Mickey Reece's 'Alien'

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Cate Jones

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This is a passion project director Mickey Reece has been trying to get off the ground for years but has never been able to gather the funding needed for such an off-kilter project. The film will take place in the late 1960's so wardrobe, locations, props and automobiles are the main expenses.

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The Story

The film takes place after Elvis and Priscilla's honeymoon in 1967. Told through the eyes of Priscilla, it covers a fictitious reaccount of what the new bride must have thought when she first began to encounter Elvis's peculiar moodswings, strange cravings and obsessive fascination with martial arts and firearms . The title 'Alien' refers to Priscilla's firmly held belief that her husband could very well be from another planet. In order to get around comparisons to the famously titled 1979 film 'Alien' we simply call it Mickey Reece's 'Alien'. While the subject matter is on the ridiculous side, being that it's a fictitious take on prominent figures, it will be shot stylistically dark to enhance Elvis's brooding performance.  


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Elvis's mansion

Costs $4,000

Most of the movie will take place in a late 60s style lavish honeymoon suite. This location will most likely eat up most of our budget.


Costs $1,000

Period pieces require items that we don't all keep in our closets.

Lighting Technician

Costs $1,000

Without the proper lighting our movie won't be very pretty.

Production Sound Mixer

Costs $750

Bad sound=bad movie

Craft Services Food

Costs $900

We've been starving for months


Costs $3,000

They've been starving for years.


Costs $4,000

We need them and we love them.

About This Team

I have a tightknit group of people I've worked with over the years. They are the best group of coworkers I could ask for. They are intelligent, hardworking, tenacious, and genuinely goodhearted. They are all excited and onboard with my vision. 

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