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Sonny Malloy and Penney Parker, two young rebels living dead-end lives, embark on a murderous crime spree across the Pacific Northwest. What the pair don’t realize is that they are barreling down a dark and mysterious path, leading right into the ancient woods of Lovers Lane.

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Mission Statement

Lovers Lane subverts traditional male-led narratives. Typically, films like these have a hyper-masculine male lead, with a passive female companion. Behind the scenes we promote an inclusive environment, and make a conscious effort to include people from all different backgrounds.

The Story

Since they first got into filmmaking, Christopher and Keasey have been striving to create something different. Before the screenplay was even written, Lovers Lane had already been brought to life through a mixed-media project that incorporated the Pepper’s Ghost effect. The project was a success, but the team couldn’t stop there. They would talk for hours about all the cool stuff that would fit in to this world. They went through iteration after iteration, compelled to boil down these ideas into a cohesive, compelling and entertaining story. Thus, Lovers Lane was born.

Lovers Lane would be nothing, though, without the team’s amazing producer Georgia Harter. Not only does she star in the film alongside Pip, she has also been crucial to the organization, promotion and development of this project. Together, these four have enough creativity, passion and know-how to bring the rich world of Lovers Lane to life.



This film is a gritty, surrealist trip that embodies the lonesome mystery of small-town Oregon. It also attempts to dissect hyper-masculinity, and begs the question, “how could someone idolize a killer?”


Sonny Malloy's grandparents, Byron and Clarice Malloy, were two outlaws who orchestrated an infamous crime spree across the Pacific Northwest. The pair made their final stand at Lovers Lane, a mysterious forest that exudes evil. They fought hard, but eventually Clarice was gunned down amongst the trees, leaving Byron to bleed out in the back of a police cruiser. The Malloys' exploits lived on as American legend.


Decades later, Sonny decides to follow in his grandfather's footsteps with a rampage of his own. Accompanied by Penney Parker, a stoic and mysterious small-town girl, he sets out to carve their names into the annals of bandit history. What awaits them, however, is nothing like the highwaymen tales of old.


Lovers Lane is inspired by a wide variety of work, such as The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, No Country for Old Men, Bonnie and Clyde, Gun Crazy, and Badlands.


For character design, the team looks to films like Hud, where Paul Newman’s titular character exudes this ‘badass rebel cowboy’ vibe. The costuming and set design of Scorsese’s Taxi Driver is appealing as well. These two films can also be read as deconstructions of the hyper-masculine male lead.


For the more surrealist elements, the crew is inspired heavily by David Lynch's Twin Peaks, a show that perfectly encapsulates the mystic nature of the Pacific Northwest. Lovers Lane hopes to blend these concepts together and reinvigorate the ‘lovers on the lam’ subgenre, while also paying homage to these classic works.

We all know how awkward it can be to talk about money, but the reality is independent filmmakers need to use any resource they can to bring their stories to life. We feel so lucky to live in a time where more and more small voices are being heard in the film industry. This is due in no small part to sites like Seed & Spark, where people come to support ideas, be they bold, subversive or just plain different. Every dollar this project receives is so humbly appreciated, and will go towards creating an entertaining and thought-provoking film. Thank you!


- Georgia, Keasey, Chris and Pip


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About This Team

Christopher Hawkins is director and cinematographer on Lovers Lane. He has an array of experience shooting narrative films, commercials, and other media projects. Filmmaking has been a life-long passion that has led Christopher to be a part of this talented crew. Alongside Keasey, the duo developed Lovers Lane, a project that has made their bond stronger than ever. What started out as a mixed-media hologram installation expanded into the project you see today. When away from the camera, Christopher collects antiques with his brother Pip. From jukeboxes, to vinyls and old televisions, they’re always finding new treasures.


Keasey Freed is a writer and filmmaker born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. His experience ranges from producing narrative and commercial media, to writing and editing for a local newspaper. After receiving his AAS in Multimedia Design, Keasey founded his own small production company, Mother LLC. When not working on narrative or commercial projects, Keasey makes experimental glitch art, as well as mixed-media installations.


Georgia Harter is both producing and starring in Lovers Lane. She has been dedicated to organizing and managing this project for nearly two years. If you follow the social media accounts, you’ve probably interacted with her! Outside this project, Georgia enjoys working with Media Arts students as the Instructional Specialist for Lane Community College. From directing music videos and short films, to shooting and editing commercial content, she has experience in many different roles. Georgia is proud to be working on this passion project with the people she loves most.



Philip ‘Pip’ Hawkins helms Lovers Lane as Sonny Malloy. Being the younger brother of Christopher, he always finds himself roped into his brother’s artistic projects. Pip has said he will continue to create with his brother “as long as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.” He is an experienced actor who has worked on many independent films and plays. In his free time, you can find Pip tinkering with anything that has an engine, or hunting for treasure in antique stores with Christopher.

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