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MATARON A PEDRO is the untold story of Pedro Albizu Campos. In the 1930s, farmers turned to a young Black Harvard educated lawyer, to fight for them, despite a political machine in Washington determined to silence them. What happens next will forever alter the course of a colonized island.

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Mission Statement

MATARON A PEDRO is a pressing film that speaks to reclaiming our history. Based on real events, we want to capture a love story during one of the most turbulent eras in Puerto Rican History, with local cast/crew. The film asks the question: for whom is democracy crafted for?

The Story


It's the 1930s: Pedro Albizu Campos is first Black Puerto Rican to go to Harvard, graduating top of his class, and his wife Laura Meneses is the first Latina at Radcliffe College. They meet and fall in love in Boston but return to the island with their two children.

When he’s asked by farmers to confront the White Chief of Police, and White Governor, over island wide strikes, he wonders how they will protect their family from the storm that’s surely coming. We follow Pedro and Laura's relationship amidst the fiery campaigns and political upheaval that threatens to separate them forever.

Will Laura and Pedro's love be strong enough?

Pedro and Laura are hidden figures in history, and their story is not only an arresting statement to the time, but a fascinating study of a man willing to fight the most powerful military force, for their freedom.

The visual style of this film will be intimate and poetic, but also make way for the wide epic scenes of the farmer's strike. The audience will feel that they’ve stepped into a wild moment, as it was an Era just after the Great Depression began with wide starvation and poverty across the world.

The film will lean on quiet moments that show his love for his wife, and the difficult choice he ultimately makes.

Pedro is an almost mythical hero in Puerto Rican History but we express his humanity by focusing on his commitment to his wife, and people. This is a love story that will highlight a revolutionary voice, willing to stand up to any power for their freedom.

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Pedro is a young Black lawyer, graduated from Harvard, and has returned to the island with his wife Laura, to fight for his people's rights, but in an unexpected turn of events, he's invited to be the spokesperson for a group of desperate farmers striking unfair wages.

A meeting with the White Chief of Police tests his courage, his values, and possibly his life.

Played by Ismael Cruz Cordova

Ismael Cruz Cordova is a film, tv and stage actor from Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico. Soon starring in the upcoming Lord of the Rings Series coming out on Amazon in September 2022, Cordova has been acting from a young age. With roles in the TV series, "The Mandalorian" and "The Undoing," he has also starred in the films "Settlers" and "Miss Bala." Cordova will be the first to portray Pedro and is a strong advocate for black stories in film.


Laura was the first Latina to attend Radcliffe College, later to join with Harvard University. She was born and raised in Peru but met Pedro in Boston. Concerned for her family, but filled with the same commitment as Pedro, we watch their love story unfold amidst fiery protests and unrest. She is committed to fight by Pedro's side in the fight for their freedom.

"Colonel Riggs"

Riggs is the White Chief of Police, and part of the powerful wealthy family. He is determined to make Pedro bend to his demands. 

"Governor Winship"

Winship is the White unelected Governor assigned by Congress and ready to meet the protestors with force.



At this stage, we have a team in pre-production in Puerto Rico. We have identified the locations, key team, and cast. We are ready to start designing the sets and finish casting. The funds we raise will cover meals, crew labor, wardrobe, equipment and materials for the set. However we are also fundraising through private donations, in order to cover our pre/post production costs.

We will be shooting MATARON A PEDRO in Fall of 2022 and will finish the film by Summer 2023.

With YOUR support and successful Seed & Spark Campaign, we will bring this film to audiences everywhere.


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Costs $5,000

Camera and lighting equipment are necessary for the film.

Hair and Makeup

Costs $2,000

Time specific makeup for our cast


Costs $7,000

We want to pay our crew their rates!

Production / Lighting Design

Costs $7,000

We want to build a set that feels authentic to the time and story

Cash Pledge

Costs $0


Costs $3,000

Renting period pieces and tailoring wardrobe for this time period will be crucial.

Art Department

Costs $3,000

We want to capture the look of the time with strong art direction

Location Location!

Costs $2,000

We are filming on location in Puerto Rico!


Costs $1,000

Feeding our cast and crew is essential!

About This Team

Our Team


Writer and Director

Kristian Mercado Figueroa is a filmmaker from Spanish Harlem. His psychedelic reggaeton futurist short film, Nuevo Rico won the Animation Jury Award at SXSW 2021, and in 2019 his shortfilm/music video Pa’lante won a Jury Award at SXSW. In 2020 his screenplay Hawkbells won several screenwriting awards including Slamdance’s Screenwriting Award. He has been the recipient of awards and grants from Cinereach (2020) and McKnight Foundation (2019) for his feature and short work. In 2020, Kris received official selection at SXSW 2020 for both Grammy Nominated “Colors” by Black Pumas and Miami Nights Comedy Special for Hannibal Buress. His work can be seen on Netflix, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and more. He’s currently working with HBO and A24. Mercado’s distinct voice addresses issues of identity, family, and systemic oppression across race and class. His work is celebrated for it’s poetic portrayal of working class struggles, highlighting the effects of colonization on BIPOC communities.

Debbie Perez

Executive Producer

Debbie Perez is an award-winning Puerto Rican writer/producer and poet that explores narratives centering afrolatinx stories. She produced the animated reggaetón shortfilm called Nuevo Rico, an afro-indigenous story set in a future dystopian world, that won numerous awards in 2020/21. Passionate about exploring untold Caribbean stories, she’s developing multiple films in Puerto Rico that have never been seen before in the cinematic canon, including a docuseries about the origins of Reggaeton in Puerto Rico, and a high concept sci-fi series with magical realism, that touches on the experimentation of Puerto Rican women from the 50s onward.

She recently wrapped on an afrolatinx shortfilm about Yemaya, one of the African Orishas, in Puerto Rico, which received the Netflix/LALIFF grant supporting afrolatinx filmmakers. She will Produce Mataron A Pedro, a shortfilm about a black revolutionary that defied the white Chief of Police in the 1930s, and remains one of the most hidden figures in Puerto Rican/American history. Recipient of the prestigious Jerome Foundation Grant.


Ivelyse Andino

Executive Producer

Ivelyse Andino is an Afro-Latina health equity innovator born and raised in The Bronx. She is the founder and CEO of Radical Health and a Commissioner on the New York City Commission on Gender Equity. Ivelyse enjoyed a fledgling career in health tech, pioneering some of its first digital health solutions, including bringing the first mobile app prescribing platform to market and working with global clients such as National Health Service (NHS London) and Kaiser Permanente. While she routinely trained oncologists on new drugs, she found herself unprepared when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. This forced her to directly and intimately confront the systemic healthcare disparities she knew that existed. In founding Radical Health — the first Latina-owned and operated Benefit Corp in NYC — she has sought to combine her expertise in healthcare and her passion as a community organizer. Coming from an historically marginalized community herself, it was important for Ivelyse to initially build Radical Health by bringing together her neighbors around her kitchen table and hearing first-hand from voices — including the undocumented, women of color, elderly, young people, and LGBTQ — who are otherwise (figuratively and) literally never given a seat at the table to have a say in their own healthcare destiny. Through Radical Health, Ivelyse is committed to the task of transforming healthcare by facilitating health literacy and self-advocacy, as well as forging a relationship between meaningful face-to-face conversations with cutting-edge technology.

Krizia Belen

Line Producer

Krizia is a producer and entreprenuer from Aguas Buenas, Rico. She will be joining the team as a line producer and has extensive experience in film over the past decade, shooting in Puerto Rico and internationally. 

Christian Martir

Associate Producer

Over the last decade, Christian Mártir has spread his love for his culture everywhere from Madison Square Garden to Mexico City. His work as a DJ has led him to collaborate with a number of labels including the iconic Fania Records, Daptone, Fat Beats, and Big Crown. He holds court, along with his partners, at his monthly "A Party Called Rosie Perez" , which has been featured in various publications including The New York Time, The Village Voice, and Remezcla.

In 2014 he founded Sociedad Records through which he has released a strong catalog that includes a series of rare recordings from the golden era of salsa and the emerging sounds of Latinx NY.

In 2018 he launched, a creative group of handpicked curators that highlight the emerging artists and cultures of tomorrow. As such he has partnered and consulted with various brands including HBO Latino, Nike, and Reebok. His work with El Museo del Barrio was highlighted in the New York Times and forged an ongoing partnership with the iconic Latinx cultural institution.


Lizzie Cuello

Production Designer

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lizzie Cuello Gebetsberger is a production designer with over 35 years of experience in the film industry who has helmed over 500 commercials ads; numerous feature and short films; documentaries; and other special events including concerts andTV specials.  In 2010, she cofounds QVALIA, a design firm that blends the magical exuberance of film with the concrete parameters of architecture.

Marién Vélez

Lighting Design

Marién Vélez is a Puerto Rican lighting designer and co-founder and Partner of 22 studio, a transdisciplinary design and art studio, where she leads philosophical interests, collaborative thinking, and detail development for all projects.

As an extension of her lighting design practice, Marién studies light and space through work in social justice endeavors, mainly as a cultural manager. She is the ambassador in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for Light Collective's project, Women in Lighting.

She is particularly interested in an investigation of deeper introspective study and abstract understanding of subtleties found in human perception, atmospheric conditions and cycles in nature. She has been a guest speaker at the School of Plastic Arts and Design of Puerto Rico, the University of Puerto Rico and Georgetown University. Marién gives the elective course 'Light-Space Art' at the School of Architecture at the University of Puerto Rico. She has published for the magazine of the College of Architects and Landscape Architects of Puerto Rico.

Young Collective

Production Company

Young Collective was founded by a group of Boricua filmmakers after hurricane María in 2018 with the mission to explore new ways of producing audiovisual content in a new challenging landscape emphasizing innovation and having a unique voice.

Our award-winning directors have a particular visual style that can provide a unique vision to every project, helping it to stand out from the overflow of generic and cliché content that sometimes dominates social media.

We also offer production services in Puerto Rico for film, digital content, commercials, and music videos. From concept development, casting, and location scouting to travel arrangements and shooting. We expertly handle all aspects of production. Our producers and directors have vast experience producing content for the US, México, and Puerto Rico. We have worked for clients such as Pepsi, Honda, Heineken, Jack Daniel’s, Coors Light, and AT&T, among many others 

Our offices are in the heart of San Juan, where most of the best quality hotels are located, and Agency Producers, Creatives, and production crew can stay during production. We offer excellent service with attention to detail in a relaxed atmosphere, whether for a simple spot or the most complex show.



Current Team