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Drama, Horror

Samantha Kolesnik

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Mama's Boy asks, "In a society where the maternal bond is of the highest regard, how can a person love himself, and how will anyone ever love him, if his own mother did not?"

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Mission Statement

Mama's Boy is both written and directed by a woman, Samantha Kolesnik. Women also hold other key roles & comprise 50% of the producers in our creative team.

The Story

A young man's life spirals into depravity and madness when he confronts the trauma of his childhood.


Mama's Boy is the psychological and symbolic exploration of what it feels like to carry trauma. The film is about loneliness, isolation, and the desperate desire for love. Joshua (Malcolm Mills) finds he is only able to have human relationships in which he debases himself, recreating the pain and trauma of his childhood. He has been imprinted from youth with the idea that he is an object, only valuable for his use to others.


The world is full of conditions for him, and the idea of mutually reciprocal love or friendship is as real to him as a fairy tale. He tries to recreate the traumatic bond to change it and ultimately, in anger, he tries to 'kill' it. 


Mama's Boy is written and directed by Samantha Kolesnik. The film is produced by Above the Line Artistry. Mama's boy finished with post production in the summer of 2018 and is now on the festival circuit! 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Camera Rental

Costs $400

We will be renting a camera (RED Raven) for our 3-day shoot.


Costs $300

We need insurance for the shoot in case of any damage to equipment or accidents on set.

Location Rentals

Costs $1,200

The story of Mama's Boy requires upscale interior & exterior location rental for all 3 days

Special Effects

Costs $550

We require the use of a skilled fx artist as well as materials for blood and wounds.

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $600

Food for two meals per day for all three days of filming for cast & crew.


Costs $950

Payment for key cast for all 3 days of shooting

Sound Recordist

Costs $600

Good sound is integral to good film and we need to pay for a skilled professional to capture sound

Makeup and Wardrobe

Costs $300

We require a small budget for makeup and wardrobe as necessitated by the story


Costs $600

We need a skilled cinematographer to perfectly capture this story

Lighting Rentals

Costs $300

We will need to rent lights to showcase the story how it needs to be seen

About This Team



Samantha Kolesnik is the writer and director of Mama's Boy. Samantha is one of the Co-Directors of Women in Horror Film Festival. Three of her films, The Price of Bones, I Baked Him a Cake, and Rainy Season, are all currently on the festival circuit right now. Her writing has been recognized in literary magazines, as well as in various genre festivals across the US. Like in Mama's Boy, Samantha often explores the themes of sexual trauma and toxic family in her work, as they are two topics that strike very close to the bone for her. 



Henrik Meyer is the Director of Photography for Mama's Boy. He has collaborated closely with some of the most talented, award-winning cinematographers and directors in Denmark.  In over 15 years as a 1st AC, he has worked on three International Emmy® Award-winning series, including UNIT 1 and FORSVAR with acclaimed director Niels Arden Oplev (director of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO, Swedish version). His extensive experience as a 1st AC allowed him to learn many skills that he holds today as a director of photography. 


Henrik's career as freelance cinematographer has encompassed narrative features, shorts, documentaries, music videos and commercials. MEDICINE MEN won 4 awards of excellence, was an official selection for the Short Film Corner 2012 at Festival de Cannes, and has played in festivals around the world. CIGARETTE was selected for several festivals around the world. He is also an accomplished still photographer, and has traveled around the globe to 36 countries and has won awards for his travel photography.



Nathan Ludwig is a producer for Mama's Boy.  Nathan Ludwig is an award-winning screenwriter and short filmmaker based in Richmond, VA.  He is also the director and lead programmer of the GenreBlast Film Festival. His most recent short film, “What’s For Dinner?” is currently playing at film fests around the country.  He most recently finished co-writing a segment for the upcoming horror anthology Cryptids and is currently writing the graphic novel spin-off for the cult splatter film “Night of Something Strange,” which was a big hit on the indie festival circuit in 2016. ​His screenplays have won awards at film festivals and screenplay competitions all over the world. He has won or placed highly at Screamfest, Shriekfest, Buffalo Dreams, StoryPros, Final Draft Big Break, Creative World Awards, Crimson Screen, Horror Hotel, Northeast Film Fest, South Carolina Underground Film Fest, Nashville Film Fest and many more.  



Vanessa Ionta Wright is one of the producers for Mama's Boy. Vanessa is a filmmaker based in the metro Atlanta area.  She is the co-owner of  Above the Line Artistry as well as the co-founder and Festival Director of the Women in Horror  Film Festival.  Vanessa recently collaborated with Mark Simon (One  Missed Call), David Irwin  (House of 1000 Corpses), Josh Oliver (Oculus) on her 2nd film with writer/producer Samantha  Kolesnik, "RAINY SEASON". Vanessa graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Video  Production & Film. She is a lifelong fan of cinema, most especially the horror genre. 





Tanya Chuturkova is the Assistant Director for Mama's Boy. Tanya Chuturkova is a Creative Producer and Director with experience in television, theater and film. Tanya has written, produced  and directed eight short films and is currently developing a scripted TV series. She also produces and directs variety TV shows, commercials, corporate videos, non-scripted TV series and live events for TV broadcast, as well as all types of creative video content. Tanya has specialized as a First Assistant Director on the film sets of commercials and more than 20 films, including the short films “Becoming Lucy” and “War Bride” winners of numerous film festival awards. Tanya has an editing background with credits on numerous award-winning variety shows and commercials. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Tanya is currently based in New York City and develops diverse types of audiovisual projects for the European, North American and the expanding Chinese markets.



Malcolm Mills will be playing the lead role of "Joshua". He is an actor based out of NY. 



Jaysen Buterin plays "Mick" in Mama's Boy. Jaysen is the Creative Director of the straight jacket-tested/doctor-approved Mad Ones Films, from Greensboro North Carolina, Jaysen Buterin’s mission has been to show the unbridled kaleidoscopic creativity just waiting to be unleashed when the inmates are finally allowed to run the movie-making asylum since 2006. More comfortable behind the camera as the writer/director of the award-winning “Tarantino meets Twilight Zone” sin-soaked short film trilogy, “The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus,” the on-the-road killer thriller, “Between Hell and a Hard Place,” or the sinister stay-at-home horror hits of “Don’t Let the Light In” and “The Corner,” he’s also at home in front of the camera, acting in such frightful and delightful films recently as “Night of the Living Dead: Genesis,” “Knob Goblins,” “Loop,” “Hybrid” and “Born Again.” Up next for Buterin and the Mad Ones will be his very first feature-length film, the coulrophobia-courting/clown killing goodness of “KILL GIGGLES!”


More Team Updates TBA! 





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