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Meeting the overwhelming need for more Southern films, LANDLOCKED is the story of a son who struggles to accept his transgender parent as the two reunite for a road trip across the South. #SupportSouthernCinema

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Mission Statement

Whereas Hollywood has too often chosen cisgender stars to play transgender characters, we committed from the beginning to cast a trans actor to play the trans parent in our film. Thus, through the casting and the story alike, LANDLOCKED increases representation and inclusion of trans individuals.

The Story

Landlocked tells the story of Nick, who reunites with his estranged, transgender parent to scatter his mother's ashes off the coast of Georgia. Set against the backdrop of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, LANDLOCKED subtly and thoughtfully examines the Evangelical church's tenuous relationship with marginalized communities as dramatized through the fraught family dynamics of Nick and Briana.


Told on a scale that's both intimate and personal, the film charts a course across the American Southeast, where its two main characters must come to terms with the rocky emotional terrain of their pasts. As they approach their coastal destination, and their complicated family history comes into full view, Nick and Briana are faced with the difficult task of determining a new path forward.


From our star, Delia Kropp:

"Landlocked" dramatizes a situation anyone might encounter: meeting their estranged child after 20 years separation, under the saddest of situations.  This film reaches under the surface, portraying nuances of a transgender life that movie audiences rarely have the privilege to experience.  "Landlocked" invites viewers to realize we are of all ages, all races, all tax brackets and employed in all professions; we are everyday human beings with the same failings and strengths, attempting to make a satisfying life just like other Americans.
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Why this story? Why now?

As a Christian, I’ve been frustrated by mainstream Christianity’s treatment of marginalized communities. I’ve been painfully disheartened by the Church’s failure in how they’ve treated the LGBTQ community.  


Furthermore, as a Southerner, I rarely see life in the South on screen, and, when we do see it, rarely is it accurate. With LANDLOCKED, as with my prior work, I want to tell an authentic, nuanced story of life in the South.


We find ourselves at such a fascinating and distressing time. So many have turned from the teachings of grace and forgiveness and instead embrace a tribalism and a harsh view of those who seem different. What I hope to tell here is a story of love and acceptance, of those moments when compassion and empathy trump hate and division.



With this film, I want to tell a story about reconciliation in the South. Nick and Briana’s journey reflects many values of Southern culture.  Change is not always welcomed, and when growth is necessary, it is often painful and very slow. The South is also on a similar journey.  When we celebrate what makes the South truly beautiful — diversity, meaningful culture, genuine connection — then we can see that we no longer need those protective layers of judgment, fear, or self-preservation.  When we are fully connected to our own humanity, then we experience the sacredness and blessing of one another.


– Tim Hall, Director, LANDLOCKED


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We need to fly in cast & crew as well as fuel our vehicles as this is a road trip movie.


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You're going to spend 90 minutes looking at our film. We want the people in it to look good!

About This Team


Dustin Gooch (Nick) graduated from the UNCSA School of Filmmaking in 2009. He worked with director Tim Hall the first time in a supporting role for Ordinary Wilderness (2012) and returned to work with Tim in the lead role for the award-winning Born River Bye (2017). While living in L.A., Dustin earned critical praise for his performances in the stage productions The Laboratories of Our Youth (2012) and Rodeo Town (2013). Dustin also enjoys teaching and was the Head of Filmmaking for the Texas Arts Project in summer 2017. This past summer he directed a stage adaptation of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for Summer Stock Austin. Dustin is looking forward to reuniting with Tim for Landlocked.


Delia Kropp (Briana) has been acting professionally for more than 40 years and made history in 2016 as the first transgender actress to portray Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf in the Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning I Am My Own Wife for About Face Theatre in Chicago. Other recent performances include roles in Raggedy And (2016) and in the musical The Civility of Albert Cashier (2017) for Pride Films and Plays. Delia also works as an advocate-spokesperson for trans/GNC performing artists, and she is often heard on various Chicago radio shows and podcasts. In 2017, The Advocate magazine listed her as one of six trans actresses who could replace Jeffrey Tambor on the hit television show Transparent. Read more about Delia at her website

Ashlee Heath (Abby) is a Georgia native who has been acting in Atlanta for more than a decade. You may have seen her as the sister of Owen Wilson’s character in The Internship (2013) or in other films and television shows such as AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire (2015) and Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas (2013). Ashlee also does commercial work, and you might recognize her as the quirky spokesperson for SeaPak Shrimp and Seafood. In addition, she is a popular figure in the Atlanta sketch comedy scene and performs regularly with Sketchworks Comedy. Ashlee was also the lead actress in Tim Hall’s award-winning Born River Bye (2017), and she is excited to work with Tim and Dustin again.

Tim Hall (director) is an award-winning filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. He graduated from the UNCSA School of Filmmaking in 2011. Tim has written and directed multiple short films, and his debut feature film, Ordinary Wilderness (2012), was an official selection to the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival. His second feature film, Born River Bye (2017), premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival, where it won the Georgia Film Award. Born River Bye went on to screen at festivals across the country and will be available on Amazon Prime later this year. Landlocked is Tim’s third feature film.

Purvis Jordan (producer) is a film producer and photographer who recently moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta to become part of Georgia’s booming film industry. While living in Los Angeles, he gained valuable production experience at entertainment companies such as Nickelodeon and Walt Disney. In addition, Purvis has worked in the production departments for numerous feature films, including Blood Done Sign My Name (2010) and The 5th Quarter (2010). Purvis is originally from Erie, Pennsyvania, and he graduated from the UNCSA School of Filmmaking in 2009.


Alexander Sablow (director of photography) grew up outside of New York City and was raised between the US and Iceland. He is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking, and has experience in narrative, documentary, and commercial worlds.  

His feature work has screened at such festivals as SXSW, Locarno, LAFF, AFI, Slamdance, and more. 

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