Man in Room 6 (A Horror Film)

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Carrie, a young schizophrenic, is tasked with recording the tales of an elderly man in a nursing home who claims to be cursed with immortality. When the man mysteriously disappears, Carrie is accused of murder and committed to a girls’ psychiatric ward.

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Mission Statement

We are a group of filmmakers and performers from various genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We believe that bringing diverse individuals together allows us to collectively and more effectively tell stories to the audience we wish to entertain.

The Story


The Plot: Carrie (Jackie Kelly) is a socially-troubled young woman trying to mend a strained relationship with her mother.  After her grandfather dies in a nursing home, Carrie finds herself attracted to William (Bill Oberst Jr.), an elderly man in a neighboring room.  William's doctor offers Carrie a part-time position with the nursing home to keep tabs on the old man.


William shares a series of tall tales from his life as a younger man.  He claims to be immortal, cursed to never die, but to grow old and sick.  Before he can finish his final tale, William mysteriously disappears, and Carrie is implicated in his murder.


Carrie is committed to a girls' asylum where tensions grow between herself and her childhood psychologist (David Wassilak) until Carrie must escape the facility at any cost.  Unable to separate reality from fantasy, Carrie conjures the ghost of William to finish his tales and aide her escape.


Aesthetic: The Man in Room Six is filmed with anamorphic lenses, giving the frame a wide field of view (2.66:1) unique for films of this budget level.  This wide framing emphasizes the contrast between wide open exteriors associated with characters' freedom, and claustrophobic interiors reminding the viewer that barriers surround characters trapped in their environment.  Camera movement is minimal with long takes to draw focus to composition and performance.

Our lighting designer, Josh Basco, has added an essential visual element to the film.  Basco has developed a specific color palette for gels used in the film, giving the entire production a consistent look and proper contrast to tonally different scenes.

Combined efforts from our production design/art department add another layer of depth to the overall aesthetic of the film.  Key props and art are comissioned by talented artists in the St. Louis area.  Locations are carefully selected from the wide range of areas in the state of Missouri.  Interiors are shot on location when possible, but approximately 1/4 of the script is filmed on sets built from scratch.  Our goal is to give the team as much control as possible within our budgetary limitations.



How does Seed&Spark work?

We're aware that this platform may be new for some of our followers.  Seed&Spark works a lot like any crowdfunding website, but there are some distinct differences.  We encourage you to have a look at the website's own FAQ area.  If you have any questions that aren't answered there, we'd be happy to answer them personally.


How do you engage with the community?
We work with volunteers from local colleges and universities to give students hands on experience outside of classroom activities.  Students have the chance to work alongside professionals with production design, camera dept, practical special effects, sound recording, and more.   


How can you film over such a long period of time?
This film is an anthology of stories.  As such, we’re able to break our production down into segments which alleviates some of the production challenges involved with a film of this magnitude.  We like to think of it as making a handful of related short films.


What am I funding?

You are funding production elements necessary for our January shoot.  With help from our partners in the St. Louis area, we’ve filmed approximately 1/4 of the feature film.  Your funds will help us capture another significant portion of the film.  This funding period is for the production phase ONLY.

How are equipment costs so low?
Besides owning a good deal of our own equipment, as adjunct film professors we’re offered G&E equipment without charge.  What a convenience! There are a few essential items that we rent from local rental houses and online.


Other Questions

We're always happy to engage with our audience.  Feel free to contact us via social media, email, or the contact button on this page.


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Living Wages for Cast and Crew

Costs $5,000

The majority of money raised to pay a living wage to the cast and crew (Image from

Equipment Rental

Costs $600

We will be renting camera and lenses from our good friends at

Set Construction

Costs $2,000

We'll need funds for set dec and props.

Practical Special Effects

Costs $1,200

We'll be doing our own makeup and practical effects.

Travel and Lodging

Costs $1,200

We'll be shooting in a remote location and we'll need to cover lodging and travel expenses.

Craft Services

Costs $1,000

Craft Services is the fuel of a production and we want our cast and crew humming on all cylinders.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team


Bill Oberst Jr.

Bill Oberst Jr. is an Emmy Award-winning actor of stage and screen and a veteran of over 180 film and television projects. His character on CBS-TV's "Criminal Minds" is included in the network's list of "Most Notorious Serial Killers" in the series' history at Major awards include a Daytime Emmy, the inaugural Lon Chaney Award presented by the Chaney family, and 25 others. Bill's latest stage project, "Ray Bradbury Live (forever)" won a United Solo Award for its Off-Broadway debut, is authorized by the writer's estate and starts a national tour in 2019. Official Site: IMDb:


Jackie Kelly

Jackie Kelly is an actress and screenwriter originally from the suburbs of Chicago. She started acting in live theater around the age of twelve before discovering her love for cinema. After earning her degree in screenwriting, Jackie began to work with St. Louis based production company Wicked Pixel Cinema as an actor, writer, and producer, making her feature film debut in their award-winning film, In Memory Of.  She also plays the lead in the upcoming feature film Tennessee Gothic, directed by critically-acclaimed director Jeff Wedding. She has since played a multitude of different film roles but has primarily worked in the horror genre. Jackie currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri and is actively involved in the regional film scene.


David Wassilak

David Wassilak is a St. Louis based actor, who has worked professionally over thirty years onstage, with a healthy film resume as well. He appeared in Trevor Juenger's Coyote (2014) and can be seen opposite Florence Henderson and Pam Grier in Bad Grandmas (2017), in addition he has acted in other full length, and numerous short films. On screen he has played caretakers, farm hands, doctors, detectives, addicts, tenants, deputies and mad men. And his characters have killed at least as many times as have been killed. Stage roles run the gamut from Tom Joad in the Grapes of Wrath, to Leslie the sea creature in Edward Albee's Seascape; from Jesse James to Roy Disney, from Bela Lugosi to Quasimodo. He was chosen Best Actor in the 2006 St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project. Theatrical awards include a St. Louis Theater Circle Award in 2013 for portraying Roy Cohn in both parts of Angels in America at Stray Dog Theatre, Riverfront Times Best Actor in 1999, numerous Judy Awards from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and was nominated for two Kevin Kline Awards in 2007. David teaches adult acting classes at COCA, and is a

theater director as well.


Trevor Juenger (Writer/Director)

Trevor Juenger is an award-winning filmmaker from St. Louis, Missouri.  He’s known for low-budget, genre-bending horror films as well as surrealist and experimental shorts.  His films generally deal with the psychology of psychosis, focusing on introspective characters whose reality don’t match the outside world.  Trevor is an auteur, working intimately with all departments.

Trevor is a professor of Film Production and Film Studies at Webster University and Southwestern Illinois College.


Carrie Juenger (Producer)

Carrie Juenger is a filmmaker and award-winning conceptual artist from St. Louis, Missouri.  She is known for her experimental short films and her most recent body of work which utilizes horses as a symbol for girlhood trauma.   On set, Carrie works closely with the production design department, often designing sets, developing wardrobes, and selecting key props essential to the making of the film.  She believes in the raw power of speaking through objects as a crucial part of any artform.


Carla Kihlstedt (Composer)

Carla Kihlstedt writes and makes music of all sorts, though recently she has been obsessed with song-writing. She is an over schooled violinist and an unschooled singer and composer. Her heroes include Bela Bartok, Carla Bozulich, Gyorgi Ligeti, Ivor Cutler and Sophie Calle. She is a founding member of the bands Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Tin Hat, Rabbit Rabbit Radio, The Book of Knots, Minamo and 2 Foot Yard. She enjoys writing large-scale song cycles that explore a single idea from many angles. Her most recent compositions, including Herring Run (for the San Francisco Girls Chorus) and Black Inscription (written with Matthias Bossi and Jeremy Flower), investigate our connection to the natural world.

Carla is on the faculty of the Contemporary Improvisation Department of the New England Conservatory, and of the MFA composition program of the Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Abbey Heise  (Editor)

Abbey graduated from Webster University in 2018 with a degree in Film Production. In school they focused on production and post-production, gaining the knowledge and experience that led to them becoming both editor and key grip for The Man in Room 6. Thanks to meeting countless incredibly talented people (and a shit ton of hard work), Abbey has had the opportunity to edit numerous short films, and now with MIR6, their second feature. Abbey looks forward to continue working on MIR6 with its amazing crew.


Holly Meinert (Special Effects Makeup/Production Design)

A master in the art of living draws no distinctive line between work and play. Holly Is a production designer and muralist who finds a balance between the enticing development of small meaningful productions and a pursuit of excellence in her contribution to larger ones. She has been a high-spirited artist from a young age and after the decision to pursue an education in the sciences, her imagination was cogent, and her design was psychological. Holly’s practice focuses on strengthening characters, and story lines. She has worked in the art department on films such as Gone Girl, Terminator Genesis, and The Magnificent Seven.


Josh Basco (Lighting Designer)

The son of an award winning nature photographer, Josh grew up around cameras his whole life. He graduated from Webster University in 2018 with a major in Film Production and a minor in Photography. Josh specializes in lighting and camera departments, and is also known for regularly shooting (and developing) stills and motion picture film. These skill sets have given Josh the opportunity to DP upwards of 10 short films and music videos, as well as be a department head in G&E on 3 feature films



Middle West Movies

Middle West Movies (MWM) is a St. Louis based nonprofit motion picture production company. MWM was formed in 2014 to provide Midwestern movie makers the chance to develop their craft close to home instead of more competitive markets with a higher cost of living. 

MWM produced the feature film Dog Days in the Heartland, which had a limited release in Kansas and Missouri. MWM is currently producing The Man in Room 6 with Live or Die Productions and Hate, a short film with Forever an Astronaut in St. Louis, MO. MWM is proud to support Live or Die Productions and Man in Room 6. This is the second feature film from Trevor Juenger and is the first wave of MWM Production Accelerant Program. From craft services to fundraising, MWM provides support to productions to help boost underserved projects with promise.


The Regional Arts Commission

The Regional Arts Commission leads, strengthens and gives voice to a creative community where every citizen can be proud to live, work and play in a world-class region. In short, we are proud of our St. Louis cultural identity and want to do whatever we can to grow, sustain and promote that identity in the future. We are at the forefront of helping transform St. Louis into a more vibrant, creative and economically thriving community through the arts – and want everyone to know just how special the creative community is within the region. Our organization was founded in 1985 to promote, encourage and foster the arts and cultural institutions in St. Louis City and County, and to contribute to the economic development of the area through a strong presence of the arts.

The mission of the Regional Arts Commission is to create an environment that nurtures artists, as well as arts and cultural organizations, by: Providing funds to promote, encourage and foster the arts and cultural institutions and activities within its boundaries,Promoting and preserving cultural diversity, Helping artists and arts and cultural organizations improve quality Creating equal access to cultural opportunities Insuring consideration of aesthetic issues in local decision making
Continuing to engage in cultural planning. RAC is a leader in providing creative solutions to community development. 

Current Team