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CLOCK OUT based in Dallas, TX is a show where millennials aspire to be a voice for others who may be struggling while navigating through the professional 9-5 and the 5-9 hustle. With real, raw, & vulnerable content the hosts present a lively show not represented anywhere on television.

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Mission Statement

Representation matters. And when young, Black millennials are finessing the corporate world and beasting the entrepreneurial space, it brings our diversity of color, thought, and ability to the forefront of television.

The Story

Clock out is a docu-reality series about the hosts of the podcast Millennial Lov3 and how they navigate through life, love, relationships and grinding after their 9-5 professional job to build their empires through entrepreneurial ventures. The 3 millennials will be joined by two other casts mates with the same work drive and desire to climb the financial ladder in Dallas, TX.  


There is no show on television now that gives the voice to millennials that are living the ordinary life doing extra-ordinary things. Between these 3 black millennials there are 5 degrees and counting. They have each struggled in their own way to become the first in their immediate families to obtain said degrees and enter the professional world as a corporate mental health professional, attorney, and pharmaceutical sales representative. 


These entrepreneurials strive to be a voice, or an outlet—if you will—for any millennial who feels lost, who are unable to express their emotions, or who feel they're having a hard time reaching their ultimate goal.  We want millennials to know that wherever they are or whatever they may be dealing with/have dealt with, its ok to be in that exact position in this exact moment, all while sharing some laughs along the way.


The cast deals with real life issues, their feelings of both accomplishment and inadequacies, as well as triumph and failure along the way.  With the pressure of being a stiff professional from 9-5 and then having to network with a smile from 5-9 in the some what clique-ish city of Dallas, TX, these millennials also make sure to have a hell of a good time every chance they get. Trips to Cuba, Barbados, and even Vegas take crazy spins when the cast travels to get away from all the pressures of their daily routine. 


This series will bring you laughter, joy, tears, zen, and all of the emotions you can think of as you watch these hustlers live their best life after they CLOCK-OUT! 






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About This Team

Show Characters/Hosts/Personalities: 


CARA D. s a South Georgia girl from the smallest town on the map (286 residents). She is a licensed and practicing attorney, an adjunct professor, a podcast host, and life style blogger.  Having recently recommitted her life to Christ, Cara D. will twerk to gospel music with no shame, but she also loves the Lord! Initially Cara D. saw herself as the creator of the show and navigated with the  "I came up with it, my rules" attitude. At times, Cara is results oriented, focused more on getting the job done versus building relationships with her cohorts.  However, in friendships and personal relationships, she is very emotional, giving, and open to compromise. Living in pure bliss, Cara D. is currently engaged and adjusting to the almost married life! Due to her recommittment to Christ, Cara D. and her fiance have decided to be celibate until marriage, although they live together.  But she's no saint, and has had her fair share of relationships and situationships before settling down.  Cara D. is very open about her past & personal life and doesn't mind sharing what she's been through to get to where she currently is. She is the life of the party, adding a fun and hilarious dynamic to the podcast while always showcasing her intense personality. She never meets a stranger and can rub shoulders with the best of them.  The group would coin her as: The Networking Extraordinaire.



is from the charming city of Lafayette located along the Vermillion river of Southwestern Louisiana. He is a Regional Sales Director for a top pharmaceutical company, a podcast host, entrepreneur and has hopes of becoming insta famous one day. Justin is committed to setting himself up for success as he transitions out of corporate America into full entrepreneur status. He aligns himself with individuals who has success with their entrepreneurial endeavors and soaks it all in. He loves everything city but has a huge appreciation for his Louisiana roots so crawfish boils, hosting gumbo dinners and just fellowshipping with fly young professionals is everything to his social life. He is a huge family guy and most of his friendships are friendships from childhood so loyalty is top priority. Unfortunately, that loyalty can be to a fault and may hold him back from personal growth. He is a huge flirt yet hella awkward when it comes to getting the digits.  Lover of fashion and music. As he rediscovers his creative side, Justin plans to throw himself into men’s fashion, the art scene in Dallas and create a legacy of his own. The group would coin him as: The 





was born and raised in North Dallas, Texas (but for real, she’s from Irving – specifically the suburban area). Michè is a full-time licensed therapist for children and adolescents. All about the business Miché is busy & actively building her own empire around her 1st passion mental health & substance abuse and involved in several other business ventures. She’s 110lbs soaking wet but eats like a grown man. Miché is the extreme over analyzer, that questions everything for validity. She's not here for the shade or unloyalty & is focused on positive & supportive relationships; hence being the single one. Single yet not really ready to mingle; not sure if "it" will ever happen.  In efforts to also help the community you can call her the extreme pro-black host: Not your typical black lives matter protester, but definitely pushing for the progression of the black community! The group would coin her as: The One That Gets It Done


Production Crew: 


Cori Middleton-NidraMusik 


Zack T. - Wave Film Pro

Current Team