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Fantasy, Horror

Willow Polson

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60-min pilot episode. Drama, supernatural, and humor. A deep reimagining of the story world of the 1966 movie, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Debbie (played by original actor Jackey Neyman Jones) must confront an unwelcome intruder as she copes with a lifetime of hiding from a dark god.

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Mission Statement

Our productions strive to showcase themes of personal empowerment, equality, and representation. This project elevates women over 50 on screen, is hiring women filmmakers, and is training fledgling cast & crew members, helping them build their filmmaking skills with real production experience.

The Story


We're stunned at the generosity and enthusiasm from fans of Manos, MST3K, RiffTrax, and of course our friends and family. Thank you for helping us hit our funding goal!

Now that we're clear for funding our original project, we can start building towards even bigger and better things! 

Basic campaign - $6,295 UNLOCKED!

Stretch Goal 1 - Mini-Episode - $9,300

Write the future! Or the past? The mini prequel episode is not set in stone, but you can help make that happen. (To be filmed separately for a likely winter/spring 2022 release.)

When we reach $9,300, we’ll be writing an all-new 10-15 minute episode where we plan to show some of how Debbie escaped the cult temple and where she fled to next, and some backstory on one of our new characters, Torvos. Why does he have that name? Where did he come from? How did he find out about the Cult of Manos? And what’s wrong with him, anyway? Help fund our first stretch goal and find out!

Stretch Goal 2 - Gear upgrade - $11,000

It’s only a short $1700 jump to our next stretch goal: Extra camera gear and upgraded sound for a better, more immersive experience. We have some wireless mics which are “fine,” but with your help we can rent top-of-the-line mics for more rich, full sound. On top of that, we’ll be able to upgrade our fluid-head tripod for butter-smooth camera movements. Also included are many smaller equipment upgrades.  So much production value for such a small goal!

Stretch Goal 3 - Episode 2 - $15,500

EPISODE 2! Yes really! Help us get to this goal and we’ll be able to make the one-hour pilot, PLUS the mini origin story episode, PLUS the 30-minute second episode! (To be filmed separately for a likely winter/spring 2022 release.) 

Find out what happens next for Debbie and her growing circle of friends! One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be supernatural, weird, cool, and involve new characters never seen before (plus a possible special guest star cameo)! You can help us bring more of Debbie’s story to the world with your pledge!


Let's play the stretch goals game, Manos: Debbie's Dungeon Delve! Think of it as the spiritual cousin of the original by FreakZone Games, but with actual prizes and no cool 8-bit music. Yet.

Good luck and hit that button, Player One!


About our Production

Why make another Manos production?

Looking beyond the obvious flaws of the original movie, it introduced a lot of themes and events that are ripe for exploration. What was Debbie’s life like trapped in the cult? What would happen if Debbie somehow escaped and fled the temple? How would a creepy and abusive childhood filled with occult knowledge influence the rest of her life? How would she cope with a lifetime of trying to hide from a dark god? What kind of people - or beings - might she encounter in her journey? These are the questions that The Debbie Chronicles will answer, and more.

Of course, the other reason to make more Manos is for the fans.  It’s for us, and if you’re here reading this, probably for you too. We hope you’ll support our production!


The Mood

Simply put, it’s fun.  The story is rooted in supernatural drama with stakes high enough to keep the characters busy and motivated.  We also feel that humor has become a big part of the Manos experience, and want to give viewers a good laugh while watching.  But this time, the laughter will be for the right reasons.

Serious scenes are relieved by comedic moments for a blend of drama/humor that's about 75/25, something like one of the funnier episodes of Supernatural. Still serious business, but not completely serious all the time. (Poor Sammy... did he ever get his shoe back...?)


Tone and Content Inspiration

You can find more inspiration "Look Book' cards on our Media page.


The Team

We’ve assembled a fantastic team of talented and award-winning filmmakers to bring our project to life! Take a look at the Team page for cast and crew bios, trivia, and other fun information about who's working on our project!


The Music

The score for The Debbie Chronicles will be original compositions of moody electronic music influenced by the innovators of the 1970s and 80s. Sometimes ethereal, other times huge and grinding, always melodic, the music is almost a character itself.  A digital soundtrack album will also be available for some tiers of project support.  A sample of the music can be found in the Video section of our Media page.


The Locations

All locations for the pilot episode, with one isolated exception, are in Mariposa County, California, home to Yosemite National Park. Pine and oak forests, a cabin in the woods, a very real historic cemetery with crumbling gravestones... this is Debbie's world as she holds onto her last hidden moments before all hell breaks loose.

We are a Covid-safe production! A Covid Compliance Officer will be on set at all times, and we will be following strict sanitation and mask protocols. We are asking cast and crew to get tested before filming, and several members of our team already have been vaccinated. Additionally, we're anticipating that Mariposa County will be in the Yellow Tier ("Minimal") of the California Covid-19 Safety Blueprint by our shoot dates!


From Writer/Director/Producer Willow Polson

In everything I do, the goal is to make the world a better place. To inspire and entertain. To help people feel like they can be heroes too, even if it's small things. The starfish story, if you've heard it. You don't have to save the entire world all at once, just change the world however you can, even if it's just helping one person in a meaningful way. 

Part of the story of Manos: The Debbie Chronicles is how Debbie escaped the cult through her own power and agency, and how now, even though she's had a lifetime of damage and pain, she still wants to help others. As an older woman, she has power and strength, which is not usually how older women are portrayed, an important message in itself.

Why me?

I've spent a lifetime steeped in science fiction and fantasy. The first book I ever read on my own was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe when I was five (yes, really). I've also loved classic horror films like House of Wax and am a huge Mystery Science Theater 3000 fan. One of my favorite movies of all time is Ed Wood. I appreciate the best of the genre and the real heart that goes into the worst attempts in the genre. I'm also highly inspired by shows that bend the "rules" and do something completely different and new, such as The Matrix and Heroes. I've worked on successful non-fiction shows and other peoples' productions... the time has come to finally make my own dream into reality with my own two manos.

Why now?

There's been a growing interest in the original Manos film, and in different takes on the theme and characters, over the past five or ten years. Besides the feature, Manos Returns there have been "Manos the Hands of Felt" (puppet show), "Manos the Band of Fate" (as you might imagine, a rock band), The Rise of Torgo, and other projects. Not only that, some of the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast have re-riffed the original Manos as part of their live "Rifftrax" shows, available on Our star, Jackey Neyman Jones, has also come forward to breathe new life into the world of Manos with her full support and blessing. She's carrying the torch, or... perhaps the flaming hand of Torgo.

We've already had to delay this production a year for obvious reasons, so we used that down time to rework everything from the ground up. A smaller cast and crew with fewer locations in a safer area all made sense in order to get the pilot made. Now that things are getting safer by the day, it's time to get rolling!

One other important note: We already have distribution. Part of the reason to make the pilot episode is to pitch The Debbie Chronicles to bigger outlets, but even if nobody bites, we will still be making the show available to various digital outlets including Amazon Prime, Tubi, Roku, and others while we continue our journey together.


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Cash Pledge

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Costs $495

Costs for digital file ingestion, optimization for various platforms, closed captioning, other fees.

Supplies and Expendables

Costs $440

Office supplies, Covid sanitizer and masks, gaff tape, batteries, and other expendables.

Props and Set Dressing

Costs $385

Purchased props, supplies for making props, set dressing, paint, curtains, background items, etc.

Costumes & HMU

Costs $330

Costume pieces, hair & makeup kit fees and supplies, including FX makeup.

Data Storage and Backup Software

Costs $220

Data cards, drives, backup, software, and file handling solutions.

Location Costs

Costs $220

Site fees, permits, any other costs for locations.


Costs $110

Just in case something unfortunate happens.

Equipment Rental and Purchases

Costs $770

Boom mic setup, better sound recorder, equipment rentals, lens cleaning & storage, camera kit fees.

Food and Lodging for Cast and Crew

Costs $1,400

Meals, crafty, and lodging for non-local talent and crew.

Insurance and Taxes

Costs $660

Production insurance, paperwork, taxes, and bookkeeping services.

Digital Effects and Stock Footage

Costs $770

Special effects, digital effects, and stock footage.

Marketing, PR, and Crowd Funding Cost

Costs $495

Finished project marketing and PR, festival entry fees, premiere event, crowd funding costs.

About This Team


The Cast

Jackey Neyman Jones

The original "Debbie" from Manos the Hands of Fate reprises her role for our production. She's not only one of the last surviving actors from the 1966 film, she's the only one willing to talk about it, living in the belief that, "If I can’t be the best, I’ll make the best from the worst." Jackey has lovingly tended the flame of Manos for years through Manos-related creative projects and her book, Growing Up with Manos The Hands of Fate with foreword written by Joel Hodgson (creator of MST3K). She makes public appearances at film festivals, conventions, book signings and screenings where she loves to share behind-the-scenes stories with fans. Jackey is also a talented artist and architectural faux-finish painter, following in her parents' creative footsteps. Her dad, Tom Neyman, played the lead role of The Master and made all the props and artwork while her mom designed and sewed the iconic Master's Robe along with the flimsy gowns of the wrestling wives. They taught their daughter well, because Jackey still makes Manos-themed clothing, paintings, metal Torgo staff heads, and other art pieces at her Oregon home.


Timothy Krabill

Timothy plays the charming smartass of an angel "Mike Mason," flying over to Manos from the world of Triune. Timothy grew up playing music, skateboarding, racing BMX, and snowboarding. One evening during a test ride on a new motorcycle, he crashed, his injuries including multiple fractures to his face and scarring on his left side. Timothy then turned to drugs and alcohol as means to escape the pain. After finally realizing the damage he was causing his family, he took responsibility for himself and his health. He utilized fitness, martial arts training, and parkour to deal with the pain and struggles of recovery. Additionally, he started attending acting classes and taking acting jobs as a way to heal mentally. Timothy is now over 3 years clean. Through positivity he continues to focus on family, personal growth, fitness, and a professional acting career.


Diane Mahree Adelson

Diane is the original "Margaret" (Debbie's mom) in Manos the Hands of Fate. She appears as a mysterious "Ghost Voice" who is actually... [spoilers]! She has had a successful modeling career over the years and enjoyed traveling as much as possible. This is only the second time Diane has re-entered the world of Manos since the 1966 premiere of the original film, and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with this delightful lady from her home in Colorado.


Randy Davison

Randy plays "Torvos," who is something like Torgo-meets-Ice-King-meets-Gollum. In other words, amusing but threatening (often at the same time). Originally from Idaho, Randy traded potatoes for palm trees and headed to Southern California to hone his craft. After receiving a BA in Theatre Arts from Boise State University in 1997, he moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his studies with The Stella Adler Theatre and The Atlantic Theatre Company. In addition to numerous commercials, voice-overs, films, and television work, he has appeared in several plays, including the world premiere of Drop and co-starred in The Ruling Class with The National American Shakespeare Company. He can be seen as the Maître D of the legendary Café Trocadero nightclub in Mank and as the infamous Senator Joseph McCarthy in The United States vs Billie Holiday.


Larry Wilson

Larry plays another Triune crossover character, the high-energy pain-in-the-butt preacher "Reverend Charles." Larry is an Emmy-nominated performer who has appeared on television hundreds of times and at Caesar’s Palace, Harrah’s and MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and Atlantic City. In 2017 he was voted Comedy Magician of the Year. Most recently he appeared in the feature film, The Ashes of Brush Flats, as a murderous loan shark of dubious sexual proclivities.


Venee Call-Ferrer

Venee is a San Francisco Bay Area actor playing "Vicki." After years of health issues and finally being diagnosed with UCTD, she turned her focus back to her passion for acting, film, and photography. She is drawn to the creative arts because of their ability to promote social change and personal transformation. She has BA in Artis and Social Change, with studies in Film & Viedo, Drama Therapy, Photography, and Performance from the New College of California. Venee has also studied Theater at A.C.T., City College, and Berkeley Repertory Theater. She has received several awards for her performance in the short film What About My Bag as well as performing in award-wining shorts and plays such as The Generaasty of Stranger, Our Shot, and Sweat.


Amie Riggs

Amie is an actor and singer currently based in Sonora, California playing "Sarah Goodman." Her interest in the performing arts began with musical theatre while she was in school. Now, she is excited to pursue a career in film and television. Attending Connections Visual and Performing Arts Academy from 2011-2014, she appeared in shows such as Annie Jr. and The Sound of Music. From 2018-2020, Amie has acted as a director and performer at Mountain Youth and Community Theatre, and as an actor at Tuolumne City Live, both located in Tuolumne County.


PLUS! Introducing Tony McDaniel as "Boss."


The Crew
(more bios coming)

Willow Polson
Writer, Director, Producer

Willow has been called a "force of nature" due to her drive, tenacity, and passion for getting things done. Her personal philosophy is to make the world a better place, and elevate good people where she finds them. Strongly influenced by the 2006 hit series Heroes, a recurring theme in all her work is kindling a flame in the darkness, lighting the way to give others hope, even if the person who does it is deeply flawed and damaged inside. This ethos, a love of genre projects, and a healthy sense of humor are the driving forces behind the creation of Manos: The Debbie ChroniclesTriune, and other coming attractions.


Peter Borosh, ACS

Peter studied at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School, majoring in Cinematography and Editing from 1986 to 1990. Since attending AFTRS, Peter has worked on features, episodic television, documentaries, music videos, and IMAX productions. He moved from his native Australia to Los Angeles in 2011.

Besides serving as the DP on the award-winning series Vintage America with Ginger, Peter has shot a number of other film festival prize-winners, including The Chronicles of Jessica Wu, Life of Gia, and Hybristophilia.

He's shot on a variety of cameras and formats including the Sony and Canon Digital SLRs, RED Genesis and other RED cameras, the Ursa Mini G1, as well as 35mm & 16mm film for traditional theatrical release. Peter also specializes in stop-motion animation, macro, and visual effects.


Craig Polson
Sound Supervisor, Composer

Craig has performed sound design, dialog editing, and recorded location sound for numerous productions, and has spent the last several years producing videos for the tourism industry in the Yosemite National Park region. He is a musician and composer of nearly 40 years and has co-produced two albums, one of which was mixed by music industry legend Terry Brown (Rush, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, etc.).

Craig's expertise with software, especially as it relates to data management and audio/video production, is incredibly important for the Chronokinesis team. He worked in Silicon Valley's computer industry for two decades on development teams for various media production products, and on teams developing new computer systems and peripherals. Companies include Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, and Digidesign (now a division of Avid Technology) working on their industry-leading ProTools digital audio workstation and audio interfaces.


Lindsay Kottwitz
Assistant Production Coordinator

Lindsay Kottwitz went to school for film and marketing, then worked in event planning for many years. All the while, keeping up with her love of writing, she worked freelance for satirical newspapers, online quizzes and board game companies. She finally took the leap to move to LA in 2019 and transfer her skills into film production. A huge MST3K fan, as well as Buffy and X-files, she is very excited to be a part of Manos: The Debbie Chronicles.


Kip Pearson
Script Supervisor

Kip Pearson is an SF Bay Area Writer/Filmmaker who is active in the local indie film community. She has crewed in various capacities on 6 short films as wells as written 2 award-winning features and several shorts. Her first competed short, I’m Fine, is premiering in April 2021.


Dave Edison

Dave Edison, editor of the upcoming sci-fi series Space Command and of Sean Astin’s feature documentary Remember The Sultana, toured for years as a stand-up comedian before turning to writing, directing and editing. He co-wrote the sci-fi feature Steel And Lace, won AFI’s Visions of US Award (with judges including Francis Ford Coppola) and edited the Daytime Emmy-winning series Last Shot. Dave won Best Feature Editing at The Malibu International Film Festival for the sci-fi Doomsday, edited the animated Big Bear International Film Festival selection Shotokan Man and was honored at the Action On Film Festival for editing the feature Starship: Apocalypse. He's also the editor of the 2018 Indie Series Award winner Vintage America with Ginger


Robert L. Lippert III
Executive Producer

Bob is the grandson of Robert L. Lippert, the 1950s movie mogul responsible for dozens of classic B movies including The Fly, and several MST3K favorites such as Lost Continent, Last of the Wild Horses, and Rocketship X-M. He fondly remembers being on set with "granddad" and wanting to play with the stop-motion dinosaurs. Bob joined the family business in 1973 as Film Buyer/Co-op Advertising Manager at Lippert Theaters, then moved to Sales Manager at United Artists/MGM Motion Pictures until 1979. Today he helms Lippert Pictures, reviving the family film business by helping indie productions get off the ground.


Current Team