Make Out Party

Chicago, Illinois | Film Short

Comedy, LGBTQ

Emily Esperanza

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Make Out Party is a queer no-budget, high-style love letter to the Chicago underground. An ensemble film, MOP offers a glimpse into a colorful world in which the ‘outsider-as-main-character’ dynamic exists without relying on socially-constructed otherness.

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Mission Statement

We had an inclusive set and a cast and crew comprised of 70% female & gender non-conforming people. Additionally, the lead roles in 'Make Out Party' were written so that anyone could play them, regardless of race or gender.

The Story

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Make Out Party is co-produced by Full Spectrum Features! They are a 501c3 nonprofit and our fiscal sponsors for this campaign which means any donations $50 and up are tax-deductible!!!


Make Out Party is a no-budget, high-style comedy of errors that follows three vibrant characters though a day of misadventure as they set out to attend hostess Mary Woah’s Make Out Party.


A love letter to the Chicago underground, Make Out Party features a cast, crew, wardrobe, and soundtrack created by a selection of the city’s resident artists and weirdos.



Meet Madame X, a leather-clad Venus with too many lovers; Band-Aid Box, a dapper-femme do-gooder just trying to make it through their day; and Bambi, a peppy Satanist-witch with no time for catcalls. Will they make it to gap-toothed-pin-up-queen Mary Woah’s Make Out Party? From meanie alien greaser gangs, to a pair of tough roller-skaters, a conniving librarian and a disgruntled waitress, our heroes sure have their work cut out for them. In the end, Make Out Party reminds us that we are all wild wonderful wackos who deserve a French kiss.


Yes! We completed principal photography in January of this year, but still have a ways to go before MOP is complete! Funds we raise on S&S will help us pay for things like editing, color correction, sound design, live-action end credits, and festival submissions (which are really expensive)! We have assembled an awesome post-production team and can't wait to get the ball rolling on this.

In a cinematic landscape largely populated by rigid archetypes, white male voices, and repeating storylines, Make Out Party presents a world in which the characters who would typically be portrayed at 'outsiders' are brought to the front of the line and celebrated.


In order to change the language and create new diverse and inclusive narratives, it is important to subvert traditional archetypes and stories. For instance, the three main characters were written so that anyone could play them, regardless of race or gender. Once cast, pronouns were adjusted accordingly.



Make Out Party examines sensuality/sexuality playfully, almost from a PG-13 perspective. Sexuality in cinema is often demonized and censored, while violence is held in high regard or worse, normalized. Make Out Party challenges cinematic sexual taboos, highlighting this tension by glorifying the act of making out, an activity generally regarded as juvenile, impolite, or adolescent. By inviting all to participate, this tension is turned into a joyous and radical act, free from judgement or danger.


It is our hope is that Make Out Party will speak to all kinds of people. We need cinema that puts characters we’re not used to seeing in front of the front of the camera lens. We need to re-work archetypes so that they are inclusive and challenge the status quo. Cinema is a powerful agent of change than can be used to radically upset the structures that be.


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Costs $1,000

We want to achieve a 'filmic' look for this project with a specific type of color grading.


Costs $1,900

We need to hire an editor to work on a fine cut and get to picture lock.


Costs $600

We want to hire an artist to animate opening titles and add small animations to the film itself.

Sound Mix / Sound Effects

Costs $1,100

We need rad sound design to get MOP to where it needs to be!

End Credits Sequence

Costs $300

We have one last thing to shoot - a live-action end credits sequence!

Promotional & Festival Costs

Costs $1,800

We gotta get MOP into festivals! Costs include festival fees, travel costs, and promotional costs.

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We need to pay for your perks (and shipment!), S&S fees, and FSF fees for hosting our campaign.

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About This Team

Emily Esperanza (Writer/Director)


Emily Esperanza is a director, artist, and curator currently living in Los Angeles, CA. Her recent video works, grouped under the title, WRETCHED WOMAN, investigate stillness, duration, atmosphere, and archetype, specifically relating to representations of femininity. In 2016 Emily toured WRETCHED WOMAN across the country, showing in Brooklyn, Seattle, Chicago, and Oakland. Emily is the founder and curator of WRETCHED NOBLES, an immersive monthly film/video series & shorts program.



Eve Rydberg (Producer/Bambi)


Eve Rydberg is an actor, director, producer and co-founder of The Good Night Ladies - a multimedia collective committed to exploring the feminine perspective across the film and theatre. Her work has been seen at Steppenwolf, Illinois Humanities, Wretched Nobles Film Series, Ashville and New Orleans Fringe Festivals, and The Den Theatre. She is committed to expanding traditional narratives with the belief the more diverse stories we tell the better our art, and in turn our world, will be.


Molly Hewitt (Production Design/Mary Woah)


Molly Hewitt is a Chicago based filmmaker and performance artist. Her short film Maggie’s Problem received “Best Art Direction” at the North Portland Unknown Film Festival and was an official selection for The Chicago Underground Film Festival and is now officially a Troma Film. Molly is currently working on her first feature film, self written and directed to be produced by Full Spectrum Features.


Samantha Hollice (Madame X)


Samantha Jo is a Visual Artist born and raised in Chicago. In 2015, she graduated from Columbia College Chicago with her BFA in Fashion Business & Marketing/PR. During her junior year, she found time to study abroad at the University of Art London and fell in love with contemporary art. With that drive, she created the art brand ‘Samantha Jo’; inspired by nature, recycled materials, contemporary design, and her Black American & West African culture. Outside of art, Samantha is an advocate for mental health and is working on a self-care project for women of color coming soon to the Chicago area.


Hereaclitus Here Vernon (Band-Aid Box)


Here is interested in what Shannon Bell refers to as fast feminism and their trans disciplinary gustemverks over the last 20 years, attempt and often fail, but still protean they move through it all. In mashing up sexual politics, identity politics and violent philosophy. They ask, ‘how can we become feminist queer post pornographers’, hyper masculinized, as in the hypermasculinist work of Paul Virilio, who theorizes that power is about being first and fastest? What if we want to take it slow, real slow? What happens when we slow down and "be" rather than "do". To counter that fierce force, Here uses shamanic energy work to follow flow and calm down.


Greg Stephen Reigh (Cinematographer)


Greg Stephen Reigh is a documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, and music video director currently living in Chicago. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.

His work has been featured at the Chicago Underground Film Festival in 2013, as well as through media outlets such as Huffington Post, Papermag, Bloody Disgusting, Bullett Magazine, and Red Eye.


Adora Wilson-Eye (Associate Producer)

Starting out in her college days as a documentarian, Adora eventually moved into commercial and advertising production as a producer, focusing on diversifying the industry and bringing fresh perspectives to crews and talent. Utilizing the skills and connections she picked up working for a minority- and LGBTQ-owned production company for four years, Adora briefly moved back into indie cinema, and now is a freelance agency producer in San Francisco, where she continues to work on diversifying the industry. You can check out her work at




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