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Overachieving and overwhelmed star competitive swimmer Terry blacks out when practicing alone one night at the pool—the same pool a dead body is found the next morning.

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Mission Statement

With a diverse team consisting mostly of women and non-binary cast & crew members, Lapse explores new depths in the horror genre through the perspective of a female competitive swimmer.

The Story

Frustrated and hoping to clear her head, Terry trains alone at the pool way into the night, until darkness overwhelms her. Terry awakens to find herself in the locker room, completely dry and with no idea how she got there. When a dead body is found in the pool the next morning, Terry can’t help but wonder what happened during her lapse in time.


Lapse dives into the genre of female-centric horror through the refreshing perspective of a competitive swimmer. The story is rich with an eerie tension as Terry’s blackouts lead to these lapses in time, during which horrible incidents keep occurring. It's only recently that horror films have begun to depict women as complex, layered individuals—Hereditary, Midsommar, Saint Maud to name a few. Lapse will continue to carve a path in the horror genre, featuring imperfect women and the nuanced ways trauma and societal pressures weigh on them. 


Lapse’s intense and introspective style is inspired by horror films such as Saint Maud and It Follows. Doubling as director and cinematographer, Katie Colwell will incorporate smooth and rhythmic movements to embody the sensation of ocean waves, along with close shots to reflect Terry’s tenuous state of mind. As the director, Katie’s invaluable camera experience will lend itself to evoking the fluid, unreliable nature of memory and self. As a woman in a predominantly male-dominated field, Katie understands only too well how overwhelming expectations can murky the waters of success.



Horror is a rapidly evolving genre, frequently subverting what we know about our emotions and experiences through wildly different perspectives. Katie’s passion for the horror genre, history as a Division I swimmer, and experience in narrative filmmaking all sparked the idea for Lapse:

"I grew up as a female athlete in a sport that never got the attention it deserved. I noticed that there were so many sports movies out there but barely any of them centered around swimming, much less female swimmers. Once I got into filmmaking, it was an immediate goal for me to put women’s swimming on the map."

inspiration stills from It Follows, Saint Maud, and Midsommar


Katie's competitive swimming career was cut short due to COVID-19. Life moved forward but swimming was no longer a part of it. As Katie's film career started to rise, so did her love for the horror genre. Lapse was born from Katie's desire to combine the two passions to which she fully devoted most of her life.


Still from Katie's short Horizon League




With few films about swimming and even fewer about female swimmers, Lapse strives to break the mold of the artistic horror film. Our diverse production team bring their unique perspectives and strengths to the table. Each of us is intimately aware of feelings of inadequacy in our chosen fields, of having to strive for perfection to even be noticed. Horror as a genre provides the perfect opportunity to explore the manifestation of these ideas in overachieving swim captain Terry. 

We want Lapse to be created with the highest caliber of quality it deserves. In order to achieve this, we’re hoping to secure $9,500 which we would allocate to:

  • Pay our incredible cast & crew for their hard work
  • Rent necessary film equipment
  • Invest in comprehensive COVID-19 safety measures
  • Expand our post-production departments (color correction, SFX, score & composition, etc.)
  • Achieve a successful festival run
  • Reserve shooting locations
  • Provide transportation and craft services





Like many indie films, Lapse’s team is made up of talented, passionate filmmakers coming together to create an impactful visual story. We want to push the boundaries of indie horror, and it is only with your help that we can make it a reality. 

To ensure the success of our campaign, we need to raise $9,500. With your donations, we can make that happen. We understand that not everyone is in a position to donate — it's been a tough few years! Here are some non-financial ways in which you can support Lapse:

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  • Share our content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, or any other platform you can think of! Every little bit helps!


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Location & Insurance

Costs $2,500

In order to shoot on location, we need your help with purchasing insurance and permits.

Cast & Crew

Costs $2,500

Paying our cast & crew is very important to us. They work hard to make the vision come to life.

Marketing & Festivals

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We want to submit this film to as many festivals as we can and share it with the world!

Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,000

From the camera to the sound kit, we want the best equipment possible to make this piece stunning.

Costume & Props

Costs $1,000

Every little prop and piece of clothing is important to construct a stunning picture.

Transpo & Lodging

Costs $500

We're traveling from NYC to MI! So we need this so we can get on location.

Slush Funds

Costs $500

You never know what can happen during production. Slush funds will help ensure we have what we need.

About This Team


Katie Colwell (she/her)
Writer-Director & Dir. of Photography

Katie brings to the Lapse team her strong leadership, eye for dynamic shot composition, and experience as a former competitive swimmer. She has doubled as a director and cinematographer on multiple projects including Dead-Enders (2020-2022), Horizon League Champions (2020), and Where Theater Began (2020). In the pool, she served as captain for the New Canaan High School swim team and the Oakland University’s Division I program, leading both to championship titles, and has gone head-to-head with Olympic medalists. With Lapse, Katie seeks to combine her artistic skills and competitive swimming experience to create a stunning story.


Katie behind the camera on Bloomers






Soukaina Alaoui El Hassani (she/her)
Producer & Assistant Director

At the helm of the project is cinephile Soukaina who orders the chaos of creatives thoughts and conjures them into being! An innate problem solver, she brings her passion for logistics and extensive filmmaking experience to Lapse. Hailing from Casablanca, Morocco, Soukaina came to the US in 2014 to study Communications & Media Studies and a Master's in Journalism and Documentary. Her work focuses on challenging systemic injustice and on shattering stereotypes around women, Arabs, and Muslims. Her recent work includes Children of Sin (2022), Fix (2022), Duplicity (2021), Color of Mandarins (2020) and Amal (2019). With Lapse, Soukaina plans on combining her leadership skills and endless well of ideas to create a masterpiece.


Soukaina on the set of FIX





Rutuja "Rue" Sawant (she/they)
Consulting Producer, Camera Technician, and Digital Imaging Technician

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Rue has worked bi-costally in the US as a director, cinematographer, assistant director, editor, gaffer, production designer, and even as an actor in an effort to expand their horizons on all sides of the camera. As a queer filmmaker and a passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, Rue’s work often seeks to amplify voices that are typically marginalized and not represented in mainstream media drawing from her intersectional identities. Rue received a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies - Film Production from the University at Buffalo in 2020, and currently works in the greater New York area as a freelance camera specialist and cinematographer.





Nicole Martinez (she/her)

Nicole is a freelance writer, producer,  and avid D&D player. She holds a B.A. from Brown University in Literary Arts with Honors and writes everything from satire to children’s fiction. As a playwright and screenwriter, her works have been produced through Match:Lit, Turn to Flesh Productions, and Brown Motion Pictures, among others. In 2019, Nicole produced a staged reading for her play And What Grew There. She’s gone on to co-create the internationally award-winning comedy web series Dead-Enders (2020-2022). Nicole is thrilled to bring her skills as a screenwriter, self-taught producer, and marketing experience to Lapse.





Anna Stacy (they/she)

Actor, writer, graphic designer, and jack-of-all-trades Anna is pleased to bring their varied skillset to Lapse. Anna trained at Shakespeare & Company and has since gone on to perform in everything from classical theatre to new works such as Ugly Lies the Bone (Rites and Reason Theater), The Diamond Peak Studio Sessions (The Strides Collective), and Gumiho (Moxie Arts NY). Anna’s short fiction and essays have been published in Calyx and Carve, among others. Previous design clients include Arts Business Collaborative, Fiasco Theater, Local Projects, The Nederlander Organization, and Solomon Goldstein-Rose’s successful state representative campaign. In their spare time, Anna is a soon-to-be resident physician of Emergency Medicine in NYC.




Larissa Hanna (she/they)
2nd Assistant Camera, Colorist, & Consulting Production Designer

Through her experience as a colorist and editor, Larissa is bringing what is usually forgotten until post-production to the forefront of the process. Larissa is a first-generation Assyrian American, who graduated from Oakland University with a BA in Cinema Studies, specializing in Filmmaking and minoring in Communication. Her work as a colorist and editor is featured in such shorts as Where Theatre Began (2020), On a Roll (2021), and Your Day (2021). With her artistic eye, we'll be able to create cohesive visuals throughout the film.




Amanda Tingley (she/her)
1st Assistant Camera

Amanda Tingley is a Korean-American filmmaker that graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cinema Studies. She has been a Producer, Editor, and Director of Photography on many different narratives, television projects, and documentaries. Her main goal as a filmmaker is to include a wide range of diverse voices in all her projects.




Charles Stacy (he/him)

Charles is a freelance composer for the award-winning artist collective Found Objects, his pieces vary from short film scores to video games to full orchestral symphonies. Charles's work spans many styles, including classical, electronic and jazz. He has scored the shorts Sunrise (2018), She. The Butterfly (2018), Connecting (2020), and Not Alone (2021), as well as commercials for FrameShift Creative and The Waterfront Center. Charles' compositions will further deepen the story, bringing the audience into the full film experience.




Christina Choriatis (she/her)
Script Supervisor

Christina Choriatis is a NYC-based digital media producer with experience in live video production, virtual and livestream programming, video and audio editing, and post-production operations. She has been involved in all aspects of the content creation process from scheduling to booking crews to on-set producing for live-action video. Christina also has experience right in the editing room, overseeing edit schedules and asset deliverables during post-production. Christina has the coordination skills, as well as energy and enthusiasm, to take any project from concept to reality.


Current Team