Last Night of Normal

Seattle, Washington | Film Short

Drama, Family

Kyle Purkhiser

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In denial after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis, Molly sets out on a journey to enjoy her last night of normal with reckless abandon. But as the night progresses and things start to unravel, she finds herself alone and afraid.

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Mission Statement

Our film shines the spotlight on women, who are underrepresented in the film industry. The story focuses on the relationship between a mother and daughter, and features a diverse female cast. We're also proud to have a talented director, Katanya Warwick,who will guide the film's creative direction.

The Story


  • $250 - submit to more festivals to broaden the reach of the film
  • $500 - Rent a grip truck


Last Night of Normal follows the story of Molly as she tries to escape her recent cancer diagnosis and the overwhelming presence of her mother.


It bothers me that women are underrepresented and misrepresented in the film industry. They're usually portrayed as plot devices, eye-candy or countless other tropes that we're all familiar with. 

As a man raised and surrounded by strong women, it was really important to me that I write a fully formed human being with Molly. So, along side with our amazing director Katanya Warwick, we have been able to bring Molly to life on the page and hope that you will join us in bringing her to life on the screen.


Another huge presence in Last Night of Normal is cancer. Unfortunately cancer is universal to all, whether it affects us directly or indirectly. I lost my grandfather to cancer and my grandmother is battling it right now. One incredible thing that I noticed during my grandfather's illness was the strength that emerged from him. This is a remarkable occurrence in a lot of people who are battling this disease. The deeper I dove into it, the more I realized that was mainly for our sake and not for the person fighting the disease. I wanted to explore this vulnerability and the denial aspect of grief through Molly’s character and bring to life how real people honestly react when facing their own mortality.


Kyle Purkhiser - Writer/Producer


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,400

We need to professional talent to bring our characters to life!

Set Design/ Hair&Make up

Costs $500

We need to bring the world the characters live in to life as well as make up needed to transform our actors into the characters

Craft Services

Costs $400

We need to feed our amazing cast and crew so they don't become feral and turn on the producers.

Set Operations

Costs $200

Communication devices as well as other set supplies are necessary for the set to run.


Costs $400

We have great gear at our disposal but more is always better!


Costs $200

We need access to certain locations such as a bar, doctors office and waiting room that require payment to use.

Hard Drives

Costs $460

We need to store all the footage we take or all is for naught!

Festival Costs

Costs $250

We want this film to reach a wide audience. Submitting to film festivals does have a cost, but it is one we feel is worth it.

Digital Cinema Package

Costs $400

In order to distribute this film to festivals and other venues, we have to package it in a format that is suitable for theaters.

About This Team

Our team is a collective/collaboration of 23 experienced filmmakers at various stages of their careers who bring a wealth of experience, talents, personalities, as well as professional experience to this project, and wish to take it to the next level. The script is what brought us together.

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