Leia's Army

Silver Spring, Montgomery County | Film Short

Drama, LGBTQ

Oriana Oppice

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The Women's March gave voice to millions of women and underrepresented people. This movie tells that story through the eyes of a teenager. We'll be submitting the film to festivals around the world and will have our screening in Washington, DC on the anniversary of the March -- January 21, 2018!

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Mission Statement

This film looks into the life of women -- of all ages, sexual orientations, religions, classes, and ethnicities. Our stories lift women up and champion the underrepresented. We work with people from all backgrounds and honor the diversity represented in our films.

The Story

We marched. And then we had to do more.

The Women's March 2017. You were either at one of the marches that took place around the world, or you saw the marches on TV, or you heard about the incredible impact it had as a new administration took office. It made people nervous. It made the administration mad. And it gave the rest of us a voice.


While at the march, we met a girl. Under 18, she traveled by herself to march... and she didn't tell her Trump-supporter parents. She blew us away with her strength and bravery. So we decided to make a movie about her. 


Our heroine, Val, goes to the march for her older sister -- the sister who was abandoned by her mother for being gay. She goes to the march without telling dear mother, and when she gets caught, the family breaks apart. But Val emerges as a strong woman now, capable of deciding to stand up for what she believes is right.


Jane and I -- the team behind Leia's Army -- were at the march in D.C. We stayed up all night making posters and t-shirts, spent hours in the cold screaming chants with our fellow marchers, and came home exhausted at the end of the day to find ridiculous debates about crowd size on TV.  And at the end of the night, over take-out, we kept coming back to the same question: What now? Especially as filmmakers, what does this mean for us? "Leia's Army" is our answer to that. 


We know from our own lives that the election was divisive. For some, this march brought families together. And for others, it shattered what little may have been left. Our mission with this film is to illustrate this divide in everyday American families and to inspire a new generation to pick up a sign and fight for what is right. 


Like many families, our characters love each other.  But they have different beliefs, and must learn how to live with that, or move on. The mother, Donna, is a born-again Christian who truly believes her lesbian daughter will go to hell, and that her youngest daughter's soul is in great peril. Val, the teenage Princess Leia fan, is growing into being a woman in an era when her president boasts about grabbing pussies. And Grandma -- who for the love of god still has to march for this shit! -- finally stands up for herself and her grandaughters.


Our film is for the next generation of Resisters who have declared: We, the people, will never be defeated.




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About This Team

This ain't our first rodeo. 

We've been making films together for a while. Our last film, "Lobster fra Diavolo," screened and won awards at 23 festivals all over the world. We're both Sicilian. Which means we get things done with gusto. We also cherish our supporters and make work they will be proud of. By making films with our fans, we create a little family of people who like to tell good stories about things that matter.


Jane Barbara: Born and raised in New York City, Jane is a Parsons School of Design graduate and career graphic designer. Jane turned to writing to combine her passion for storytelling, art, music, dance, and film. She has written 5 feature films, 3 short films, and has 2 TV series in development.


Oriana Oppice: Born in Sicily and raised in Chicago, Oriana is a director, writer, producer, and actor. Her work focuses on bringing to life the complexities of the mundane in both drama and comedy. She is committed to elevating the visibility of women in front of and behind the camera. Oriana has a bachelors in International Relations from McGill University and a masters in International Law from the University of Chicago. She is the Director of Programming for Women in Film Chicago. Visit www.orianaoppice.com


Astird Ovalles: Astrid is a filmmaker in New York City and the founder of Recluse Films. She is a writer, producer, director, actor, and visual artist. Her last film, "Camp Belvidere," is a top-seller on VOD and has screened in cities all over the world. She is in post-production for an upcoming feature, "Stray."

Robin Noonan-Price: Robin produces the three-time Emmy-nominated and Telly-award-winning program called “Meet the Author” for students in grades K-12.  She has a Masters in Film & Video Production from American University. 


Rinny Wilson: Rinny is a Virginia-based cinematographer. After starting her career as an editor, she soon recognized her love was behind the camera. She has since transitioned into all aspects of the camera department on commercials, documentaries, features, and short films, and recently became a member of IATSE Local 600. 

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