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After the loss of his wife, Marv Waters is stuck in a lonely routine meant for two. But what he doesn’t see is that purpose and community exist just outside his front door. Will he choose to listen to the call of life still being lived around him? Join us in telling a very compelling, human story.

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Mission Statement

Led by a female director and producing team, Mend brings together an inclusive array of actors, producers and crew that are committed to setting an example for our industry. Our story shows how love and support from your community can change lives, and the team we've assembled will reflect that.

The Story

It's time to S-T-R-E-T-C-H !!

Now that we have reached our base funding goal - THANK YOU! - we can move to raising funds toward our stretch goals that will enable us to make an even better film!
If we are able to raise an additional $5000 above our base goal, 'Team Mend'
will be able to accomplish the following stretch goals --


--Increase our production efficiency by bringing on more crew members
--Increase the visibility of our film by submitting to more festivals,
--Hire an experienced animal actor to play Marv's dog 'Gus'
--Elevate the look of the film with better locations and production design
--Increase the emotional impact on our audience with additional music

These stretch goals will raise the quality of this film that we love so much.
Mo' money, mo' problems? Nope! Mo' money, better film? Yes!



“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, 

to be compassionate, to have it make some difference 

that you have lived and lived well.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson



The Story...

Marv Waters is a middle-aged business owner who recently lost his beloved wife, Lizzie, to cancer.  He has cocooned himself from the world around him as he deals with the pain and loneliness of being a widower.  Lost in the sadness and his memories, he is now shaken by the news that his only daughter, Deena, is moving away for work.  Still lacking the motivation, Marv forces himself out the door and into his old life.  He goes back to his hardware store, sees old friends and even tries to help a boy caught stealing in the store.  But it isn't until he opens his eyes to what's right across the street from him, that Marv finds the purpose he so desperately craves.



Why now?

According to the CDC, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States.   The American Cancer Society states that in 2018, there were over 600,000 cancer deaths in the U.S.  On top of that, the loneliness epidemic is on the rise.  Cigna, one of America's largest health insurers, took a nationwide survey of 20,000 adults and more than half view themselves as lonely. Loss and loneliness are two human experiences that everyone will encounter, and, hopefully so is the healing process that follows.


The story of Mend explores one man's journey through this tragedy and gives us all hope for the future.  Marv Waters can't change what happened to him, but he can find purpose to fuel his new journey.  By looking outside of himself and into the needs of others, he uses his talents to better the lives of people in need.  Marv finds his new purpose not just within himself, but in the hopes and dreams of the community around him.




How will we use the money raised?

We have raised a portion of our expenses through the generosity of our Executive Producer.  This campaign is to raise funds for the following items - 




Our team has worked both in front of and behind the camera on... 


Thank you for contributing to our film and for your continued support! -

Mend Production Team


(From left to right: Mike Pniewski, Jaye Pniewski, Hannah Pniewski, Shannon Eubanks)


Use the WishList to Pledge cash and Loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an Incentive directly.

Audio Equipment

Costs $400

High-quality sound can make or break a movie. Help us make sure 'Mend' both looks and sounds great!

Production Insurance

Costs $1,000

It's the foundation of any professional film set. Our people will know that they are protected.


Costs $1,900

We need a family home, a hardware store, an office, an apartment, a neighborhood and a backyard.

Camera Rental

Costs $1,000

Help us rent a great camera and lenses to accomplish the soulful, natural look of Marv's story.

Grip & Electric Equipment

Costs $2,400

These funds will go toward grip and electric equipment to light our film. Great lighting is key!

Make-Up, Hair and Wardrobe

Costs $220

A well-told story comes with great attention to detail. Help us develop the look of each character.

Production Supplies

Costs $580

Help us keep the crew moving efficiently and safely with the use of radios, cones and safety vests.

Post-Production Picture & Sound Costs

Costs $5,250

A great film is made in the editing room. Help us finish and score Marv's emotional story.

Production Design

Costs $600

Help us to create the details of Marv's world around him with strong production design.

Catering & Craft Services

Costs $2,240

Great food on set will fuel our amazing cast and crew to make a truly awesome short film.

Cash Pledge

Costs $0

About This Team

Shannon Eubanks // Director 

Shannon's acting, directing, and writing careers have been intertwined for almost 40 years - her directing track started with the first staging of THE BOYS IN THE BAND produced South of the Mason-Dixon, continued with 36 productions and 3 Drama Critics’ Circle Award nominations in Los Angeles and 19 in Atlanta.  Concurrently she's co-written two screenplays, four teleplays, served as a staff writer for the Suncoast-Emmy-winning children's series THE REPPIES produced by Ric Reitz, directed the pilot for the comedy series WALTER FRISK, and performed in over 190 plays across the U.S., on soaps, series, and television movies for NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO, PBS, Lifetime, the Disney Channel, and the CW, and in feature films for Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, and Twentieth Century Fox.


Brock Hanson // Director of Photography

Brock has spent the last decade of his career working as a commercial and narrative cinematographer in Atlanta, GA.  Although he has shot everything from national commercials to travel documentaries, his heart lies with independent narrative productions.  His short films and commercial projects have won local and national awards, but the most thrilling thing for Brock is a homebrewed production with talented friends in a collaborative environment.  You can see a reel of his work HERE.


Mike Pniewski // Writer & Actor // "Marv"

Over his 35 year career, Mike Pniewski has appeared in hundreds of TV shows, films and commercials.  You've probably seen him in Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, Blue Bloods, The Resident, Quantico, Longmire and lots more.   He's also appeared in the films American Made, The Founder, Million Dollar Arm, We Are Marshall, Remember the Titans and yes, he was also in Spaceballs.  This is Mike's first venture into screenwriting and it's a story he's very passionate about.  You can learn lots more about Mike's career at


Hannah Pniewski // Producer & Actress //"Deena"

Since graduating from both Georgia College & State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts' Classical Acting Program, Hannah has worked both in front of and behind the camera. Hannah's production credits include indie film 'Summer '03', FX's upcoming 'The Florida Files' series and Boosterthon's 2017- 2018 video seasons. She has appeared in 'The Resident' on FOX, 'Full Frontal with Samantha Bee' on TBS, Netflix's hit show 'Ozark' and will appear this fall in Ang Lee's upcoming movie, 'Gemini Man'. She is represented by Atlanta Models and Talent, Inc.


Jaye Pniewski // Producer

Film and TV director, with over 25 years set experience, who brings a unique style and
inspiration to every project, focusing on Commercials, Public Service Announcements,
Corporate Videos, and Web Content. Creating projects that entertain, educate and engage
viewers to care about others and the planet. Specializing in work with children and animals,
and protecting their innocence.  See more at


Sandra Patton // Co-Producer

Sandra Patton  is a professional actress currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She is equally adept at portraying the brooding anti-hero with a tattered past, or the uptight nextdoor neighbor with a healthy side of crazy.  

Sandra has also written, directed and produced several short films with her production company Doggins Brothers Presents and for the stage. She is super excited to Co-Produce 'Mend.'


Ric Reitz // Actor // "Tommy"


Ric is an actor, writer, composer, director and producer, who has been active in show business for over 40 years. He has appeared in over 150 national television shows, feature films and stage productions. He is also president of Ric Reitz Writes, Inc., an award-winning writing company. Born in Rochester, New York, Ric now lives in Atlanta and is the current President of SAG-AFTRA Atlanta.



E. Roger Mitchell // Actor // "Big Love"


Roger has appeared on film, tv, stage and voice-overs in over 140 credits. Notably, on all mediums beside the likes of Denzel Washington in Flight and Equalizer. Kenneth Branaugh, Cynthia Nixon, and Cathy Bates in HBO’s Warm Springs. Will Ferrell in Anchorman 2. Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games: Catching Fire. David Morrisey in the The Walking Dead. David Oyelowo in SELMA and Captive. Casey Affeck in Triple 9. Matt Damon in Legend of Bagger Vance. Samuel Jackson in S.W.A.T. and Cell. Jeffrey Wright, Terrence Howard and Mr. Clark Johnson in HBO’s Boycott. And twas' an honor to work with Clint Eastwood in Sully. Additional television credits include Devious Maids, Powers, Being Mary Jane, Survivors Remorse, The Originals, Nashville, Crazy Sexy Cool, Drop Dead Diva, House of Payne, A Smile as Big as the Moon, One Tree Hill, and The Shield among others. Additional film credits also include 5th Wave, Triple 9, Kill the Messenger, Battle Los Angeles, and Daddy's Little Girls, American Made, amongst others.

All in dedication to his mom and dad, Edgar and Louellen. I miss y'all everyday.

“staying in the light”...


Current Team