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Anna Czarska

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What if they could see through your eyes? Follow a young woman on the autistic spectrum and be immersed in her inner world. Christina struggles to feel accepted, hindering her ability to progress forward, until the kindness of one person changes her life and restores her confidence.

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Mission Statement

Mildly Different is aimed to promote awareness of what autism in women looks and feels like, as females often differ from males w/ the same condition. Our film is also made by and starring autistic artists. We found that most information on autism is outdated and male-focused, let's change that!

The Story

Sticky Tape Productions present an edgy, dramatic short film about a young woman on the autistic spectrum who struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life

Most autistic women are not diagnosed properly.

Autism in women is often either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed due to the differences in how female traits present themselves compared to males with the same condition. Because women on the spectrum usually don't initially appear as drastically different, they are expected to behave the same as neurotypicals, only they can't. They are not the same, and yet not different enough ... They are, Mildly Different.

​We conducted a study for those on the spectrum, you can read the results HERE

If only they knew what it was like. 

Mildly Different is a cinematic and artistically edgy narrative. We want to tell the story of a young woman who has been struggling since she was a child due to being misdiagnosed with other conditions that never fit and did not provide the explanations nor support she needed. Unfortunately, that is often the case for autistic females.

With our film, Mildly Different, we want to raise awareness of a problem with support resources that has been swept under the rug and perhaps shed light on what autism in women looks and feels like, in an attempt to bring in understanding, acknowledgement, and hopefully more support for autism in women.

A live-action narrative with an edge

Vision/filming style: Artistic/Cinematic.

Voiceovers to explain thinking, shadows and lights to create her environment, electronic/moody music and sound effects to convey experience, etc. During the beginning of the film, tones will be darker and shadows more prevalent. As the character’s life brightens, the colour scheme will inverse with brighter tones, eliminating the shadows.

We plan to use VFX and SFX to make the lights LOUD and the sounds MOVE, etc. -- synesthesia. The film will have a fantasy/sci-fi feel to it. We want to really bring you into her experience. 

Join us in showing others what autism in women looks and feels like

What you can do: 

Contribute to our Mildly Different funding campaign
Follow and share our campaign
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Research autism in women and share your findings with others

Additional resources that would help: 

Sponsorship by your company or organisation

Film equipment or vouchers

Location -- let us film in your home/office/etc. (Ireland only)

We've conducted a study about, and with, those on the spectrum, you can read the results HERE

FUNDING GOALS  |  Production through Post -- and Beyond!

We have been working through phases.

(COMPLETED) Phase 1: $15,000 (€13k euro after currancy conversion and fees)

(COMPLETED) Phase 2: $10,400 (€8k euro via grant + €750 from Patreon Campaign after fees= €8,750)

(IN PROGESS) Phase 3:  $13,800 (€11,025k euro prod/post remainder + €550  fees = €11,575)

A grand total of $39k (€33k in euro after fees and currancy exchanges)

for our 20-minute short film and MILDLY DIFFERENT will be made by Winter 2021.

Stretch Goal: Anything over our goal will be used to distribute the film worldwide.

Note: We are based in Ireland. When we started the crowdfunder last year, the currancy conversion percentage was much smaller as the dollar was at a peak, shortly after the campaign this dipped significantly and has not recovered since. Hence the slight alterations in the budget since our last crowdfunder. Also, we need to pay platform hosting fees, card fees, transfer fees, etc. 

We have cast an amazing autistic actor for our lead role of Christina!

Jordanne Jones is an up-and-coming autistic, Irish actor who has worked on short films, feature films, and recently on Netflix's hit TV series, The Alienist. We are very excited to have Jordanne on board with us!

During this difficult time in our history, we respect that many are wondering how we can film our story without harming our more vulnerable members of society. However, I want to assure you, we will be doing everything necessary to make sure our cast, crew, and those around us stay safe. We will follow safety guidelines and bring on a Covid Safety Officer if needed. In Ireland, film production is still considered an essential service and therefore we will be filming, safely. 

Let's move forward together!

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has supported our project so far -- we could not have made it to where we are without all of you! We have met some amazing and wonderful people during this past year who are passionate about this subject and we feel so lucky to have gotten to know you! Hopefully, we can meet many more awesome individuals during this campaign journey!

We know how difficult this time can be and so we appreciate any and all contributions in all forms, whether you can pitch in financially or whether you share and follow our campaign (, all levels are thoroughly appreciated by our team and we THANK YOU!

If you would be interested in having your organization sponsor our film and be mentioned in the credits, please email [email protected]

MILDLY DIFFERENT is a way for us to do something important for the world going forward and we hope we can count you in our team!


~Your Mildly Different Team ~


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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Post Production

Costs $6,300

This includes editing, VFX, SFX, Composing/Music, sound design, etc.


Costs $950

Includes wardrobe crew and any costume pieces we need to purchase


Costs $590

Includes fees for sites such as Spotlight etc.& any casting assistance needed to secure our talent


Costs $950

Storyboarding is important to keep everyone on the same page regarding shots, saves time & money

Technical Advisor

Costs $235

As we have lots of VFX/ SFX etc we plan to hire an advisor before planning a shotlist for safety

Production Design

Costs $1,235

Includes production designer fee and set dressing expenses

Set Operations

Costs $800

Grip and grip package


Costs $750

Gaffer and Gaffer essentials

VFX Supervisor

Costs $565

As we are VFX heavy, we will have a VFX Supervisor on set with us when needed


Costs $750

A few scenes require animals and animal handler

Behind the Scenes Footage/pics

Costs $565

Includes behind the scenes photography and video footage

Extra costs

Costs $110

Fees, printing, and other small items

About This Team

Who's Doing What? 

Writer/Director: Anna Czarska

Anna has been involved with the film industry on and off throughout her life and is the Managing Director of Sticky Tape Productions. She has a background in business and produces, directs, writes, edits, and manages projects that exemplify her interest in unconventional cinema, often regarding topics involving mental health or societal matters that require greater public awareness. Anna especially likes to challenge the everyday thinker to try something new, something different; this is at the heart of where her enthusiasm lies. 

Recently, Anna’s production pitch for her short film “Mildly Different” recently won the Art's Council/ADI Ireland New Work Grant, was a semifinalist for Screencraft Film Fund 30k Competition, and a semifinalist in Bumble’s Female Film Force Competition which spanned 5 countries and had 1,300 applicants (associated with Lionsgate). The script was also a finalist in LISP/London Independent Story Prize, as well as the 13th Annual Waterford Film Festival. Anna’s company, Sticky Tape Productions, were finalists in Talent Nation/FM 104’s 10k competition as well.

Her motivation behind Mildly Different is due largely through the experience of having autism personally, as well as having known many autists and being active in the autistic community. She wishes to promote awareness of the condition in women and those with atypical expression of autism.


Director of Photography: Barry Fahy

Over the past decade, Barry Fahy has proven himself to be one of the most capable, talented and driven cinematographers in Ireland. Barry has shot two feature films, “Blue Dawn” and “The Three Don'ts”, as well as over two dozen short films and music videos. Barry has also directed several short films including, "Please Forgive Me", "Doors" and "IRIS" -- which won 2 awards at the 48hr film competition in Dublin. His latest short film, “Boy Racer”, has screened in several countries around the world and picked up 13 awards, including “Best Children’s Short”, “Best Child Actor” and “Best Micro Film” in multiple festivals. Recently, his film "The Perished" has been making the rounds globally and gaining a lot of attention in the US horror market.


Production Designer: Victoria Carney 

Victoria graduated from IADT in Production Design for Stage and Screen in 2015. She has worked freelance on a number of projects including, amongst others, "Rope" for the No Drama Theatre Company, "The Cunning Little Vixen" for Rough Magic Theatre Company in association with The Royal Irish Academy of Music and the short film "Put Out to Pasture" for the National Film School. She was production designer on "Luke" which won Best Irish Short at the Offline Film Festival and aired on RTE in 2015. She recently worked as Art Department Assistant on the feature film "Michael Inside". Winner of Best Irish Feature at The Galway Film Fleadh 2017, Winner of the Audience Award at Cork Film Festival 2017 and Winner of Best Film in the Irish Film and Television Awards 2018. She later worked as Art Department Assistant on Samson Films latest Feature "Cellar Door" 2018. She has gone on to work as Art Director on commercials for clients such as Kellogg’s and Homestore + home. As well as a number of music videos and short films. She has also made props for the likes of Hendricks Gin, Brennan's Bread, and a recent Westlife music video 2019.

Costume Designer: Ciara O'Toole 

Having studied Fashion Design at The Limerick School of Art and Design, Ciara graduated with First Class Honours and received The Dorothy Stewart Award for Excellence shown throughout the B.A. course. Upon graduating, Ciara worked briefly in the fashion industry before moving into the world of Costume for Film and TV. She has received invaluable experience working on the BBC Period Drama Ripper Street (S.4 & 5) and on AMC’s Fantasy Into the Badlands. She also spent a year working under the renowned Leather Maker, Kelvin Feeney, on the hugely popular TV Series Vikings. During this year she was trained in the art of Leather Carving and assisted in the making on many pieces of armour and accessories for all major cast. Ciara also works as a Standby on set and has recently started designing for Short Films.


Composer: Natasa Paulberg 

Natasa Paulberg is an Australian/Irish composer, performer and conductor and has written music for television, film, advertising, animation and gaming, and is based in Dublin and Los Angeles. She is the lead composer for the Haunted Planet Studios gaming company and was winner of the Contemporary Music Centre’s 2012 Ad Astra Composition Competition, as well as receiving the 2013 Fulbright scholarship for composition, where she attended UCLA’s Film Scoring Program in Los Angeles. She previously lectured in orchestral score preparation, music technology and thesis supervision on the MA in Film Scoring & Visual Media in Pulse College at Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Ireland. Natasa currently lectures in Scoring Music for Games, and Film Composer Career & Major Project Development and thesis supervision on the M.F.A. in Music for Motion Pictures and Contemporary Media at the Film Scoring Academy of Europe.

Producers: Sticky Tape Productions

Sticky Tape Productions are an award-winning Irish film and media production company, registered in 2018. STP's core team includes CEO/COO, Managing Director, and Creative HOD - Anna Czarska, CFO and Business Operations Manager - Joshua Kraut, and Technical Operations Manager - James Van De Waal.

Alongside developing their own projects, Sticky Tape have worked with an array of up-and-coming talent across Ireland and have had their work screened in prestigious festivals around the world, including The Richard Harris IFF, The Waterford IFF, IndieCork FF, and The Chicago Irish Film Festival.

"Put simply, we love great films and want to make more of them. Truly inspirational, thought-provoking Film and Television pieces can impact an individual in a way that very few other things can. Our job is to make something that creates this kind of impact, from start to finish, collaborating along the way with brilliant minds who can add something fresh to the mix. "

Current Team