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Kate Warren

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Lee and John's marriage isn't working, but they're too broke to pay 2 rents in NYC, so they take on co-parenting in the same apartment. Lee wonders how she can start meeting men and goes on an internet dating app. Hilarity ensues while juggling parenthood, remaining civil, & shock & awe of dating.

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Mission Statement

This series is for all human kind. In front & behind the camera- women- a very underrepresented age group. Men as well. Hispanic, German, African-American, Dominican, Irish, kids from 8-17, & our crew will also be mainly female . We hope to hire a female crew and re-hiring those who worked with us.

The Story

In 2016, my husband and I decided our marriage wasn't working, but we were flat broke and couldn't afford two NYC rents (still can't!), so he took the couch and I stayed in the bedroom. We have 3 amazing kids who probably knew things weren't going well but who have grown nicely and are aware of our situation. When I realized I hadn't been on a date with a stranger in over 20 years, I started going on the internet dating apps. After several shocking texts and a few very hot texts and after a few dates, whether successful or not so, I realized that all of this would be a great story to tell. A story that a lot more couples can relate to but we aren't having this conversation because it's still a deep, dark secret and a lot of shame comes from it. Not only a failed marriage but also not having the money to have separate lives. I started writing this series in April of 2017 when my family went on a trip for several days and I have managed to weave a funny series together about the trials and tribulations of parenthood, separation, and dating. It's a very visual piece with a lot of "fantasy" scenes that just make the series pop and come to life. The protagonist, Lee, has a very vivid imagination and sees her husband on dates, herself interacting with these men online, how others in her community see her, and then her everyday life as an artist and mother. 














I think this series will hit a funny bone with many people. From single people experiencing the delicate balance of internet dating between very odd and possibly distasteful to very sensual, and incredibly funny the way I have given such a visual aspect to the story, to parents dealing with each other and child rearing and the day to day adventures of the juggling we all do in our lives.


This is a shot of Lee and her friend who's listening to Lee's adventures.



This shot is when Lee's friend tells her she should try the dating apps.



This is a shot of my wonderful director, Nicole Ansari, and amazing actor, Joseph Adams, who played one of the internet guys who says some very shocking things to Lee. A real eye opener for her.


I am super excited for the web series to be out for everyone to enjoy. I hope you can join my Messy ship and set sail with me! It' s a scary story for me to broadcast, but I think it will make our communities stronger, become closer, feel less of an outsider and more like, "Oh yeah, I went through that. I don't feel so alone anymore."

We need your help to get this story out there. And even more importantly, is you sharing this platform, Seed and Spark, with your friends and families. If you can spare $5.00, $10.00, $100.00, or $5,000.00, that would make this story really come to life!

I have 160 pages written, that's 18 episodes, and we want to make you laugh, smile, feel the feels, and feel that you are not alone in this crazy thing called Life.


At this point we are asking to raise money for the first 2-3 episodes. We'd love to shoot all 18 episodes, so whatever extra we make will go to the following episode(s).

I really hope you will join us and get "Messy"!




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Costs $4,000

We want to pay our talent! 1-2 episodes, 4 days/week @ $125.00/day x 6-8 actors. Can you help us?

Director of Photography

Costs $1,800

Our DP makes the picture look good and a talented DP goes a long way! Contributions are welcome!

Food/Craft services

Costs $2,000

We all need to eat, right? Won't you contribute to nourishing the cast & crew? .

1st assistant director, 2nd AD, 1st AC, crew

Costs $3,000

Can you help? We need our schedules, call times to keep the cast & crew on time. Thank you!

Post Production

Costs $2,500

Our genius post production is a master and he deserves a bone thrown his way. 1 bone? 2 bones? 50?

Hair and make-up & wardrobe

Costs $2,000

We gotta look good, right? And that's what a great HMU artist will help us with. Can you contribute?

legal fees

Costs $4,000

We all need a lawyer & an accountant, right? Can you chip in for legal fees & someone to help count?

Web festivals

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In order to get the word out we must enter in the web fests. Can you spare some change?

sound mixer

Costs $1,800

What did she say?? Have you ever tried to watch a film with bad sound?? It's a stinker. Please help!

Art, permits, insurance misc.

Costs $2,000

We have a great logo, but we need to pay our graphics. We also have permits, insurance, yada yada.

Housing, gas, tolls, location, misc

Costs $2,000

Traveling crew need a roof over their heads, gas to drive to location, location rentals. Contribute?

Cash Pledge

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Costs $1,000

Nicole, is fierce, wicked, sharp, and needs a little to feed her children. Can you contribute?

About This Team

Kate Warren, writer of Messy and is the actress playing Lee, the protagonist. Kate was born in NYC, raised in Greece, Maine, NJ, and received her BFA in acting at The University of NC-Greensboro. Kate has lived in NYC for the most part since 1991. She has acted most recently at The Players Theater playing Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie and Lady Van Tassel in Sleepy Hollow. Kate has worked with The Shelter Theater Co. in several of their "Peep Shows" at The Bell House in Brooklyn, played in Johnny Johnson under the direction of Estelle Parsons, was in a tribute to The Group Theater at Symphony Space in NYC. July 2017, Kate played Beverly, in indie film, Ask For Jane, directed by Rachel Carey. She played the mother of actress Cody Horn and was also thrilled to be in a scene with Alison Wright. Kate has recently worked on a few Discovery ID shows, including the lead in Pandora's Box, Homicide on the Range. Kate started writing Messy in April 2017 and workshopped it at The Shelter Theater Company's "Shelter Sundays."

After one of my readings of Messy, I was speaking to Nicole and she said she couldn't stop thinking about the script. I went on a total gut instinct that she would understand the vividness of my script and the fantasy scenes so I asked her if she wanted to direct. She said yes and we I wrote a trailer script, we shot it, and with Cameron Bossert's extreme talent as a post production


Nicole Ansari is a NY based internationally renowned actress of screen and stage as well as a Film producer and director. She produced two feature films, the Thriller “As good as dead” with Andy Mc Dowell and the comedy “Blumenthal” with Brian Cox. She wrote and directed her first short film in the UK starring Henry Ian Cusick (of the series Lost) and directed a short documentary about the arts program in a NY public school, entitled “Padim.” Nicole is delighted to return to directing with this hilariously written and touching story by Kate Warren based on real life events. As an actress she has worked with some of the great directors of our time including Steven Soderbergh, Trevor Nunn, Ariane Mnouchkine and her husband Brian Cox. Most recently she starred in the German feature film “die Liebe deines Lebens” and in the off Broadway hit “Daybreak.” More details of her work are found on IMDB.



Cameron Bossert is an editor of feature films, shorts, and web projects, mentored by Oscar-nominee Simona Paggi (Life if Beautiful). He co-founded the production company Thirdwing LTD with Stacey Linnartz and Jeremy Rishe where he has directed numerous webseries and two features, the latest being the upcoming JEWTAH. His work as a composer has been performed by the American Symphony and Brooklyn Symphony orchestras among others.

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