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Rob Williams

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Growing up as a young black boy in the San Francisco Bay Area, the closest example I had to a hero of color were the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles. "Little Cousin" is not only about heroism but rather the importance of family and relationships. It's my aim to tell the story within the story.

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Mission Statement

It's been our mission to always tell non-exclusionary stories. In order for children of any background to succeed they need two things: Exposure & Opportunity. Our cast includes child actors of color to provide opportunities for them to be both the standard and the expectation.

The Story

Our Story

Little Cousin follows Isaac and his younger cousin, Isaiah, as they overcome issues with confronting bullies, building self-confidence, and dealing with one stern grandmother.



Our Characters



A rebel and too confident for his own good, Isaac worships superhoes but struggles comprehending what it means to be a real role model. Often misunderstood, his heart still shines of gold.




Always aiming to please, Isaiah worships his older cousin, Isaac. He finds himself wanting acceptance yet his moral compass points true north.




Our neighborhood know-it-alls and friends of Isaac's are no strangers to his antics.




Don't let their cute smiles fool you. They'll laugh at your pain then smile at the sound of their own laughter.



So, why this story and why now?

Hi, I'm Rob Williams, writer and director of Little Cousin. What's started as an idea inspired by a Nike commerical in which Charles Barkely states, "I am not a role model..." and influenced by the social climate of today's America, Little Cousin is the birth of missed opportunities and the desire to be so much more. If we're digging deeper, the film is a part of something so much bigger and is the catalyst to another project of mine called Hero Complex. Inspired by the success that Disney/Marvel have had over the past decade to inspire kids of all ages and backgrounds, I've set out to reinvent the concept of the Black Superhero.

What Hero Complex represents is a reflection of all sides of the black community as well as a genuine example of heroes who finally look and act like products of their environment.


As ambitious as all of that sounds, it starts at home, and for me it starts with Little Cousin. This family friendly dramatic-comedy is more than just a children's film - it's more of a story for adults to reflect back on their times with their friends and families. Unbeknowngst to us as kids, certain events in our lives have affected who we are and set the path for how certain relationships in our lives would unfold.


Although my protagonists are young black males, the story of Little Cousin should relate to anyone no matter your race, gender, orientation, religion or socioeconomic upbringing.

By telling this story it is my goal to be the example and the potential role model that I, and people like myself, never had.





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Artwork designed by Frances Lynn Hernandez -


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About This Team

ROB WILLIAMS (Writer/Director) is based in Los Angeles. Born in Germany, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, he got his start as an actor in junior high school and has since worked in numerous television and film projects. Relocating to Los Angeles in 2011, he’s continued to pursue a career in directing, all while writing and taking small acting roles here and there. IMDb...


RYAN JAEGER's (Producer) passion for film stems from his upbringing in the mountains of Colorado where he shot ski films with his friends in the small town of Telluride. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a minor in Film Studies from Colorado College he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of making it in “the business.” In his spare time Jaeger continues to refine his craft shooting his own short films and working with others to get new talent off the ground. IMDb...


KEDIAN ASULEI (Producer) IMDb...


KYLE BOND (Editor) is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but now calls Los Angeles home. Kyle has taken a degree in Business and transformed it into a solid career in editing network television. Working on shows such as AMC's Talking Dead, Starz's Survivor's Remorse, ABC's Grey's Anatomy, and more recently, Shondaland's hit Scandal, Kyle is on his way to a prosperous career in editing television while transitioning to feature films. IMDb...


MIMOSA "MINNIE" GARCIA (Costume Designer) was born and raised in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Growing up in Tucson, Arizona, Minnie developed an infatuation with fashion and all the creative elements that lead to design. She began illustrating as a young girl and wanted to pursue fashion design after high school. Minnie studied Fashion and Costume Design at Woodbury University, which led to a once-in-a-life-time internship in the costume department for AMC’s Mad Men. Minnie brings a unique skill set and vision to each project she pursues. IMDb...

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