial, many films in the USC MFA program, and guest hosts for TV shows in Japan. She has most recently graduated from the 2-year Meisner program at Baron Brown Studio, and is excited to be a part of this film!

Esther Hwang - JONAH'S SISTER

Esther was born in Orange County, California to two Korean immigrant parents. Growing up, Esther always had a love for the arts. Whether it be drawing, music, or acting, the arts were in every stage of her life. Currently training at The Actors Room, Esther is never afraid to take on challenges and is eager to learn and collaborate with others.

Shan Shaikh - Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Since establishing Retrospective Cinema in 2015, Shan has produced 2 feature films and 6 shorts, taking on the role of director for 4 of the 8 projects. In addition to his work with the team, he has freelanced for several years, lending his skills to organizations like SMUGGLER, Center Theatre Group, and Koreatown Youth + Community Center. Under the alias thebikewriter, he has filmed a number of music videos and short documentary pieces with a focus on individuals and organizations dedicated to serving the community in his childhood neighborhood of Koreatown. LA IDA Y VUELTA is the result of his years of filmmaking experience and love for Los Angeles.

Byron Hinojosa - Executive Producer

Prior to joining Retrospective Cinema, Byron wrote and production managed for various 48 Hour Film Festival competition shorts and spent 4 years in Broadcast Journalism winning several awards including Best Live Production in 2014. He graduated from CSUN with a Bachelor’s in Film & Television Arts. His future plans include writing and directing surrealist and fantastical films with Latine inclusion in mind.

Oscar Villatoro - Associate Producer

Driven by his deep passion for storytelling and his experiences growing up in the diverse Koreatown community, Oscar Villatoro spent the early parts of his career working with Retrospective Cinema, and studying the art of filmmaking. Graduating with a Bachelor's from USC School of Cinematic Arts, Oscar hopes to bring authentic representation of his community to the screen.

Julian Montenegro - Associate Producer, Production Sound Mixer

Julian Montenegro was born and raised in East Los Angeles where he began writing and film making. Now living in New York City, he enjoys teaching film making, animation and music to the next generation. He also makes visual art and is working on starting his own music label called Sonic Art Sin Fronteras. 

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