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Joel Bringolf

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Melvin enlists the help of his best friend Ella-Louise to find him a job before college. What they didn't expect was a band of insane characters throwing a wrench in their plans. Insert a malicious hitchhiker, crazy babysitter, and a devoted lover into the mix and you get one crazy-ass summer!

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Mission Statement

This story was written by a female filmmaker and includes characters of varying backgrounds. We aim to include peoples of all backgrounds in every process of creating this story behind and in front of the camera! Go check out our crew and cast over on the 'Team' tab!

The Story

Melvin is a hilarious, outrageous metaphor for the awkward transition from high school to college. Losing friends, figuring out who you are, and leaving the small town you grew up in are all part of being a recent highschool graduate. 


We meet our two young protagonists on the side of the road. Ella-Louise and Melvin go through a list of possible part-time jobs for Melvin to waste his time on before moving across the country to attend Georgetown in the fall. Almost confessing to something he’s not quite ready to tell his best friend, he calls over an innocent-looking hitchhiker, David, from down the road as a distraction.


Little do he or Ella-Louise know that David will be threatening them at knife point in a matter of moments. This event will catapult them into a feverish race for survival. And to think, they were just worried about college! 


Currently the Melvin Team is in Post Production on its Pilot season! We're working hard to get everything ready for release later this year!



We're making this film because NorCal deserves a larger film presence. With talented creatives up here it makes sense to produce a project with locations, crew, and cast sourced from the local regions. Dot Dash has been doing just that with our comedic shorts and recent documentary; but NorCal needs larger productions. The film scene is craving a heavy dose of content and we are here to supply just that!


Speaking of cast, we have the talented Dan Marotte, a NorCal actor who you can catch on Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why, as well as newcomer to the NorCal film scene: Hana Holloway.  The rest of our cast are Sacramento natives: Shaun Shah and Thomas Ross, both of which were trained in Folsom under acting coach Cody Dorkin!


Skillful actors like our cast are the heart of storytelling and we seek to incorporate their talent into this production because they deserve an opportunity to share their skills with an audience. 


But we would be nowhere without a solid crew! That's why we're seeking NorCal's brightest filmmakers to help us. Whether it's lighting, sound design, or a script supervisor, NorCal has the people and we have the opportunity. That is why we are doing this. This market needs to be recognized for its creatives. 

Check out some of our stellar crew over on the 'Team' page!


But what about the story? Why should it be told?


The pressure to graduate high school with an acceptance letter in hand to a four year university is palpable. Some have the family cash to go straight to the dorm life, while others hustle for any and all scholarships they can get. And then there’s the vast amount of graduates who don’t quite know what they’re going to do with the next four years (can we blame them?). They may go to community college, or take a gap year, and some may never attend college. Regardless, this transition is only discussed in passing on established television shows; a means to an end to embark on the next season. 



At Dot Dash we believe this transition deserves its time on screen, because it’s a pivotal part in most teens’ lives. It’s where they lose friends, brave a world outside of their home, and find out the scariest thing of all: what the heck they want to do with the rest of their life (and their family’s money). 


Season One of Melvin will explore this rocky beginning. But don’t blink, you may miss it! Like the transition, things change fast in this comedy. 


We want to invite you to be a part of this madcap of a tale because we want you to laugh. What better way is there to take a difficult time/subject and turn it into a joke? They say laughter is the best medicine, and your doctor just phoned in a prescription for one season of Melvin!


Actors and Crew - We want to pay our creatives for all their hardwork!


Equipment - Joel Bringolf (D.O.P./Co-Director) and Drew Disney (Sound Design) boast a good collection of equipment. However, we want to kick it up a notch and go bigger than ever! With the right equipment this series will, in the words of Lizzo, “look good as hell!”


Craft Services - I don’t know about you, but all of us here at Dot Dash eat food. We want to provide meals for our hardworking cast and crew. 


Production Design - From costumes to set dressing. To make Melvin believable the production design needs to be detailed and entrancing.  


Locations - We freaking love NorCal! And in order to shoot at all the quirky and fun locations we want to we will need cold-hard-cash to get these killer locations.


Transportation - NorCal is huge! To get actors and crew from point A to point B we will need gas money.


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Cash Pledge

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Our 5 amazing actors deserve to be paid!


Costs $600

Help us secure NorCal's coolest spots!


Costs $2,200

Our 9 person crew has a big job to do!


Costs $750

This series is highly stylized, we're going all out on wardrobe!


Costs $300

Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

Cinema Camera

Costs $1,500

We want this series to meet today's top streaming requirements, which means shooting in RAW 4K.


Costs $1,000

We're providing snacks and meals for everyone working production days!


Costs $550

This fast-paced adventure needs to look GOOD. That means we'll need good lights!

About This Team

Ethel England (Actor/Writer/Co-Director)

In her own words, "I'm gonna Phoebe Waller-Bridge this shit!" In plain english this translates to England's drive to not only write and co-direct the series, but act in it as well, much like Ms. Waller-Bridge has done with her original comedy series Fleabag.  

"Roles like this don't just fall on your doorstep. You have to create them for yourself. And that's what I've done with Ella-Louise. In other words, I want to play a moody teenager who has no idea where she's headed. What's cooler than that?"

England will be working side by side with Joel Bringolf to direct the series, as well as play Ella-Louise, Melvin's best friend from Insbruck, CA. 






Joel Bringolf (Director of Photography/Co-Director)

Bringolf, co-founder of Dot Dash Productions, is an up and coming director in the Sacramento area. His attention to detail and technical experience will bring England's script to the screen. Bringolf is known locally for directing the 2019 Documentary "After Juvie: The History and Closure of El

Dorado County Juvenile Hall." As a Northern California local, he is thrilled to begin production on Melvin, and showcase the beautiful scenery NorCal has to offer.

"We're so used to working with zero budget, relying on favors and 'exposure dollars' to gather a film crew. The best part about this project for me is finally getting the opportunity to compensate talented people for their work! We can do what we love most AND get paid for it, and that's the best feeling in the world"




Drew Disney (Sound Design/Film Photographer)

"I just want to make movies with my friends." We hear this quite often from Disney, co-founder of Dot Dash Productions.


Disney brings to the table years of experience in all aspects of filmmaking. Along with overseeing sound design on Melvin, he will be documenting the production from start to finish!


He's up for any task, and can run circles around most of us with his seemingly unlimited energy. It's never a bad day on set when Disney shows up!






Chris Smith (Producer, Creator of StrongEye Shorts)

Chris Smith is happy to join the team of Melvin. Chris has spent the last 15 or so years producing, line producing and production managing mostly in LA but has definitely enjoyed making projects throughout the US and abroad. Now back in Northern California, he wants to make great projects happen in and around his hometown. So he's writing, directing and producing theater and film projects in the Sacramento area. Chris is excited to play with the Dot Dash team because they have the ambition, talent and know how to make some great work happen.






Gwen 'Ren' Rice (Costumer/Stylist & Set Dresser)

The name is Ren and I hail from the Bay Area where I earned my degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising. I operate under the name Stitchcrvft where I design and create costumes and apparel for clients, and any film projects that I get hired on. I draw a lot of my design inspiration from the fandoms I enjoy from movies like Star Wars to comic books like The Wicked and the Divine.


Getting the chance to work on Melvin means I get to work with an amazing team who has produced content that I have been a fan of from the sidelines for a while now. The over all aesthetic of Melvin is something that I am drawn to, and I can't wait to add my touch to each of these characters.




Rain Williamson (Makeup/FX Artist)

Hello! My name is Rain and I have been working as a sfx make-up artist since 2013 with various haunted houses in the Sacramento area, including Heartstoppers Haunted House where I am their make-up manager. I started working in film in 2017 primarily on short films as a make-up artist, PA and art director. I firmly believe there is no job too small. Let's make a movie! 





Zach Shepp (Production Assistant/Drone Operator)

Zach Shepp is an FAA Certified Drone Operator, Video Producer, Editor and Camera Operator. He attended Mott Community College for Media Arts and Entertainment Technology. Shepp currently owns and operates two businesses; MNSTR Entertainment and Green Karma Enterprises, both are video production based. Shepp, along with two partners, formed a non-profit video production company in 2015 to show the beauty in communities and community involvement. Shepp has competed and placed in many local, state, and countrywide video competitions. Zach Shepp was born in Flint, Michigan and grew up only a few miles away in Burton, Michigan. He currently resides in Northern California where he is excited to be working on Melvin Mini-Series and Proj Snow.


Hannah Emery (Production Assistant)

Hannah got her start in the arts as a high school drama star (so she says...). Her first taste for the craft began when her Shakespeare teacher gave her a standing ovation after performing a monologue from Henry IV. With her ego inflated and itching for more approval she joined the local community theatre in historical Coloma. When she’s not on stage performing against the backdrop of the goldrush in NorCal, she’s teaching musical theatre dance to children at a local theatre camp in the summer--going on her eighth year this June. Hannah is particularly excited to lend her unique skill set to Melvin’s behind the scenes because she’ll be working side-by-side with friends-- a longstanding dream of her’s. We’re excited to have her on board and can’t wait to see where Melvin takes her next!







Hana Holloway (Actor)

Hana Holloway is a recent graduate from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro where she received her BFA in Acting. Throughout her studies at UNCG, London Academy of Music and the Dramatic Arts, and UNC School of the Arts, she has been working as an actor/model in the Southeast and now in Northern California! See her play Deb in Melvin!







Thomas Ross (Actor)

You may think he is all cuddles and smiles but don’t let that charm fool you, he can do bad all by himself. This handsome devil is no stranger to being one of the bad guys on screen which is why it's no surprise to us that he would play Harold in the new Melvin series. When he isn’t trying to rough you up on screen this actor doubles as a registered nurse in direct conflict with his on screen persona. Thomas was trained as an actor in northern California and has been living and working in LA for the past year. He continues his studies with a well known acting studio, Warner Loughlin. Currently Thomas is stepping up to the plate and creating his own web series that is set to film in February 2020. Look out for this one folks cause it's 2020 and Thomas Ross is coming in hot! 






Dan Marotte (Actor)

You may have seen him on the recent season of 13 Reasons Why! But you'll soon see him play the devishly-good-looking hitchhiker, David! Mr. Marotte has trained in NorCal under acting coach Cody Dorkin for several years. Keep your eye on this guy, he's up and coming!










Rachel Elizabeth Jacobs (Composer)

Composer Rachel Elizabeth Jacobs brings a fresh twist to classical and contemporary scores. The daughter of a classical pianist mother and a 70s rock fan father, she grew up with an eclectic love of music, so you can just as easily find her listening to a Wagner opera, The Moody Blues, or crunk rock group Family Force 5.  After having an active role in classical music composition, Rachel has broadened her career scope to include film. She has scored a wide variety of films, including Lola Lisa directed by Chyna Butler Robinson, Foiled by Hao-Wei Chang, and now Melvin! She received a Master of Music in Composition at the University of Texas and graduated magna cum laude with honors distinction from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Music in Composition and a Certificate in Music Business.




Current Team