Meat Man

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Thriller, Comedy

Aiden Meyer

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As right-wing talk shows garner more and more popularity on the Internet every day, 'Meat Man' is a violent and hilarious look at how their privileged audience deserves none of the attention they feel entitled to.

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Mission Statement

'Meat Man' aims to empower those being targeted and harassed by conservative commentators, both by satirizing their audiences and talking points within the story, and by reflecting racial and gender diversity within our crew.

The Story

The Story

Meat Man is a movie about Louis, a man who can only feel affection by eating people. Everyone he has ever loved - his parents, his pets - are packed up inside ziploc bags in his fridge, waiting to give Louis a dose of dopamine whenever he so desires.

Louis is also a big fan of a conservative podcast called The Byron Show. Its host, Byron, is Louis's biggest role model. Byron is the only one that makes Louis feel like he has value. You can probably guess what Louis would want to do to Byron....



Meat Man started when I was having a chat with my friend over coffee and bagels. We started talking about Belle Delphine, a popular female Twitch streamer with millions of fans across all her platforms. One of Belle’s most interesting stunts was selling canisters of her bathwater online for $30 a jar.


They sold out immediately.


Who buys a jar of bathwater for $30? Her persona appeals primarily to lonely gamer boys, self-identifying as “involuntary celibates,” people who believe that there is an oppressive matriarchy persecuting them. Since this matriarchy is blocking boys from getting laid, they resort to other methods of feeling love and affection... by drinking a gamer girl’s bathwater.


Thanks to the internet, conservative commentators are spoonfeeding senses of entitlement to these people, encouraging this odd behaviour. They strip victimhood away from actual victims and giving it to their millions of fans. We should be asking ourselves "who deserves more pity, these incels who believe they are somehow entitled to respect from people who owe them nothing, or the people they constantly harrass?"


And so the concept of Meat Man was born.


The Characters




Louis is a man who connects to the world not by bathwater, but by human flesh. He works a monotonous job at a thrift shop, watching jealously as happy customers walk in and out. He has convinced himself that he.

Louis is played by the one and only Chris Pickering, a production student at Loyola Marymount University. Chris's expertise is as a director and a cinematographer, so bringing him aboard as our lead actor is big news for the big man. But I wouldn't want anyone else to play a cannibalistic incel, trust me.


Byron represents all popular conservative YouTubers who speak directly to people like Louis and further their ideas that they are being oppressed by an evil matriarchy. He is easily distracted and agitated, mainly because his talking points are barely thought through.

Byron is played by Andrew Simmons, an LMU alumni currently working towards becoming a writer. Andrew has acted in many short films throughout his career, making appearances as Santa Claus and professional darts player Charles Brentwood.


Francesca, the third and most pivotal character, is Byron's cohost. She is the one who is most directly affected by Byron's terrible views and actions. She sits idly by during the show, expressing how much she adores Byron and affirms all his nasty opinions, fearing what Byron might do if she doesn't. Who deserves to kill and eat Byron more, Louis... or her?

Played not by an LA native but by a local actor from my hometown, Shannon Ward. She is a member of the Vermont Suitcase Company, producing & acting in traveling comedies all across Vermont. The only one in our cast who is truly a veteran actor.


The Location

Meat Man will be shot entirely in Brattleboro, Vermont. It’s a beautiful town surrounded by forests and mountains, known for its vibrant arts community. But its daunting woods can also give off ominous vibes. H.P. Lovecraft often used his trips to Brattleboro as inspiration for many of his short stories. You can count on us using the creepy scenery to our advantage.


The town also sports the wonderful Brattleboro Community Television station, a non-profit studio dedicated to promoting voices of everyday Brattleboro residents. Meat Man wouldn’t be possible without their help.



What's Next?


Meat Man begins production mid-August (that's coming right up!). Our film crew is made up almost entirely of students at Loyola Marymount University, right in the midst of working on ads, music videos, shorts, and even feature-length films!


Meat Man's future will likely see it try for a festival run. After that, it will make its rounds on BCTV's network, where anyone will be able to see it through their website or, if the live in the Brattleboro area, on their televisions. Finally, after all that, it will be available to stream on the Internet. So don't fret if you miss it the first time around!


We want to make this movie look and sound the best it can possibly be; any help we can get from you all will be greatly appreciated. After all, you can't spell "meat" without the letters in "team"! That must mean something... right?



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Plane Tickets

Costs $1,100

We need to travel to the filming location to film.

Misc. Equipment and Van Rentals

Costs $800

All them technical gadgets and a vehicle to dump 'em into.

Props and Production Design

Costs $300

Making our cannibal's house look as terrible as possible.


Costs $700

... and other food supplies to prevent starvation.


Costs $100


Cash Pledge

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About This Team

I (Aiden Meyer) wrote this script while trapped in Vermont over quarantine. My classes at Loyola Marymount University were all virtual, so I had plenty of time on my hands. Thanks to the initiative of Nishanth Ramasubramanian, an LMU film production major and longtime friend, we were able to push through the initial hurdles of bringing Meat Man to life. Nishanth hopped on as my official producer, we assembled a skeleton crew, and Meat Man was officially good to go!


Bretta Lichtenwalner, an LMU film production alumna, is our assistant director. Our technical team consists of LMU students Owen Markham (Meat Man’s director of photography), working alongside Lighting & Grip aces Julia Pai and Milena Mooradian. Our incredible sound mixer is Nicole Gillette, working closely with our boom operator, Cayden Leary.


Chris Pickering, an LMU film production senior, will play the leading role of Louis, the incel cannibal (the titular “Meat Man”). Alongside him is Andrew Simmons, an LMU screenwriting alum, as conservative podcaster Byron. Shannon Ward, an NEYT alum and member of the Vermont Suitcase Company, plays Byron’s co-host Francesca.


The Meat Man team & I couldn’t be more thrilled to begin work on our film. Many of us are seniors at LMU looking to enter the entertainment industry after we graduate. For some, Meat Man is the first step on a long journey!

Current Team