Locked Alone

New York City, New York | Film Feature

Thriller, Drama

Yung-Jen Yang

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Right after moving into a luxury apartment in midtown Manhattan, Catherine feels a strange presence that harasses her sexually. She is locked and completely isolated by an evil entity. With limited resources and endless terror, she is struggling to survive. Will Catherine leave her apartment alive?

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Mission Statement

What dreams do you have before moving to a big city? How does the reality destroy you afterwards? Inspired by actual crimes, LOCKED ALONE is a metaphorical story about isolation, alienation, and loneliness in a big city. The goal soon becomes surviving everyday - you know you get trapped already.

The Story


Our director, Yung-Jen Yang, is an award winning filmmaker specialized in horror/thriller. His films have been awarded in Cityvisions, Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival, LA Thriller Film Festival, Winter Film Awards, New Filmmakers NY, CAAMFest and etc. This time, he determined to conduct his first horror feature, LOCKED ALONE, to reveal the hidden nightmares in modern life and to portray social issues.



After been locked in the apartment for 9 days, we have suffered the same terror, fear, helplessness and despair as Catherine did. Our wonderful team sacrificed their happy Christmas to work on this project - Yes, we shot during Christmas holidays last year. You can tell how much we love horror films!


Thank god we have finished shooting safely and now we are excited to work on post-production!





With a rough cut on hand, it’s time to make it perfect!


"I refuse to be locked in the real life. Facing life pressures, my artist dream can not be chained. We tried hard to gather all resources and formed a tiny 5-people crew. As a director, I did everything myself - producing, warddore, art decoration, even grabbing camera to shoot if necessary. We aren’t like others who haven’t even started their projects. We have reached halfway already - the film is completely shot, and going through editing process. However, if you are a horror movie fans, you know how important color, music and sound effects are. More importantly, I’d like to share my visions to everyone else. I can’t do it by myself...It’s time to find other professionals to join in. That’s why we are lauching this campaign to seek financial support. If you feel me, please support us and make the film complete."

—— Yung-Jen Yang, Director




There’s more than one way!

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Post-production and NYC Premiere

We already completed:

Script Development | Shooting | Voice Over Recording | Animation | Rough Cut


To bring the story to live, we still need fund for:






Screenings, festivals and theatrical distribution!

Making a film is not the end of the journey. We want more people to watch our film, and share our thoughts. Talking about MORE PEOPLE, we mean all the horror/thriller fans AROUND THE WORLD!

  • SPRING 2018: Post-production and test screenings.
  • SUMMER 2018: New York City Premiere promotion begins.
  • AUGUST 2018: New York City Premiere in Lincoln Center.
  • FALL 2018: Festival submissions begin. Work on marketing and distribution plans.
  • WINTER 2018: Festival run continues, World Screening Tour begins.
  • SPRING 2019: Finalize marketing and distribution plans.
  • SUMMER 2019: Festival season ends.
  • LATER 2019: Theatrical Distribution!





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Costs $2,500

Color has a dramatic impact on storytelling. Help us to bring this to life.


Costs $2,500

Our story is told both in image and music. We want to compose a best score for it.

Sound Mixing

Costs $3,500

Horror without sound? No way. This cost will be used to make the most scary sound!

Marketing Materials

Costs $2,000

Posters, postcards and brochures are necessary to promote the film.

NYC Premiere Theater Rental

Costs $3,000

We need to rent a theater for New York Premiere. How about Lincoln Center? Can’t wait to meet you!

Film Festival Submission Fee

Costs $1,000

We want to bring this film to you.

Cash Pledge

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About This Team

Key Crew

Yung-Jen Yang - Director/Writer/Producer

Yung-Jen is a New York based indie filmmaker. Originally from Taiwan, he loves suspense Asian horror genre. He believes good horror movies should reflect humanity and portray social issues. His achievements are as followed: 2016 CAAM Film Fest, The Day Dreaming Bunny, 2016 Best Web Series in Winter Film Awards, 2014 Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival. Check his website for more information: www.yungjenyang.com


Warut Sindvongs - Director of Photography

Warut is an award winning cinematographer as well as a studio manager of the City College of New York, Department of Media and Communication Arts.Warut’s achievements are as followed: 2012 Paul Robertson Awards: Best Short Documentary, First & 4Ever, 2013 National Board of Review Student Film Grant Winner, Railroad & Bedford, 2015 Cannes Short Film Corner’s Selection, Sunnyside, and 2018 International Film Festival Rotterdam, The BoardWalk. Website: https://www.warutsnidvongs.com


Ya Wang - Casting Associate/Location Manager

As an experienced digital marketer and public relations professional, Ya is a veteran of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. Over the years, Ya has worked with big data startup as marketing analyst and BBDO as social media manager. As a movie enthusiast and horror/thriller fan, she is more than happy to join the world of filmmaking. She is now actively working for production of shorts, commercials, TV series and film festivals. Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yawangpr/


Pei-Jung Wang - 2nd Camera/Prop/Makeup

Pei-Jung is the fonder of Polyzonic Productions since 2015 and making web series “ARTphibia” on YouTube. Her achievements are as followed: 2014 Best animation in Search Light short Film Festival, NOT MUCH TO SAY, 2017 Williamsburg international film fest, Los Angeles, I WENT AHEAD AND DID IT ANYWAY. Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC60uFWotTcLQXS0JNGReJBw


Bianca Yeh - Sound

Bianca is an established producer and director, as well as a co-founder of BCS Media Group. Bianca has a vast assortment of commercial projects, for example, Katris, PiNK Magazine, Autodesk Pixlar, just to name a few. Moreover, one of her many respected clients, Vivienne Hu, hired us to shoot a New York City Fashion Week promotional video; an integral aspect to the successful marketing of a fashion designer. Website: https://www.bcsmediastudio.com


Naomi Liu - SFX Supervisor

Naomi is the founder of Doleh makeup/ hair company. For the past 18 years, Naomi has been working with clients ranging from corporate events to fashion & advertising. She has extensive experience in commercial, event, wedding make-up and hair-dress, as well as special effect make-up for various media & events. Website: http://www.doleh.co/sfx.html

Current Team