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We believe in giving talented up and coming artists the spotlight they deserve by providing a platform for exposure through event coverage and both in-house productions and services for hire.

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Mission Statement

Our goal is not only to support diversity and inclusion in front of the camera by producing content that highlights underrepresented voices, but to also hire and refer women for positions behind the camera. We post news and resources on our social media to stimulate growth in the indie community.

The Story


Millennial Renaissance Media is a full service multi-media production company powered by a diverse team of millennial professionals. We are a resource and a spotlight for the voices of millenial women and people of color in the independent film community. Recently we were afforded the opportunity to cover the Red Carpet at The 21st Annual UrbanWorld Film Festival and gained invaluable advice and encouragement from indusrty professionals that we were then able to share with our audiences! (More interviews available on our YouTube page.)

We were also able to provide exposure for up and coming talent!

Just 3 days prior to the festival, we recieved notice of press approval and scraped together a couple of hundred dollars to rent camera, lighting and sound equipment because we felt this was an opportunity we couldn't afford to miss. There are tons of independent festivals, screenings, showcases, awards ceremonies, conferences etc that we would love to cover to fulfill our dedication to increasing exposure for diverse and underrepresented voices but its impossible for us to sustain the rental costs. This is just one instance where owning equipment will help us make a stronger impact in our community.



Millennial Renissance Media was Founded in February 2017 by Creative Entrepreneur; Actress/Filmmaker/Host, Latresa Baker. She took a leap of faith and left her 6 year stint in the restaurant indusrty to begin putting in the sweat equity to manifest Millennial Renaissance Media. She even wrote a rap about it in hopes of inspiring her peers!

"I want to see more women take positions of power over their careers and have ownership in business...I am being the change I want to see in the world and my goal is to inspire other women to do the same." - Latresa Baker



In addition to covering events, currently in-house, we've completed a commercial and have a short film and a talk show in-development, another short film and commercial in pre-production and our feature length documentary, "Boss Moves" is in post-production! Once we purchase equipment and the projects are fully developed, we'll be able to head straight into production with the goal of submitting to festivals and gaining distribution! No longer having to foot rental costs will allow us to focus our budget in the areas of hiring crew and talent, location fees, craft services, insurance, permits and the many other wonderful expenses that come with filmmaking, haha! 





Ownership is empowering! The ability to purchase equipment would be a tremedous start in helping us expand to help others! Some of our services will include; full-service production for films, commercials, series and talk shows as well as audition tapings, headshots and reel editing for actors. 









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Cash Pledge

Costs $0

Sony Alpha A7S ii

Costs $2,900

Smoother footage, sharper images, 4K, image stabilization, amazing ability to shoot in low light.

4-in-1 Gimbal

Costs $890

Allows for smoother cinematic pans, tilts and dynamic angles.

Sennheiser Wireless Microphone System

Costs $630

Captures clearer more direct sound. Drastically cuts out background noise.

Sennheiser Handheld Microphone

Costs $100

A must have for on-location and event interviews.

Apple, 27” iMac

Costs $1,800

Editing; storage space for software, Data Entry, Administrative work

HDMI On-Camera Monitor

Costs $140

Better view of what's being shot.

Photography Kit

Costs $110

Additional lighting is a must for indoor and night shoots.

Rode VideoMic

Costs $140

Light weight mic attaches to the camera and provides crisp ambient sound.

Ring Light Kit

Costs $140

Eliminates shadows and focuses solely on highlighting the face.

Two Person Podcasting Package

Costs $430

112 million Americans listen to Podcasts. A growing form of storytelling and artistic expression.

Sennheiser HD Circumnatural Monitoring Headphones

Costs $130



Costs $500

Personal protection once we begin contracting


Costs $1,400

Ariel shots

Tax & Miscellaneous Items

Costs $690

Tax, tripod, filters, apple boxes, sand bags, clamps, T-stands, extra batteries & memory cards

About This Team

Latresa Baker is a Creative Entrepreneur; Actress, Filmmaker, Host and the Founder of Millennial Renaissance Media, which launched February 5, 2017. Her most successful web series thus far, 'Compliance,' a short film series centered around police brutality produced for Facebook, has received 2 million Shares and over 500K views. Her earlier works include, Ms. Monologue(2013) and Pounds New York(2015), both available on YouTube.


Most recently Latresa with Millennial Renaissance Media, hosted The 21st Annual UrbanWorld Film Festival and "Arm Bar," the short film she stars is set to screen November 11th, 2017 at Times Square's AMC Theater for The Urban Action Showcase!



We are a team of millennial professional of diverse backgrounds with a common love for filmmaking and shaking up the industry!




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