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LOST BAYOU is a feature film that cinematically explores the crucial nature of empathy, and the rarely examined, positive personal growth that suffering can bring. A Cajun folktale, Lost Bayou is a meditation on healing, as a father and daughter attempt to bridge the generational divide.

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Mission Statement

Lost Bayou tells of the multi-ethnic community living in the Atchafalaya Basin, specifically a complex female protagonist, and her elderly Cajun father. We are dedicated to comprising our team/crew with diverse representations of South Louisiana artists, all best suited for their jobs.

The Story

The Story

LOST BAYOU follows the story of GAL. Dealing with her addiction to opiods and alcohol, Gal recieves a call from her estranged father, POP, informing her of her mother's death. Unable to reason with this news, Gal ventures out into the Atchafalaya Basin to check in on her aging father, who has been living out in seclusion on a houseboat as a Cajun faith healer. But what greets her when she arrives on the houseboat is something she never intended to face again.



The narrative of the film sees both Gal and Pop dealing with unchecked grief regarding a tragic event in both of their lives. Together, as they set out on an adventure across the Atchafalaya Basin, the two must come to terms with their own sins, learn to forgive, and finally heal from their own personal tragedies. 


(Not actual still from 'Lost Bayou", these images are intended to just give a feel of our film.) 

Why Us?

The real story behind Lost Bayou follows a core group of filmmakers from small towns around South Louisiana. From Broussard, Arnaudville, Breaux Bridge, and New Iberia, we are a team, passionate about telling stories regarding our Acadian hertiage.



Roughly 3 years ago, we opened the Louisiana chapter of our filmmaking careers by producing the short film ATCHAFALAYA. Following a Game Warden as he ventures out into the swamp during a hurricane to investigate a call for help, our award winning short film was screened at numerous film festivals around the country. Check the teaser below!





And it is with this feature film, LOST BAYOU, that we plan to continue the exploration of our Cajun folklore storytelling.



Inspired by the art of CC Lockwood and Greg Guirard, the music of the Lost Bayou Ramblers and Helen Gillet, and the filmmaking pioneers of Acadiana, Glenn Pitre and Alan "Sprinky" Durand, our goal is to continue the authentic narrative of the Cajun people, that is so often lampooned and satirized by outsiders. And we plan to carry out our desire in 3 specific ways:


En Francis

Like Acadiana itself, Cajun French is a melting pot of a language that derives from both the Nova Scotia French of our Acadian ancestors and the archaic French of our ancestors from the motherland of France. 

However you cut it, Cajun French is definitive to the region of South Louisiana. It is as special and significant to our people as boucheries and pirogues. 

It is our plan, for Lost Bayou, to feature the language in about 40% of the words spoken in the film. Our main characters often converse in the language, as well as other minor characters.

It is our way of exposing the world to this unique language, as well as preserving its legacy in the annals of cinema history.


Mais, what's a Traiteur?

Another defining element of our film features a main character being a traiteur, or "faith healer". A significant cultural figure in our Cajun hertitage, a traiteur serves the local community as a healer of sicknesses and afflications. Using both natural remedies and the power of prayer, traiteurs are often called upon to heal a wide variety of afflications, ranging from sunstroke, warts, croup, to earaches, and so on. 



Made popular in the 80's by Glenn Pitre's film BELAZAIRE THE CAJUN, which featured Armand Assante assuming the traiteur's healing powers, we hope to continue exposing the world to our Cajun traditions, namely that of the dissapearing role of a traiteur. 


The Atchafalaya Basin

One of the largest existing wetlands in the nation, the Atcahfalaya Basin figures heavily into the lives of Cajuns on a day to day basis. Home to thousands of species of waterfowl and wildlife, the Basin is the ecological heart of Acadiana. 



And it is here, on a houseboat, in the Atchafalaya Basin, where we have decided to set the tale of Lost Bayou. We plan to shoot 100% of the scenes set in the Basin, actually out in the Basin. Not only to provide a level of authenticity to the film, but also to pump money back into the businesses out there that provide so much to the enjoyment of the Basin's natural majesty.

Director's Statement:

"I think it’s important for storytellers to tell stories from their tribes. To represent a piece of their culture, that has been etched onto their souls from birth. And as both a Cajun and a filmmaker, this story is as close to my heart and my tribe as any other project I have been a part of.

In my formative years, my family owned a houseboat on the Atchafalaya Basin. Nothing fancy, but held together with love and appreciation for the weekends we got to spend amongst the cypress trees and muddy waters, it was paradise. That connection with nature and the appreciation for the people who called that water home, is still something that shapes my everyday life. 

While it is very much a story from my Cajun tribe, Lost Bayou is a film that also explores certain universal human principles.

On its surface, the film is about loss, grief, and suffering. We all experience loss at some point in our lives. We all eventually have to process a sense of grief. And we are connected by our suffering. And yet so often, we go it alone, refusing to let the world in on our battle.

But looking further into the depths of its waters, Lost Bayou is really about the positive personal growth that can occur as a result of those states of being. I'm talking about faith, empathy, and healing.

It is my hope, that upon experiencing this film, people will understand that through an empathetical connection of suffering, whether it's with a loved one or a stranger, through faith or personal creed, we are all capable and deserving of healing."

- Brian C Miller Richard



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About This Team

Our Team:

Brian C Miller Richard (Director/Producer)

Brian C Miller Richard was born and raised in the Cajun town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. In 2009, he graduated from the International Film School of Sydney in Australia with a concentration in Cinematography. Upon returning home to Louisiana, Brian began his professional career by directing music videos, most notably directing the video for Brother Dege’s song “Too Old To Die Young” which was featured in the Quentin Tarantino film DJANGO UNCHAINED. Turning to the world of commercials, Brian also made his mark directing several American Advertising Award winners including “The Passion Series” which was awarded Best in Show. Aside from his professional work, Brian has directed numerous short films and short form documentaries.

Also an accomplished cinematographer, Brian made his mark with the Louisiana horse documentary T-GALOP: A LOUISIANA HORSE STORY, which was the 2012 Grand Jury Prize Louisiana Feature at the New Orleans Film Festival. More recently, Brian was awarded Best Cinematography at the 2014 New Orleans Film Festival for his work in Garrett Bradley’s feature BELOW DREAMS, which had it’s world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival.

Brian resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, where he owns a  production company, Construct Films, with his partner and frequent cinematographer Natalie Kingston. 


Natalie Kingston (Cinematographer)

Cinematographer Natalie Kingston was born and raised in a small southern Louisiana town where she ran around with a VHS camcorder on her shoulder as a young girl shooting her own movies. She quickly became fascinated with the idea of creating images and sharing them with people. Natalie has been attached to the camera’s viewfinder since.

She shot Sam Pollard’s TWO TRAIN’S RUNNIN’, a NEW YORK TIMES CRITIC’S PICK - narrated by COMMON and featuring the music of GARY CLARK JR.

Natalie was the cinematographer of the award-winning commercial - READY TO SPEAK UP for BOOTS NO.7 featuring CHIMAMANDA NGOZI ADICHIE. She also was behind the lens for the music video, Everything’s Gonna Be Alright, for PJ MORTON - of MAROON 5.

She received the BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY Award at the 2015 New Orleans Film Festival for her exhibited body of work across four narrative films: Atchafalaya, Rite, Dandelion and Si.

She was honored with the ZEISS PRECISION IMAGE AWARD for her cinematography on After the Circus in 2011.

Natalie completed a Cinematography Residency at Maine Media College and has a Bachelor of the Arts from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She is a member of the International Collective of Female Cinematographers and Women in Film and Television.




Alicia Johnson (Producer)

Hey y'all, I am a New Orleans actress, producer and champion for independent film artists.  

Over the last few years I have produced and acted in several award winning Louisiana/Mississippi short films: Huevos RancherosArrow of LightMestMonsters Anonymous and Breasts. I have also worked on big budget films, tv shows and national commercials. However, the creativity, collaboration and spirit of the indie projects have been my favorite experiences. Each project is an intense, challenging and rewarding labor of love. 

I am most proud of exec producing and acting in independent television pilot, Shepherd, which was selected for world premiere at Series Fest in Denver in June 2017. Shepherd was also recently selected for the drama competition at ITV Fest in Vermont in October 2017 and will be a featured screening at the upcoming 2017 New Orleans Film Fest.

I just love making films and working with my brilliant tribe of artist friends. I am excited about producing LOST BAYOU and highlighting this weird and wonderful corner of the world through film. 



Kenny Reynolds (Producer)

Kenny Reynolds grew up a military child, but found his home in New Orleans in his teens. He received his bachelor's degree at LSU and later attending grad school at UNO.

Kenny has worked on a variety of projects and in various positions during his time in entertainment. Some of his posts have included serving as a Development Assistant for a reality television production company, as well as an Associate Producer on the former Sean Payton Show. He later went on to serve the as Video Production Manager for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival from 2009-2013. Kenny accepted an in house position at the New Jersey based production company, Sound Off Productions. While there he worked as both a Production Manager and Producer on a wide range of projects, ranging from political media campaigns for senatorial candidates, to broadcasting The Rolling Stones return to Hyde Park in London after 50 years (2013 British Summer Time Festival).

After living and working in the New York area for 2 years, Kenny returned home to New Orleans to continue working in the local industry. Most recently, he has served as a producer on the New Orleans pilot, Shepherd, and was the Production Manager on the Animal Planet series Pit Bulls and Parolees.



Lorraine Caffery (Producer/Marketing)

Lorraine Caffery was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was there that her love for story telling grew.

After studying film at UT Austin, Lorraine moved to Los Angeles, California where she worked in the motion picture marketing department of CAA for two years. Lorraine quickly realized if she ever wanted to see her work on the screen, she’d have to make it herself.

She moved back to New Orleans and has been writing & directing ever since. When she’s not working on her own stuff, she loves helping fellow filmmakers with the marketing and promotion of their projects.



Murray Roth (Producer/Legal)

Murray Anthony Roth has been actively engaged in the film industry in the United States for over a decade as an Entertainment Attorney and Producer.  He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana before attending Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge, LA where he majored in business adminstation/pre-law.  He then obtained his Juris Doctor Law degree from Loyola University Law School in New Orleans.  He is a licensed Attorney in Louisiana and member of the Louisiana Bar since 1996.

In 2002, Murray began developing a specialty in Entertainment Law, and in 2010, he began producing films also.  Murray is very knowledgeable on the business, legal and logistical aspects of producing feature length motion pictures and television,and he is also very knowledgeable on the distribution aspects of independent film production and foreign sales.  He regularly attends many of the world-wide film markets every year, including the film market at the Cannes Film Festival (Marche’ du Film) in Cannes, France and the American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California where he has established and nurtured numerous contacts over the years.



Ricardo Betancourt (Social Media Marketing)

Ricardo is a passionate Journalism and Film student at Delgado Community College, Ricardo is from Caracas, Venezuela but has been residing in New Orleans for the vast majority of his life. Ricardo is a self taught videographer, editor, and digital designer. and has been involved in productions such as Breasts and Dream House NightMare.



Hunter Burke (Producer/Co-Writer)

Hunter Burke, a Lafayette, Louisiana-native, graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a BFA in Performing Arts. 

In between acting assignments, Hunter moonlights as a screenwriter and producer. Along with his writing partner Nick Lavin, his first feature script, ANIMAL, was chosen as Blacklist.com’s screenplay of the month for June of 2014. The script was also chosen to be workshoped at the Blacklist's NYC Lab in March of 2015. In the fall of 2015, he successfully crowdfunded the award winning short film ATCHAFALAYA, and together with Construct Films, co-produced the short.

On the big screen, his past performances include opposite Christian Bale in Adam McKay’s housing collapse saga THE BIG SHORT. Burke also appeared opposite Kate Winslet in sci-fi teen epic INSURGENT, and Emayatzy Corinealdi in the thriller ADDICTED. On television, Burke has most recently appeared as the square dancing Rabbi HANK on TNT's nail salon drama CLAWS, opposite Giancarlo Esposito in the science fiction series REVOLUTION, and has made guest appearances on RECTIFY and NCIS: NEW ORLEANS. 


Current Team