Little Evil Bookshop

Seattle, Washington | Film Feature

Comedy, Satire

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Our film follows a diverse, woman-led ensemble through the trials of living ordinary lives under not-so-ordinary circumstances. With wit, irony, a unique aesthetic, lots of eyeliner, really good capes, prayers and love, Little Evil Bookshop will capture the hearts of the pious and secular alike.

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Mission Statement

With an all women producer team, and a middle-aged, woman protagonist, this film seeks to elevate women of all gender expressions, body types, ages, and ethnicities. We are committed to thoughtful, diverse hiring and casting that will deepen and enrich this ensemble production about identity.

The Story


This film is an entry in the Hometown Heroes Rally throught Seed and Spark. If we win, the Duplass Brothers will Executive Produce our project and we would be given $25,000 to shoot in Seattle and help this little, evil film be the best it can be. To qualify, we need to make our fundraising goal, and reach at least 500 followers, and the more the better. Literally anything you do helps us, so thank you!


A peaceful day on a peaceful street. A semi-spooky BOOKSHOP/OCCULT HAVEN bakes in the morning sun. This is...Minerva’s Occult Books and Notary Public.


MINERVA CALDWELL comes out of the shop and chats on her phone. Trying to get her SISTER off of her ass. It’s a big day at the shop. Legendary occultist DIDIER NOIR is coming for a book signing. With Didier comes crowds. With crowds come scrutiny. Minerva’s sister points out to her (as if she didn’t know) that if she can talk her way into Didier’s secret society -- THE ORDER OF THE BLACK CIRCLE -- she will become a best selling occult author overnight. It’s THAT valuable.


Unfortunately for Minerva, distractions are coming her way. Hard and fast. Her cast of misfit employees can't seem to grasp how important this day is to her. Her ex-husband turned evangelical minister MILES shows up to protest Didier’s signing. To get rid of Miles, Minerva agrees to call their semi-estranged son -- a conservative lawyer named GILGAMESH who now goes by ZACH and has long since left the occult behind -- and invite him to lunch. She talks him into reconnecting with Miles. Now Minerva has to deal with Gilgamesh reuniting with his father over sandwiches and all the drama THAT entails, AND the potentially life and career altering book signing.


In the middle of preparing for both Didier and Gilgamesh’s visit, Minerva’s former coven-mate and current occult rival MEPHISTO CLARK shows up to get face time with Didier. Mephisto has what Minerva wants (membership in the secret society) but he’s fallen on hard times and was excommunicated. Minerva is super pissed at Mephisto for stealing her book idea when they were young warlocks and has to keep him off of the premises. Now Minerva has to deal with a rival, a money-hungry sister, an uncooperative son, AND a pain-in-the-ass ex-husband.


Gilgamesh shows up and Minerva talks him through a reuniting with his father and they talk about how -- if Minerva can convince Didier Noir to let her into his secret society -- she will almost automatically become a minor celebrity. A financial win in a family where that’s been VEEEEERY rare.


Minerva readies herself for Didier and, when he finally shows up... well we can't tell you happens just yet, but you will definitely be surprised.



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Script Development

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To workshop the script with comedians and have screenwriter Ryan Gilmour address development notes

American Film Market

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Funds for Jessica and Lena to head to AFM to pitch the film to investors, distributors, and partners

Legal Team

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Funds allow us to retain legal counsel + pros to approach investors and talent on our behalf.

Pitch Materials

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Funds for our super creative pitch deck idea to come to life with the help of our design team!


Costs $1,500

Funds will allow our Production Designer and Costume Designer to start creating the Little Evil look

Teaser Production

Costs $3,500

Helps us to produce sample scenes from LEB with which to woo $$ + the best talent and creative team!

About This Team

Ashley Ellis | Producer and Director


Ashley is a storyteller and creative producer. Ashley attended the University of Southern California, where she obtained a B.A. in Creative Writing and a master's degree in Professional Writing.  Now, she’s getting a PhD in Film Studies.  Ashley formerly worked at Wondros, where she co-created content for some of the world’s most progressive institutions and initiatives such as TED, XPrize and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.  After directing her first film in Botswana, After We Lost Shima, Ashley founded Emerald City Arts, a visual media studio where like-minded artists create thought provoking content like Little Evil Bookshop


Emerald City Arts has produced several narrative and documentary films directed by Ashley, and her work has screened at festivals throughout the country including: The Pan African Film Festival, The Voiceless International Film Festival, African American Women in Cinema Festival, and the Black Alphabet Film Festival. 


Ashley’s friends tell her that she’s too serious, so she’s making a dark comedy to shut them up.



Lena Raff | Producer and Actress


Lena is an actress and producer. Lena has starred in several short films, web series, and plays since relocating to LA from Boston. She earned her BA with honors in Theatre Performance from Emerson College, is a graduate of the Ruskin School of Acting's Meisner training program, and is continuing her training at various institutions around town. She might be addicted to learning. Lena loves a good plan, and is really enjoying producing her first feature. She's also assiting with casting, if not only to see what life is like on the other side of the table.  


And she’ll be casting herself, obviously. Her audition was really great.

Jessica Schott | Producer


Jessica is a producer and comedy writer. She is currently producing her first feature, Little Evil Bookshop, and selling her soul working at a boutique literary agency in Beverly Hills. Her degrees include an incomplete certificate in TV Writing from UCLA, a completed one in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of Washington and a highly useful BA in History from Columbia University.  


Jessica made her parents very happy when she chose to leave a steady job in her hometown of Seattle, WA for the glitz and glam of Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy writing as a sure-fire path to fame and riches. She’s also fluent in Italian and practices yoga in moderation.

Ryan Dee Gilmour | Writer


Ryan is a screenwriter, director, and producer based in Los Angeles. His screen credits include the features The Outdoorsman and Murder in the Woods, the award-winning shorts Tarantula Moonrocket and The Second Choice, and music videos for progressive metal band With Our Arms to the Sun. He is developing two television projects with Discount Sushi and Warner Horizon, and an online animated series A Brief History of Dick Moves with Feldspar Animation Studios. He received his MFA in Screenwriting from USC’s Film School.


Ryan refuses to act for moral reasons.

Current Team