Lily (Short Film)

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Lily, a vigilante serial killer who rids the world of evil men she meets on dating apps, falls in love with the aimless but affable Owen. One fateful night, Owen stumbles upon Lily with her latest victim. With her secret out, will she betray her morals and kill her first love to cover her tracks?

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Mission Statement

As a black male and white female writing-directing-acting duo, we are rare in the filmmaking landscape. We wanted to tell a story through the under-represented lens of a woman on a righteous mission, and a man without a plan. We've started a production company to break films glass ceilings!

The Story


Flat Circle Productions is all about putting a thrilling, original, modern spin on the basic storylines we've heard since the beginning of time.


Enter Lily- a young girl in Manhattan on a mission. By mission, we mean finding evil men on Tinder and murdering them. So what happens when Lily accidentally finds a man that doesn't deserve to die- who she actually has a crush on and wants to date? Find out when we bring this story to the screen! 


As a protagonist, Lily puts the spotlight on women looking for agency in a world ruled by self-serving, destructive men. Off screen, Flat Circle Productions is led by a white woman and a black man- two types of people that the film industry could use a lot more of. By telling inclusive stories about the powerful and powerless in a comedic, dark, timely environment, Flat Circle's goal is broadening the landscape of filmmaking and its subjects. 


As a short fifteen minute story, we plan to turn Lily into a full-length feature film. But Rome wasn't built in a day. We're going to submit the story to film festivals across the country for the 2020 season. With that exposure, not to mention avid efforts on our social media, we hope to continue working on Lily to fully flesh out the message and characters.


We hope you will join us on this adventure. 


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About This Team

The Flat Circle team came together out of a shared passion for film. We always saw film as the modern day form of parables. Our goal is to create stories that can motivate, inspire and maybe even change the way you see the world. This is the first step in our long term goal of creating and cultivating a large community of storytellers. Lending a helping hand to the world is our ultimate goal, in any way that we can. 

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