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Lesbophilia is a queer, absurdist dark comedy that encourages communication and acceptance in relationships – ideals our team is eager to promote in the queer community, and to women at large.

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Mission Statement

We are a diverse team of filmmakers illuminating the absurdity of societal expectations around sexuality and confronting our deepest insecurities head on… with a lot of dark humor. Our hope is to demonstrate the power of choosing acceptance, even when it's uncomfortable.

The Story


What's the most absurd thing you've ever done for love?



Chase is head over heels in love with Eliana, but they’ve got a problem that is about to prove very hard to deal with.

When Eliana’s ex-boyfriend, Garrett, unexpectedly passes away, she realizes that she may never have sex like that again. This catches Chase off-guard. She has been left for men before and now is wondering if she’s enough for Eliana.



They arrive to Garrett’s wake where Eliana discovers Garrett is rock hard in his casket. She comes up with a proposal to solve their problem – one more ride on Garrett’s saddle just for good measure. It’s unethical, unsanitary, and very unconventional.



Chase wants to be supportive, but is this going too far?

Eliana wants to be satisfied, but is this really what she needs? Will she go through with it?

In a story about freedom, pleasure, and leaving the past behind, Chase and Eliana must decide how unconditional their love really is.


LESBOPHILIA is an exploration of the writer’s own insecurities and anxieties around sexuality.

Inspired by an anxiety dream while in an unhealthy relationship, she woke up questioning if she really was "enough" and what is really required to be satisfied with a partner.

Are appendages more important than people?



Perhaps it's okay to have doubt.

Perhaps we can accept each other's truth even when it's difficult.

Perhaps the freedom to unconditionally be ourselves gives us the freedom to break sexual stereotypes.

...perhaps you should never do dead dick.

Stimulating, provocative, and unquestionably vulnerable, this short film explores the complexity of relationships and gets to the heart of what we all deeply crave – love and acceptance.


While grounded in reality, the jokes, transitions, and inadvisable behavior will be emphasized through a sprinkling of dramatic sound effects, exaggerated camera moves, stylized composition, and visual effects.



Without taking itself too seriously, Lesbophilia reminds us that “normal” relationships, and the labels we apply to them, are still only fragments of the imagination.


Like most low-budget indie productions, our goal is to stretch every dollar as far as we can... But we still need the dollars!

We will be rolling into production only weeks after this campaign closes, and we'll need to ensure we can pay our cast and crew, abide by union Covid protocols, and cover creative costs.

Once the film is complete, we'll be sending it off to reputable film festivals that support inclusive, boundary-pushing content such as Outfest, SXSW, and Slamdance.


Tennessee Martin is a Southern screenwriter who studied Digital Film & Visual Art at Stephens College. She has worked on hit shows such as Lucifer on FOX, Training Day for CBS, and Family Crimes for Starz, where she also spearheaded the creation of the “Starz – Beyond Gender Casting Database.” Now she is the Coordinator for the President of Television at Legendary TV. Tennessee co-founded the LadyParts Collective, an all-female theatre company, and her first macabre short film HANGRY has won multiple awards on the festival circuit. Being selected for the Starz #TakeTheLead Writing Intensive has further inspired her to encourage other women and queer people to speak up and push back. Tennessee is represented by APA.


A Minnesota native, Michelle has been working in the film and TV industry for over 15 years as a producer, actor, and director. She is a member of the Director’s Guild of America, a graduate of the UCLA TFT Program for Acting, and is currently in production on her first feature film, LINEAGE. Michelle taught yoga in federal prisons for five years and is also the Assistant Director for Columbia College Chicago’s Semester in LA.


Maya Nalli is a queer multi-racial actress from Northern Virginia. Growing up, she danced competitively, sang in choruses and ensembles, and participated in school plays and acting camps. Since moving to LA, Maya has acted in countless commercials, indie feature and short films, and TV shows such as The Upshaws, Dollface, Blackish and more. Maya brings her big heart and natural levity to every role. She has a firecracker personality and cannot be put in a box. Maya is a member of the improv community at Upright Citizens Brigade, a passionate volunteer for organizations supporting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities, and a dedicated (crazy) dog mom.


Lamont’s YouTube channel, Life Gains, is designed to help everyone make "life gains" through engaging, and sometimes informative, videos. Tyson has featured big names in television on his channel such as Hightown creator Rebecca Cutter, Hightown star Atkins Estimond, and country comedian Ryan Forester. Tyson has over 100K subscribers, 10 million impressions, and viewership in over 50 countries including South Africa and Canada. Hailing from Greenville, NC, Tysons goal is to be in a position to be able to interview anyone on the planet to inspire and motivate his audience. He also holds a degree in Applied Science - Respiratory Therapy from Pitt Community College and is a well-versed stock investor.


Based in Los Angeles, Gena Elyse is a writer and producer originally from Missouri. Recently, Gena completed an internship at Legendary in the TV and Development Department. She and her writing partner advanced to the finals of ScreenCraft with their holiday romance feature, currently in the top 10 on Coverfly’s Red List. An ex-ballet dancer, former event planner, and a breast cancer survivor, her motto is: Never underestimate the power of southern hospitality, true love, and a woman determined to beat the odds. Gena is passionate about bringing more female and underrepresented voices to film and television. A two-time alum from Stephens College, she holds a BFA in Dance and an MFA in TV & Screenwriting.


Natalie Cash is the Executive Video Producer for the Wildlife Conservation Society, a 128-year-old organization that harnesses the power of its worldwide conservation programs and its zoos and aquarium in New York to save wildlife and wild places. Prior to joining WCS, Cash served as a Series Producer and Writer at the Emmy Award-winning documentary production company Pangolin Pictures and sold her short film, Blues in C, to the Arte Channel for broadcast in France and Germany. Cash will graduate from Stephens College in May 2023 with an MFA in Screenwriting for Film and Television.


Nicole Cervera-Arce is an independent Latina producer from Chicago, IL now based in Los Angeles. Nicole graduated from NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study where she created her own major focused on the construction of Latinx identity in film and television production. Her internships include Entertainment Tonight, Apple TV+, MACRO, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Late Night with Seth Meyers. She is also an inaugural Peter Roth Intern through The Paley Center for Media.  She now works at The Gersh Agency and has been awarded the Dean’s Award for Graduating Seniors which she will use to produce her next short film, “Daughterhood”. Her Mexican-American heritage deeply inspires her passion for Latinx storytelling in mainstream media. Her goal is to inspire change in the industry and create more opportunities for minority communities in the business of film and television both on the screen and behind the scenes.


Trinity was born and raised in Southern California. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State San Marcos earning a degree in Media Studies and a minor in Film and Video Production. Trinity worked as an assistant to the CEO of the Newport Beach Film Festival and is building her career in production as an assistant director. 


A Detroit native, Jake has written and directed several independent short films, including What I Need which just premiered at the First Glance Film Festival. He has over a decade of experience producing and editing films and furthering his career as a storyteller. Jake has a BFA from Iowa State University in graphic design and has freelanced as a motion graphics and video editor at companies including MXM, Blizzard, and Trailer Park.


Originally from the Jersey shore, Liz is a producer & actor living in Los Angeles. Since graduating from Saint Louis University, she has performed in & produced various stage/film productions on both coasts; some of her favorite work took place at American Theater of Actors in Midtown. Her first feature as producer, Moonwater, is currently in post-production. In her spare time, she teaches kids throughout the LAUSD how to cook (even though she set her microwave on fire making popcorn once).


Rachel Stander is a producer dedicated to cultivating and shepherding stories about challenging, complex women. Her first feature, SCRAP, premiered at the Deauville Film Festival in France. Her follow-up feature, Victorian Gothic psychological thriller SÉANCE, completed principal photography in late 2022. Before her work as a producer, she was an actor. Before that she was a dancer. And before that, she was really good at climbing trees.


Jonnell Burke is a writer and director who cycled through all the jobs women have in romcoms (publishing, fashion, editorial) before getting her start as an assistant at Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. From there she went on to serve as  Writer's Assistant and Associate Producer for Peacock's Bust Down and HBO's Pause with Sam Jay. Most recently she wrote and directed the queer, horror comedy short film GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER NOW?


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