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Everyday we suffer through various traumas, big and small. Art has the ability to heal that trauma if we tell the right story in just the right way. Locked is a story about healing; a modern-day story about letting go of fear and pain and embracing the basic beauty that life has to offer all of us.

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The Story

  • Rene Edwards is an award winning marathon runner who loses her wife to a terror attack during a competition. She survives with a brutal scar on her leg and a hole in her spirit that she can’t seem to fill. She isolates herself from the outside world, living out of boxes in her tiny apartment on the outskirts of the city. She is taken care of by her landlord, Marge, a hardened yet wise cop’s widow and Jimmy, a disabled marine veteran working for a grocery delivery service who has his own story of letting go.


Why Sean Wrote it:

Humans are cursed with an awareness of our own mortality; we know that one day we will cease to be. What gives us anxiety is how we will die and when we eventually do, will our lives have meant anything? War, disease, and terrorism only compound these feelings and a good deal of us sit frozen in front of our T.Vs,  awaiting the news about the next attack, the new outbreak, or the new war front. Some unfortunate few are on the other end of that spectrum, locked in a prison of their own making, completely cut off from the outside world.


Joseph Campbell has said that filmmakers are the closest things to spiritual healers that modern humans can get and I belive that 100%.  Film and theatre have been my pathways to healing myself and learning how to better perceive my world. I want to share my understanding of the world with as many people as I can. The themes in Locks are very important to me, having lived briefly as an agoraphobic for a year and constantly standing up to the traumas of my past.  With my experiences and the team that I’ve pulled together so far, I know that I can faithfully and truthfully bring this story to life.


Why I am producing it:

I read the screenplay and - it was exquisite. The varied voices of diversity and people who I could identify with grabbed, shook me and told me - This story MUST be told. So we are trying to tell. it. Thanks!


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About This Team

Bradetta Vines

Executive Producer

Bradetta Vines (Executive Producer) is a producer, actress, director and screenwriter.  Her films, and films she has worked on, have been seen in “Local Sightings Film Festival” and accepted into the shorts programs at the "Seattle International Film Festival." Bradetta is the founder of Chasing Blue Moonlight Productions, LLC.

Our Primary Focus is to nurture 

distinct voices of diversity. The slate of projects currently under development and in production are proudly fulfilling that mission.  


Sean Gillies Altuna


Sean Gillies Altuna was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to two Filipino immigrants. He started his career in film and theatre by earning a BFA in theatrical lighting design with a minor in digital media. 

Sean currently works in Seattle as a freelance Gaffer and distibution manager for a local bakery.


Izzy Corey


Isaiah, age 23, is a Pacific Northwest writer, director, and cinematographer. His work can be found in music videos, short and feature films, documentaries, and on broadcast television. Isaiah completed his first feature film "Killing June" in 2015, and is currently working on his second.


Cathy Herzog

Assistant Director/Production Manager


Tony Doupe

Stacy Bendfelt

Eloisa Cardona

Laura Perauna 

Current Team