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Skater Horror Film, let that sink in. A group of skaters figuring out life; building friendships drop, flip, and push in St. Petersburg Fl. It’s under the bridges where they can be themselves, and where something watches them, waiting. Something sad and old haunts the city eager for revenge.

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Mission Statement

Skate culture is a diverse society, and the group portrayed will reflect this from an African American heroine, to a white non-binary person, to a male Latino wisecrack. Additionally, the horror story is tied to Native myth, African folklore, and modern urban legend each aspect fully represented.

The Story

Why do we want to do a film based on the Mini Lights? The Mini Lights are a local legend that we grew up with and continues to scare kids today. It’s a story that has only expanded with time, and become a narrative of loss, rage, injustice, and hope. Mini Lights is unique to St. Petersburg Fl, and we believe it’s time for the story to be documented and told to a wider audience.

We want to scare the adrenaline junkies and terror seekers who troll forums voicing their complaints about the state of modern horror. The horror genre is not catered to a single demographic but is specific to those who love the genre, itself. Those who want to know how scared they can get with the misguiding, reassuring fact that they are safe within their own home. We want to terrify the horror aficionados.

We also want to be fresh. We don’t want to re-use a trope that has been done before: a family being haunted within their own home, or a paranormal investigative team exploring a haunted town.

We were walking through Roser Park, the neighborhood of St. Petersburg, where most of the Mini Lights occurrences have taken place and remembered that the city just broke ground for a skate park to be built in the area. That is when the idea of a Skater Horror Film occurred to us. Skate culture is a diverse cross-section of society and this will be portrayed in the film. Our characters range from an African American Heroine, a non-binary person, and a male Latino wisecrack.

Mini Lights is a coming of age story, an ode to cult classics, a skater film, a horror movie that delves into the emotions of modern day youth finding itself, dealing with family loss, friendship, rivalries, and the terror within us all.





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Cash Pledge

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Skater Hangout

Costs $1,000

We have to build a quarter pipe skateboard ramp, and graffiti murals for the set design.

Home Interiors & Exteriors

Costs $1,000

Interiors of South St. Pete homes Rental for 1 month.

St. Pete's Film Crew

Costs $4,000

Can't do this project without the creative love of the incredible crew were putting together.

Food & Drinks

Costs $1,000

We will need to eat and drink while making this film & pizza will only work a couple of times.

Special Effects

Costs $1,500

We want to thrill the crowd with mostly practical effects, old school horror rules!

About This Team

We are the Vitale Brothers, local muralists and film makers based out of St. Petersburg Fl.
Our team consists of ourselves who first had the idea to create a film about the Mini Lights legend, Javi Fick our local DP who helped us film the proof of concept trailer and has worked on many commercial projects in the area, Filipe Bergson our script writer a young, freelance filmmaker native to St. Petersburg, Mark Muncy writing and horror constant who has researched various horror myths of Florida, and Ryan Zarra our producer. Not to mention all the local residents, cast and crew that will be involved.










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