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Michael, a struggling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor and Noelle, a domestic abuse survivor, each grappling with their past while trying to create a future together.

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Mission Statement

LION KILLER is a diverse production both in front and behind the camera. Our cast and crew is made up of Indian-American, African-American, Latino, Creole (Louisiana), Vietnamese, and Caucasian filmmakers, with one goal in mind... to tell a great story.

The Story


LION KILLER is the story of Michael, a struggling Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor forced to face his demons both on and off the mat. 

It's also the story of Noelle, a domestic abuse survivor with a secret past, setting out into the world and attempting to live, trust and love once more.

Simply, LION KILLER is a drama about two people learning to love again, set in the backdrop of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu culture.




They say write what you know and for the past decade I've been involved with the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But more than that, since childhood I've been grappling with life and with what I call the beautiful struggle. The struggle to rise above the challenges I knew growing up in the inner-city. The struggle to follow my dreams and take the punishment that comes along with it. The struggle to overcome... at all cost. LION KILLER brings that story, that struggle to life and celebrates the Champion who lives in us all.




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About This Team

Derrick Fury is a Houston based filmmaker with years of experience writing, producing, directing and editing micro-budgeted short films. Derrick has won several awards for his films and has also worked as a Television Producer, Creative Services Producer and Sound Designer in the Houston area.


Lea Jones is and accomplished Theatre director and producer. She's produced several award winning plays and short films in the greater Houston Area. Her short film "Dreamland Murders" was accepted to the 2017 Marche' Du Cannes film festival. In addition to being a Registered Nurse, Lea also runs a film production company in Missouri City Texas. 


Anna Tran is a part-time film student, a full-time yogi and life-time creative. When she's not working on a film project or teaching a yoga class, you can find her working her side hustle as a Script Supervisor or Art Director for Texas based film productions. 


Kevin Simmons is a Grip, Gaffer, Boom Operator, Best Boy and self proclaimed King of the PA's. Basically if you need it done ask Kevin. He's also an accomplished student-filmmaker and the life of the party.


Bea Ortega-Guillory AKA Bea Fury is a born and bred Houstonian. When she's not working at her "day job" as a office manager, she's aiding her husband Derrick Fury as a prop maker, BTS (behind the scenes) shooter and also runs Craft Services on all his sets. 

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