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Years after the horrific massacre of her friends by an infamous meathook-wielding killer, recluse Jordyn finds herself fighting to survive again when a string of similar murders occurs at her college. Jordyn must face her fears head-on with the help of a true-crime podcaster and a quirky detective.

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Mission Statement

Meathook not only re-envisions horror by marrying beloved themes of traditional horror films with the untraditional, but breaks down barriers in Hollywood by bringing a diverse (both race and gender) cast and crew to this film to create something rarely seen in modern horror films.

The Story

Meathook combines the elements of classic horror-slasher films such as Halloween and Friday the 13th with the meta-humor of Cabin in the Woods and Scream.
While paying homage to traditional films and it’s tropes, Meathook also encapsulates the satiric evolution of the genre with a subversion of rules and stereotypes. Coupled with an original villain and compelling characters, Meathook is a reaffirmation that the slasher is alive and well.
Our Cast & Crew...

We've brought together a diverse group of talented individuals striving to create a realistic environment we encounter in our everyday life, providing representation not often seen in former classical horror films.

Behind and infront the camera, some of our cast and crew include Asian Americans (Peter Bui, Director of Photography; Cortney Colvig, 1st AC), Latinx Americans (AJ Vargas, Producer; Cesar Reyes & Juliana Guedes, Production Design), African Americans (Havon Baraka, playing “Grayson”; Melvin Ward, playing “Aaron”; Janie Rounds, playing “Chris”), Pacific Islander (Tristyn Lau, playing “Mackenzie”), Persian American (Ryan Kendrick, playing “Dr. Bhatt”) and a host of others.


We're Halfway There...

We are currently halfway through filming and resume production this month in the Los Angeles area. We’re looking for a special group of contributors to join us on this filmmaking journey to help us bring this unique and terrifying vision to life! 


... But We Need YOUR Help!

Your contribution will help cover the costs of essential production elements such as location fees, make-up, wardrobe, props, insurance, and the molding of our killer’s horrifying mask (designed by the talented Justin Caldera). 

Like many slasher films, the bodies pile up fast in Meathook! Your contribution will also help to bring the most realistic and blood-curdling special FX make-up to our horror audience with amazing work by artist Yun Nam, including detailed prosthetics, molding, and lots (and lots!) of blood.  

Filming During A Pandemic...

...hasn't been easy, especially in a city hit hard by the virus. But despite delays, we've perservered with a passionate cast and crew that have adapted to the challenges in order to create a truly entertaining film. Keeping our team safe and healthy has been our utmost priority and we're proud of our accomplishment running a successful, COVID-free indie feature film production. In addition to normal production costs, your assistance will help cover the expense of safety supplies on set. 


Who is our Infamous Meathook Killer? 

Legend has it… there was a man who lived in the woods not far from here. Some have even said they’ve even seen him roaming the woods, his face shrouded by a mask made of animal bones, part animal himself… Stalking the woods, protecting the sacred resting place of his wife who was tragically killed by a party of drunken hunters. 

Decades later, a group of teens unknowingly desecrate the burial ground of the his wife, setting-off a chain of events culminating in a final showdown with the infamous murderer far from the familiar forest, in the heart of the urban sprawl of Los Angeles. 

Lights... Camera... ACTION!

We are grateful for you supporting our crowdfunding campaign, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Thank you for taking the time to learn about our film!


P.S. -  While the goal for this campaign is only $3,000, it will take much more than that to complete this project. If you see we've met that goal already, please don't let this deter you from donating. We've set what we felt to be a reasonably acheivable goal but would be so appreciative if you could find it in your hearts and wallets to help our dreams materialize on film.


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Makeup and SFX

Costs $1,000

The more gore, the merrier!

Location Fees

Costs $500

We could just break into a place and start filming but we got in trouble last time...


Costs $300

Our actors need to be clothed… well, most of them...

Props/Set Design

Costs $400

The hook, the meat - what would we be without it?

Craft Services

Costs $300

Apparently they’re expecting us to feed them on set, who knew?

Sound Design

Costs $500

Ever watch a horror movie with the sound off? Yeah, not as scary...

About This Team

Our Killer Cast...

David Alan Graf ("Meathook Man" AKA "Wayne Carver")

Los Angeles native David Alan Graf has been an actor for over twenty years, gracing both the large and small screen. His performance in the independent sleeper “Bang” (available on video) as a supposedly legitimate movie producer has been lauded by critics as both satirical and disturbing. In "Pups", his portrayal of a humiliated bank manager brought the following comments from critic Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun: "(A) very real unraveling persona of a man who can't believe this is happening to him. David Alan Graf's portrayal of a kindly bank manager coming apart takes us inside the bank hostage situation itself."

Rene Leech ("Jordyn Burns")

Rene Leech is an LA based actor with numerous years of professional and collegiate screen and stage experience. She is a passionate artist that roots her technique in empathy and the exploration of connection. Acting provides Rene the freedom to play authentically flawed, honest characters and in doing so taught her the significance of embracing one’s unique characteristics and life experiences. 

Havon Baraka ("Grayson Ellis")

Born & raised in "mini-Vegas", as he calls it, aka Atlantic City, New Jersey, and the youngest of four from his mother, Christina Frommer. Havon has been writing & acting since age 5, and even studied 'Playwriting & Screenwriting' at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at a young age, Havon dove into acting, writing, stand up, and directing as a means of expression and hasn't looked back.

Buddy Clements ("Detective Kim Sawyer")

Buddy Clements is a native of southern California. He divides his time between acting and music. In addition to leading roles in a number of award-winning shorts and commercials, Buddy has also been a featured actor in full-length movies such as Valentine Dayz, Vampires On A Boat, Incident At Guilt Ridge and The Promise. Buddy spent several years polishing his acting skills working with Hollywood film legend, Clu Gulager. He cites Gulager as not only his acting mentor, but also a major inspiration and dear friend. He recently composed & produced the score for the full-length western motion picture, Prayer for the Damned.

Tristyn Lau ("Mackenzie Higgins")

Angelina Brower ("Emma Klein")

Patrick Sanderson ("Chad Bowen")

Zoe Farmingdale ("Hailey Clark")

Chase Dittrich ("Brayden Pearl")

Krisitan Lugo ("Eduardo Neal")

Janie Rounds ("Chris Miller")

Grant Morningstar ("Todd Hewitt")

Our Killer Crew...

Jermey Ashley Pair (Writer/Director)

California native Jermey Ashley Pair is a graduate of the Cal State University, Northridge film program, culminating in his award winning undergraduate senior thesis film Golden Age, available on Amazon Prime. As an intern at Sam Raimi’s Ghosthouse Pictures, Jermey worked closely with the head of development providing script coverage, story feedback, and research. Afterwards he honed his craft by serving as Assistant Director and 2nd Unit Director on a number of feature films in addition to writing and directing a number of thriller/horror shorts including A Creature is Stirring, Among the Mistletoe and a segment in the feature film Found Footage of Fear. With a fervent passion for strong storytelling and keenly unique visual eye, this budding director brings a unique vision to the craft of cinema exploring themes of loss, revenge and redemption that carries on into his debut feature film Meathook.  

Will Kioultzopoulos (Assistant Director)

Will Kioultzopoulos is a Los Angeles based writer-director and alumnus of both Purdue and Chapman Universities. As a 15-year filmmaking veteran, Will has had his films screened at festivals the world over, has produced content for Netflix, Paramount, and Spotify, and is eager to contribute his skillset to the Meathook production team.

AJ Vargas (Producer)

AJ Vargas is an award winning Producer of short films. Having spent the majority of his career in television animation production, AJ transitioned to live action features production management in 2016, currently guiding visual development pre-production at The Walt Disney Studios. He continues to produce short film projects on the side to fuel his passions for storytelling and filmmaking. His short film Beautiful Strangers was the 1st Place winner for the 2017 Producers Guild Make Your Mark Weekend Shorts Competition. 

Peter Bui (Director of Photography)

Peter's goal is to tell a story through cinematography and provoke a deeper emotion to support that story through lighting, camera, color, etc in every film he shoots. If at least once an audience member says that the lighting, frame, color palette in a certain scene /frame made them feel a certain way towards the film, then he knows he has achieved his goal. 

Sabrina Velis (Production Manager)

Sabrina is born and bred in the Greater Los Angeles Area, and has always had a desire to work in the entertainment industry. After graduating from Cal State Northridge from one of the best film/media schools in the country, she decided to pursue a career in Entertainment Production. Sabrina believes in the power of storytelling and just how much influence it has had in her life, and she wants to be able to share that with others. Comfortable both in front and behind the camera, Sabrina is always ready to take on a new challenge - otherwise, life gets boring, like a poorly written storyline. 

Rene Gonzalez-Slizewski (Composer)

Swedish-born composer, Rene Gonzalez Slizewski, is a Film and TV composer based in Los Angeles. Known for combining the macabre and eerie, his experimental storytelling techniques have landed him projects like: Nevrasteni, a documentary featured on Norway's TV-network NRK; Golden Age, available on Amazon Prime; and the upcoming feature, Meathook. 

Yun Nam (Special Effects Make-Up Artist)

Yun Nam is a Los Angeles based visual artist and special effects make-up artist. Yun specializes in everything involving artistic craftsmanship. Her work is characterized by an eye for detail and emphasis on visual storytelling. She started her career as a painter and printmaker, taking part in over 30 exhibitions including 4 solo shows between 2009 and 2016. She is also a concept artist and illustrator and has contributed to several publications and album releases. 

Mickey Tron (Wardrobe Supervisor)

Mickey Tron is a costume designer based in LA. Having worked mostly in theatre, Mick is excited to begin their costume journey in film with this crazy incredible slasher. In college Mick worked on The Seagull (assistant designer) and On The Verge (designer), and then went on to work as a wardrobe assistant at The Old Globe in San Diego.


Plus many many more talented and passionate filmmakers! 

Current Team