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Live a Little is a comedy about Haley, a young girl, who is convinced that she has accidentally poisoned herself and going to die by the end of the day. She must figure out how to complete her entire bucket list by the end of the day.

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The Story

     What do you want to be when you grow up?” You would be hard pressed to find a human over the age of 5 who has not been asked that question. I often wonder what would happen if this common phrase was replaced with an opposing mentality, the attitude that perhaps a better question is: “What do you want to be today?”.  I fell in love with this script in part because it shows what would happen if we really did live our lives like today was our last day.

I am so connected to this story in every way. I love that it explores the experience of childhood when the world is still full of wonder, mystery and possibility. I love that though it is comedic and about the wonder and imagination of childhood it has a darker side as well and explores what anxiety and fear looks like in a child's world. I adore that the comedic aspects of the film because the humor comes organically from real and relatable  characters.



Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

General Liability Insurance

Costs $1,000

We need make sure we can cover any costs in case of accidental damage to a location or items, etc

Accessories - tripod and head

Costs $130

We want to keep the shots smooth and stable.

Monitors - On-board monitors

Costs $140

A slightly larger monitor makes it possible to see details not visible on the tiny camera monitor

Our Favorite Sound Guy

Costs $1,000

Sound is SO important. This will cover our sound guy's time & equipment for production and post.

Camera Lenses

Costs $200

Lenses are just as important as the camera, they affect overall style and picture quality.


Costs $1,100

Our cinematographer helps us tell the story through visuals and this includes their equipment costs.

Backup Hard Drive

Costs $300

Harddrives are vital to storing and backing up sound and video files for our editors!

Lighting Package

Costs $225

Lighting sets the tone for visuals.

Location Rental Fee

Costs $405

We need to pay to rent out a library and other locations.

15 Passenger Van

Costs $600

We will be shooting in the suburbs and we have to transport people and equipment.

Mini Van

Costs $520

We will be shooting in the suburbs and we have to transport people and equipment.

Tape Recorder

Costs $50

Haley uses an old fashioned sound recorder in many of the scenes.


Costs $150

We need some fuel so the cars we rent will move. :)

Craft Services Food

Costs $1,000

Pay for a cast or crew members meal! Yum, yum.

Doctors Coat

Costs $30

Haley wears a Doctor's coat much of the time.

Party Dress

Costs $40

We need a fun party outfit for Haley's sister to wear in the opening scene.

Dishes/Kitchen Supplies

Costs $50

We need a specifically stylized set of dishes and household items for a kitchen scene.

First Aid Kit

Costs $30

Haley's needs her first aid kit and some medical supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Costs $40

Haley's cleaning supplies are a big part of the story and seen in the film.

Flight Goggles

Costs $30

Haley's friend Sonya wears these in most scenes.

Canned Food and Boxes

Costs $40

These are needed as props in a scene.

Prop Package

Costs $100

Help us buy or rent misc props so we can decorate the set well!

Chocolate Cake Supplies

Costs $25

We need to make a couple huge chocolate cakes that are part of a scene.

Misc Items

Costs $200

Gaff tape, markers, clothespins, batteries, etc, etc. The small stuff adds up!

Misc Items

Costs $100

Sandbags, C-Stands, Extension cords and other misc. items needed related to camera and lighting.

Crew Stipends

Costs $1,000

Our amazing crew is donating or discounting their time for us, help us at least give them a stipend


Costs $700

We need our film edited and color corrected!

Wardrobe package

Costs $150

We need people to be wearing clothes, and for those clothes to look great!

Festival Fees

Costs $100

Help us submit to a few festivals after the film is made!

About This Team

While we will be adding on some additional crew members as it gets closer to the shoot dates, we already have a core team in place. 

I have worked with many of the crew on my past projects and feel very confident in everyones attitudes and abilities. Get to know our team!

-Molly McGaughey

Director/Producer: Molly McGaughey

Learn more about the director and see past work at She is the founder of and a director, writer and performer based out of Manhattan and her comedic directing work has been featured on comedytvisdead, funnynotslutty, playbill, backstage and more.

Screenwriter/Producer: Zack Marotta

Zack has many writing credits under his belt ( He wrote the short "Dear Lucas"  ( hitting the festival circuit soon and has garnered screenwriting awards for his recent screenwriting work. 

Director of Photography: Albo Greene

Albo is an experienced Director of Photography whose visual work is truly breathtaking, she has worked on a variety of films in NYC and studied at SVA.


Assistant Director: Alexandra Clayton

Alexandra  has experience as an AD and is also an actress and photographer who creates her own work such as the web series "Just Sayin" that was recently featured in the Hollyweb Festival. A recent independent film she starred in "I Think It's Raining" is to be included in Filmpodium Zürich's focus on San Francisco film series this summer.

Casting Director: Lydia Grajauskas

Lydia studied film production at Desales University and is an Assistant Editor for the Sundance Channel. She has an eye for talent and we are thrilled to have her casting this project. 

Sound Designer: Tommy Stang

Tommy is a sound PRO and studied film production at Hunter College.  He works in post production and has done location sound and sound design work on various films and Molly McGaughey's recent webseries. Checkout his reel !

Music Supervisor: Mallory Jordan

Mallory has an ear for music that comes from being an singer/songwriter herself. Checkout some of her original tunes here


Location Scout: Caryn Novak

Caryn has an amazing eye for locations and is great at snagging up the perfect spot!

Associate Producer: Devon Fiegel

Devon is a freelance production assistant and has a special knack for the logistics and organization it takes to be a stellar producer. 

And last but not least, Live a Little stars SYDNEY SHUCK. A triple threat from Kentucky who excels on screen and stage


Current Team