Many Faces

Orange, California | Film Short

Drama, Thriller

Khira Layton

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A mother daughter pair, Olivia and Mallory Lorne, must re-establish their broken relationship stemming from Mallory's years spent in an asylum and family secrets Olivia wishes to uncover. They are forced to face their past, whether or not they want to, in order to find the road to recovery.

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The Story

Mallory Lorne was forced to leave her young daughter, Olivia Lorne, to spend several years facing her Dissociative Identity Disorder in an asylum far away from their small hometown. The film picks up on the time that these two are reunited. After Olivia brings her mother home, she attempts to uncover the cause of her mother's disease while also repairing their relationship destroyed by years of pent up tension. Olivia attempts to get closer to her mother as Mallory stays deeply intertwined with the tragedy of her past and her different personalities that help her cope. After an unfateful snap Mallory is sent back to the asylum and back into her normal body and state. As these two women stand to lose their relationship once more, Mallory comes forward with the secrets she so desperately wanted to keep from her daughter. In the wake of the revelation of the past, Mallory and Olivia are forced to accept what has happened and move forward. However, the challenge still stands, there is a disease lurking in the depths of one of them and there may never be a chance for full recovery. 


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Studio Teacher

Costs $450

We have a child actor on set who requires the supervision and assistance from a Studio Teacher.

Key Makeup Artist

Costs $900

We have scenes that require the attention of a professional makeup artist to create authentic looks on our characters.


Costs $250

Some props (such as breakaway plates and a wheelchair) are required to add to the authentic nature of the film.

Accessories - Camera Equipment

Costs $1,000

Our talented Director of Photography will need specific camera equipment in order to capture the correct tone and essence he is aiming for.

Set Lighting

Costs $750

The set lighting we bring on is essential to setting up each shot as necessary.

Catering and Craft Services

Costs $1,350

To feed our cast and crew!

Truck Rentals

Costs $800

To transport our equipment to and from set.


Costs $500

To help promote our short film and market it in the best light.

About This Team

The Many Faces team is comprised of hardworking, talented students from Chapman University. Our majors range from Film Production emphasizing in Directing to Creative Producing to Production Design. We have all worked on a breadth of different short films ranging from thrillers to dramatic comedies to period pieces. As a tight-nit group of student filmmakers we  all jumped on the opportunity to collaborate on this creatively complex and thrilling short  film.


Our director, Khira Layton, is a senior Film Production major (emphasizing in directing) at Chapman University. She has directed two short films prior to our upcoming short film, Many Faces. She plans to continue on working in production after she graduates this December. Her passion lies in creating projects that have a voice aspiring to create positive change and her way of displaying that message is creating a storyline in a unique manner. Her style is psychologically thrilling! Viewable by all audiences, and ultimately relatable for all ages. 


Our Producer, Payne Cowley, is a current Creative Producing senior at Chapman University. She has worked in production on other short films, commercials, and music videos. She enjoys producing as it gives her a chance to bring together a group of creative individuals to collaborate on a moving piece of art. Payne's favorite films are Silver Linings Playbook, Almost Famous, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's  Nest. She enjoys films that center around characters and bring out a positive light on the inner workings of one's mind. After graduation Payne hopes to work her way up the ranks to become a producer. On her off time she enjoys drinking over priced coffee and watching Broad City. 


 Our Director of Photography, Quinn Brudos-Sommers, is a current senior Film Production  student (emphasizing in cinematography) at Chapman. Quinn has worked with Khira on her  Sophmore and Junior films and is looking forward to building upon their relationship with  her thesis. What attracts Quinn most about this project is the opportunity to explore the mind  of the main character, Olivia, through the cinematography as the film travels through her  memories. Some of Quinn's favorite films are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The  Babadook and Mr. Nobody and he plans on using these influences to inspire him for this  film. Apart from live action cinematography, Quinn is gaining experience in VR, animation  and CGI, while at Chapman, in hopes of combining his traditional cinematography  experience with these rapidly growing fields throughout his career. When Quinn isn't  working in film he's diving the local so-cal beaches and plans on also pursuing a career in  underwater cinematography. 
 Many Faces has a diversed and focused team, only a few are named above, and we are all so  excited to move forward on this project as a collaborative, tight-nit crew.

Current Team