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LOLA is a story about the plight of a plus-sized woman and the discrimination she faces in her relationship, friendships, and the medical community - until she finds her inner power amidst the noise and learns to both love and accept herself.

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Mission Statement

It's crucial to see the diversity of humanity and issues reflected in the stories we tell. Stories should be representative of all cultures, religions, sizes & gender identities. While LOLA's story is told from the perspective of a plus-size woman of color, her self-love journey is universal.

The Story

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” - Alice Walker


Lola has it all. A great job, a cute apartment, a boyfriend, a best friend, and… a few extra pounds. She’s also in physical pain. But maybe, just maybe it’s all in her head? Why else would the people who care about her blame her physical ills to her weight and size?

No one looks out for Lola because they think Lola’s not looking out for herself. But they’re wrong. And when she discovers that she’s very sick - she takes her own power back. Even though no one else heard or saw her, she learned to love who she is. Right now.


The Film

The story of LOLA is told in a 10-minute short where audiences are transported to her world and inspired when they see Lola taking charge of her own destiny when confronted with weight bias.

The Impact

"A review of studies published in the journal Obesity Reviews in 2015 surveying empirical evidence across multiple disciplines showed that health care professionals’ negative feelings about fat bodies can lead to misdiagnosis and late or “missed” diagnoses, negatively impacting patient outcomes. Meanwhile, patients who face, or anticipate facing, fatphobia and weight bias from doctors may seek medical care less often, and when they do, they may be less likely to comply with doctors’ orders." - Self Magazine

LOLA's story will not only change audiences' views about weight bias, but it could also save lives.

COVID Production Standards

We have created COVID PRODUCTION STANDARDS to keep both our cast and crew safe. From implementing shorter production times to limited cast and crew on-site, and maintaining the highest level of industry-level cleaning implementation, we have thoughtfully analyzed all safety options and will continue to monitor new and updated COVID-related updates to maintain our set at the highest levels of both professionalism and safety.

From the Director: 

I wrote Lola as a woman who has suffered from weight bias in the medical field. From being misdiagnosed and subjected to misleading and nonsensical advice from unknowing and uncaring practitioners, to inappropriate advice from well-meaning friends, and ultimately undergoing emergency surgery.

After a procedure that resulted in being immobile for three long months, I connected with many other women who had experienced the same uncaring medical treatment, some of whom had painful surgery that could have been prevented, like me.

This was when I realized that my issue wasn’t an isolated one and that I needed to expose weight bias by telling a story with a character that people can sympathize with and relate to.

Lola came to be as this character. Her story is our story. Her friends became the people that we know. Sometimes... we are those friends.

While Lola’s story exposes how overweight people are treated by both the medical industry and society at large, the most impactful message Lola gives its viewers, is that learning to love ourselves is the first step in creating the life we deserve.

~Ana Lydia Monaco

What You Get and Where We're Aiming

We've raised some early Development funds through our Facebook page. Now we need contributions to help with Production ($4K+) and Post-Production ($3K+). This campaign is just a start! Because we are a UNION production (SAG-AFTRA), these costs might shift based on insurance needs due to COVID.

Every dollar you contribute to the production of #LolasJourney helps us get closer to making the film. Because we are grateful to each and every one of you, we have created several perks to show our appreciation.

Some of the perks include a personalized video message, an autographed copy of the script, a preview of the film, script consulting and even Producer credit on Lola!

Our goal is to get LOLA seen in a broad spectrum of festivals and theaters, with the focus on issues of empowerment and diversity - not only in filmmaking but also in content. Your contribution will ensure that we can meet this goal, and in the process help others, and potentially save lives!

Other Ways You Can Help

WHAT WE NEED -- $4K+ for Production / $3K+ for Post-Production

In order to reach our goal, we need your support to tell #lolasjourney! From contributing to the campaign to sharing the campaign page on social media, your support will help tell a story that will impact so many women.




Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

FILM LA Permit

Costs $625

Help with this fee would allow us to use other funds for production!

Insurance + Workers Comp

Costs $1,000

We want to protect our cast & crew and make sure our production is union-eligible. Defray the costs!

DIT equipment + hard drives

Costs $300

Managing our footage with high-end technology is key.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Packaged catering or restaurant certificates

Costs $600

Showcase Craft Services in a post-COVID era. Will promote your business and show what you can do!


Costs $1,200

Four locations, including hospital room set-up, apartment, etc.

Covid Production Supplies

Costs $300

Digital thermometer, disinfectant, masks, cleaning alcohol, etc.

About This Team

Our team is composed of a primarily female cast and crew, with cross-spectrum of diverse filmmaking professionals.

The project leads are both Mexican-American women filmmakers.

The cast is representative of CIS LatinX Females, CIS LatinX Male, CIS White Male, CIS Asian Male, CIS African American female. The cast is also inclusive of diverse ages ranging from 24+ and body sizes.

The crew is representative of Both LGBTQ/Non-Gender Conforming and CIS LatinX Females, CIS LatinX Male, CIS Asian Males, CIS Asian Females, LGBTQ/Non-Gender Conforming Asian, LatinX and African American They, CIS White Females, and CIS White Males. The crew is also inclusive of diverse ages ranging from 24+ and body sizes.

Current Team